Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Your Colleagues

As Christmas is approaching soon, we have to start thinking about gifts for our family and friends. But have you forgotten about colleagues at your workplace?

Every other office has a tradition of exchanging Secret Santa gifts for lifting the spirit of Christmas and mood in the workplace. How does Secret Santa work? Your HR representative will ask you to choose a chit randomly in which a name will be written. You have to think about gifting them something unique without letting them know that it is you who is giving those Christmas gifts.

It is better to research a bit about your Secret Santa Giftee from their teammates, friends, or social media to know what they like. This way, you are sure that they will like what you are going to gift them.

Secret Santa Ideas for Christmas:

Mini Humidifier for office space

You can save your gift with dry winter air by gifting a mini humidifier that is desktop-friendly. There is a very cute and handy humidifier available on amazon and other e-commerce sites in the UK.


Coffee Mug for their morning energy

One of the safest gifts you can give is a coffee mug with a funky or affirmative quote. You can customize the mug with their photo as well. This mug will help them have coffee or tea during the day, which will keep them refreshed and energized. You can also gift her a coffee cup that is reusable, washable, and can be customized with name and color.


A book to keep them busy and cosy before going to bed

If your giftee is an avid reader and loves reading different kinds of books, then you can gift one book to them, which suits their taste. You can gift a book with inspirational quotes. If you want your colleague to read about success stories from top inspirational authors, then choose the best one and gift them.

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Desk Calendar for the year 2021

You can gift a desk calendar to your colleague for their desk for the next year 2021. The calendar design and colour scheme can be chosen based on their interest.


A gift card is the safest

If you don’t have time for researching or brainstorming, then you can always gift a Gift Card with a good 100 or 200 pounds in it. He/She can purchase anything that they like with the gift card, and it will be a win-win situation for everyone.

Diary for them to keep daily logs

If he or she is a busy person, then you can gift them a diary with a lock where they can write daily To-Do lists with logs so that they don’t forget anything.

A nice Liquor if he drinks

If you surely know that your giftee likes to drink, then you can gift them a nice Scotch or Whiskey that can go into their liquor collection at home. It is a nice gift and personalized with their taste, so there is no chance for them to dislike it.

Candles to lighten up the mood

Since most of the employees are working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, then you can always gift a nice scented candle for lifting mood and relaxation from all the workload. It is liked by almost everyone and can relax a person in a few minutes.


Snack Subscription Service for a foodie

If your giftee is a foodie then gifting them with a snack subscription is a good idea. Many companies offer a subscription to send regular snacks from various famous eateries across the UK. There are many options that can be chosen to include in the snack box primarily and decide according to the giftee’s taste.

Noise Cancelling Headphones to avoid distractions from family

We already know how hard it can be to work from home, especially if you have a family living with you. The background noise can distract you from your meetings and work. The best way to help your colleague cope up with all this is to gift them nice noise-canceling headphones.


A Fitness Tracker to help them keep a check on themselves

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Exercising outside has become complicated since the Coronavirus pandemic started. It has made us lose track of our fitness and led us to gain weight as well. With a fitness tracker, he/she can monitor their steps, heart rate, and count whatever physical activity you do as exercising. One of the popular ones is FitBit, but other companies sell cheaper fitness trackers. It can be a perfect gift this year.


Lamp for getting all work done during odd hours

Since work from home can be pretty hectic, leading to be working on some project or upcoming meetings late at night or early morning when everyone else in your family is sleeping tight. A task lamp is beneficial for work from home activities. Gift one to your giftee and see how much they will love it.

Right financial advice is always a gift

A gift doesn’t always have to be something materialistic. An emotional gift can be giving someone the right advice. If you know that your secret Santa giftee is having trouble borrowing loans, then you can help them during their tough time. You can advise them to contact direct lenders in the UK who provide easy loans to people within 24 hours with minimum hassle and online application. There are different kinds of loans available such as payday loans, Christmas loans for bad credit, or personal loans.

This year has been so stressful for all of us due to the ongoing pandemic. But to cheer up yourself and others a bit at your workplace, a secret Santa ritual can works wonder. Thinking about a perfect gift is complicated and needs time for that. Now you don’t need to worry as we have incorporated an ideal gifting list for secret Santa that will help to lift the mood and Christmas spirit altogether.

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