Common Used Car Buying Mistakes You Should Avoid

Everyone dreams of owning a car. Some people can afford to buy a brand new car while some people prefer to buy a used car.

There are several reasons why people buy used cars in Kerala. For first-timers, it might be the best practical option, as they can practice their driving skills without the fear of having a scratch or dent in the car. Also, it is the best option for people with a limited budget as used cars cost less than a brand new car.

Whatever be your reason for buying a used car, there are certain things you should keep in mind before buying a pre-owned car. Let us explore some of the common mistakes to avoid when you buy second-hand cars in Kerala.

Common mistakes to avoid when you buy second-hand cars.

Lack of research

The used car industry is a huge market and therefore you need to do proper research before choosing a car or dealer for purchase. Without proper research, you might fall victim to fraudulent offers and deals. An authorized dealer is the best option for purchasing a used car. Authorized car dealers sell only registered and verified cars and all documents and paperwork will be proper. Do your research and find the best offer and dealer to make a purchase.

Not setting a budget

Setting a budget is necessary when it comes to buying used cars as this will help you narrow down your search thereby making the process a whole lot easier. With a fixed budget, you probably have a guard against impulse buying thereby saving money. Setting a budget will also save time as you are presented with a range of options that fits your budget and you only have to find the car that best suits you from your options.

Opting for monthly payments

Low monthly payments and zero-down payments are some of the offers that lure in first-time buyers. But these types of offers may not reveal the actual cost of the car. It might not also include the overall running cost. Apart from the payment and interest, cars that are financed need full coverage insurance. Aside from this, there are maintenance and repair costs that might add to your low monthly payment option. You should consider the entire cost that will be involved with the purchase and upkeep before making a decision.

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Skipping the test drive

Skipping the test drive

When buying a new car, you should always take the car you intend to buy for a test drive. You might test drive different cars to find the best one for you. But when it comes to buying a used car, people often skip taking the car for a test drive. This is a common mistake made by many. Just like buying a new car, you must also take your used car for a test drive. Just knowing the specifications is not enough.

You need to test drive the car to make sure that everything is in proper condition and the car suits your needs so that you don’t end up regretting your decision later.

Not checking the history of the vehicle 

Checking the vehicle history report is important so that you are aware of all the necessary information you need to know about the car you wish to buy. This will also ensure that the car is worth the money you are paying. Not checking the vehicle history report is a big mistake as you will be unaware of any past incidents the car might have been in including accidents, major repairs, etc. Private sellers may refuse to provide such information but always make sure to ask for and check the vehicle history report.

Not choosing certified pre-owned vehicles

Many people find it easier to go to a private seller or an acquaintance for choosing used cars. But this is not always the right choice. The best and safe option is to go for certified used car dealers because they provide all the information regarding the vehicle and the process is transparent. They can offer you the best deals in the market and you don’t have to worry about dealing with stolen cars or fraudulent deals as they sell only registered vehicles.

Disregarding comparison

When you are presented with a lot of options, you must not avoid comparing the cars to find the best one for you. There are a lot of models available in the market for different prices and therefore you should not consider buying a car without comparing. Comparing various cars will give you an overall idea about the cost, quality, and other information you need to make an informed decision.

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Buying based on the looks

Looks should not be the sole criteria for buying a used car. A vehicle that looks good on the outside does not mean that it is in good condition and provides great performance. You need to look beyond the appearance of the car and check the functionality and specifications of the car. Make sure that everything is working properly and in good condition before you buy a second-hand car.

Not considering fuel efficiency

When you are looking to buy a used car, you must not ignore the fuel consumption of the car. Some people are very keen on understanding fuel efficiency before they buy a car, while some people do not consider fuel efficiency. As fuel prices are quite high in our country the last thing you need is a fuel gobbling car. Choose a car that offers a good mileage car so that you don’t spend a huge amount on refueling.

Not getting your car checked by an expert

If you are buying a car from a private seller make sure to get the car checked by an expert to know if there are any issues or faults with the car. On the other hand, if you are buying a car from an authorized dealer you don’t have to worry about the condition of the car or get it checked by a mechanic or expert as they will have an inspection report at hand to validate the condition of the vehicle.

These are some of the common mistakes you must avoid when it comes to buying a second-hand car. Keep in mind these points and you will find the process of buying a used car easy and hassle-free.

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