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Every business needs to adopt digital transformation aligned with new technologies and meet increasing customer expectations.

The web development field is not an exception and is one of the most progressive fields that are witnessing a wide range of possibilities that will set new trends in the year 2022. Successful businesses are the ones that are adopting new technologies to stand out from the competition & gain a competitive advantage.

Research states that 38% of the website’s visitors stop engaging with the site if the content/layout of the website is not attractive. Staying updated with the latest technology trends is needed to build highly interactive websites that not just look good but perform well too.

Top Web Development Trends for Startups

Let’s find out some of the top web development trends that every web development company must be aware of-

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

PWA is one of the latest web development trends that everyone is talking about. It is a type of web app that uses advanced web capabilities to provide an app-like experience. Combining the best part of both the web and mobile apps, PWA gives the feel of a mobile app with its features like responsiveness, connectivity independent, app-like web experiences, and many more. PWA makes the website browsing experience smoother and closer to native mobile apps, making it more user-friendly.

3D Elements

Customers are and will always be the king in any business and making them happy is what every business looks for. 3D visuals are one of the factors that can please customers and engage them to stay longer on your website. The Virtual Reality trend can be quite expensive to some startups, which is why 3D visuals can be a cost-effective way for hyper-realistic customer experiences. Not just for visuals, it offers immense benefits for UX as well enabling customers to break the boundaries between digital space and reality.

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Voice Search

Customers today are always in rush and they have no time to check out services in the need of the hour, which is why the voice search trend comes into action. Rather than typing, customers want quick access to any services through voice command. If you want to build a website that is loved by today’s generation, voice search is a must.

The study says more than 50% of search queries are expected to be done with voice searches by the year 2021. Embrace the importance of voice-activated search to engage customers like voice assistants like Siri, and Google Assistant.

Dark Mode

Another trend is the dark mode that makes the websites look ultra-modern and even makes colors and designs pop. The best thing about using a dark background design is that it makes the features stand out more with the capability to create a higher contrast ratio using different colors. The websites with dark themes are preferred as they are better for OLED screens and save more power without harming the eyes of your customers.

WebAssembly (Wasm)

Built by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), WebAssembly is a portable binary instruction format used for high-level language compilation and helps in building high-performance web applications. The best thing about using Wasm is that code can be compiled into byte code in any programming language, which runs in a browser.

Motion UI

Another web development trend is Motion Design UI for building websites focused on smooth animation. Though this is still a new thing, it is expected to grow even further by the year 2022 when both GIF animation and Motion UI works.

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Web app developers can easily animate their content without the need of struggling with jQuery and JavaScript. It can help build websites with a minimalist design coupled with sophisticated interaction and attract customers’ attention with maximum satisfaction.


Most of successful websites are integrated with chatbots using robust technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) & more. A chatbot is a way to engage customers & simulate human-like conversation without relying on customer service staff. Businesses using bots can attain enhanced operational efficiency with lower costs. Gartner predicts that AI will completely control 15% of customer service interactions across the globe by the end of 2022.

Closing Statement

Whether your business is a startup or a big organization, ensure that you follow your project’s evolving web development trends in 2022 and beyond. The technologies stated above will bring a transformative impact on the world of the web development industry. Boost your business productivity with the digital presence through websites aligned with trending technologies and deliver an enhanced user experience.

It’s time to delight your customers with top-notch web development services for startups and stay updated to meet the increasing customer expectations.  

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