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Mask Blog Spot follows the submission guidelines strictly. You can mail us your content or draft at maskblogspotofficial@gmail.com after fulfilling all our submission guidelines.

Mission Statement

“Our website focuses on delivering high-quality and meaningful content that shares knowledge with the audience.”

We always keep our content entertaining, inspiring, and informative so that our audience can get valuable outcomes from it. Our highly enthusiastic team is always keen to share some unique and exceptional stories with our readers so that they can implement change and inspire the world.

Niches or genres you can write about:

We accept content and articles on various niches and genres, such as

  • Home Improvement
  • Travel
  • Technology
  • Lifestyle
  • Architecture
  • Beauty and Fashion

Submission Guidelines:

  • Ensure content is original and free from plagiarism
  • Avoid publishing elsewhere on the internet
  • Focus on specified niches or genres
  • Minimum length of 800 words for guest posts
  • Incorporate creative tips, tools, and valuable information
  • Properly source pictures and references
  • Include high-quality, interactive images
  • Align with the content quality of published articles
  • Credits were given to the writer after a discussion with the editorial team
  • Avoid misleading or biased content
  • No acceptance of adult, gambling, or pornographic content

What are we looking for?

We accept articles based on the “KISS” principle: “Keep it Simple and Sweet.”. For further discussion, our editorial team is always ready to discuss new and innovative ideas. You can reach out to us at maskblogspotofficial@gmail.com.

Where can I send you the article?

Our editorial team is excitedly anticipating the opportunity to explore your creative and distinctive content. Please submit your content to us at maskblogspotofficial@gmail.com in either Doc. or Google Doc format. You can expect to hear from our editorial team within one week to confirm the selection of your article or to request any additional information related to the content.

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