Java language to Start in Development

Careers in web development are attracting more and more people. IT development is a booming industry and for many students or professionals learning how to develop seems like a great way to gain job security.

For novices, it can be easy to get lost in the different programming languages. Where to start learning?

Java is a great place to start for any budding developer. Indeed, it is one of the most used languages ​​in the world and allows to the creation of many types of web applications and technical solutions. Java is an object-oriented programming language that is involved in the development of web or back-end applications.

Please note: Java and JavaScript should not be confused. Indeed, Javascript is a language that essentially makes it possible to add functionalities to web pages by integrating them into the HTML code. In developing web applications with Java,  Javascript is used on the browser side,  while  Java is used on the server side. On the other hand, Java code must be compiled while JavaScript is only made up of text.

What skills are needed to be a Good Java developer?

There is no shortage of vacancies for Java developers. With the right skills, the developer position offers opportunities for rapid development towards a project manager, expert, or architect. The qualities necessary to be a good project manager are multiple: analyze customer needs, set up and ensure compliance with specifications, supervise the various technical tests carried out by his team of developers … You will understand, the Java developer profession is rich and complex.

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How to become a Java developer? / What are the prerequisites to become a Java developer?

No need to follow a course at MIT to become a Java developer, many levels II courses exist. They are accessible to young graduates, non-graduates, or employees with a baccalaureate level. An example of Java training is that provided by the java school as part of its partnership with DTA Engineering.

Choose an institute to train in Java development?

Java is a widely-used programming language. We use an academic approach with an alternation of lessons and practice with an emphasis on practice up to 80%. The objective is to acquire development skills, hence the strong practice.

How does the Java training take place within the framework of the partnership with DTA Engineering?

Learning Java development is based on different stages:

In the imperative approach (1 day); we see the syntax of the language and the handling of elementary information, The object-oriented programming approach (4 days) where you learn how to manipulate information by block. The concepts covered: inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, interfaces.

Java developer

The specifics of Java 8 (2 days), namely what does this new version bring? The acceleration of languages ​​makes us think about the version to favor in learning (currently Java 11), but we prefer to favor the version used mainly in business. The program can thus evolve according to the languages, but especially the needs of the companies.

Good coding practices and unit tests (2 days); very important topics in business,

Data persistence with JDBC and JPA (3 days),

Preparation for Java certification (2 days); only 60% of students obtain it because it requires cramming worthy of the highway code! For those who obtain it, it can reassure a company on the hiring of a beginner or demonstrates a passion among certain candidates.

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Java EE (2 days); the objective is to know the mechanisms that allow exchanges with the front (TOMCAT server, JSP) to know how to architect the applications and be able to intervene on the oldest ones, Learning the master of frameworks, namely Spring, to allow the development of web applications (7 days).

Finally, 10 days are devoted to implementing the acquired skills in agile mode through an end-of-training project presented to everyone!

Are additional skills required to be a good Java developer?

Of course, to be a good Full Stack Java Developer, the learning doesn’t stop there; 12-day training on the front line (HTML, CSS, bootstrap, angular, etc.) is included, as well as on the necessary tools, agility, interpersonal skills, etc.

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