Tips To Stay Energized In Summers

The scorching sun is shining so bright over our heads all day. The temperature is rising, and with rising temperature, our energy is sinking. Summers bring slackness and laziness along. No matter what you need to do, you don’t feel like it. And you know who to blame for all this!

Summers are the season of pitta, hot sharp, and bright. and thus it is recommended to not let pitta aggravate. But we can turn the tables around and use everything summer brings with it to increase our energy levels. The season not only brings the problems but it brings the solutions along! Sun generously gives us heat and light, and the raw fruit and vegetables can help you with your minerals, vitamins, and enzymes.

Best tips to keep your energy all-time high this summer

Here are some best tips to keep your energy all-time high this summer and maintain your health as well.

1. Water to the Rescue

Water to the Rescue

Dehydration can strike suddenly. Nothing works properly when the body is dehydrated. Your metabolism becomes sluggish, your concentration suffers, your skin breaks and your stamina is totally depleted. Make sure you’re getting plenty of water to avoid this from happening. To make sure you’re having enough water, swap out your sodas, coffees, and teas for pure H2O. Not only can drinking more water make your body better overall, but it will also restore your energy levels.

2. Avoid foods that generate heat


Avoid foods that cause the body to heat up and become dangerous. Avoid foods that cause the body to heat up, such as acidic fruits, citrus fruits, beets, and carrots. To stop causing harm to your system, limit your consumption of garlic, chili, onion, sour cream, and salted cheese. Salads are cooling, so eat more of them, particularly for lunch. Dark meats can be avoided because they cause the body to heat up.

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3. Switch to Green Tea

Switch to Green Tea

Summer is also the season for refreshing drinks that keep us energized and refreshed during the day. Green tea is a delicious beverage to have in the morning or late at night. Green tea is high in antioxidants and has been shown to boost immunity and increase memory. Your body will remain hydrated and fresh all summer long, thanks to its good fragrance and flavor. To bring more tanginess and zest to your day, add a splash of honey and a squeeze of lemon to your cup of green tea.

4. Smaller Meals through the day

It is beneficial to the energy levels to consume smaller amounts of food more often during the day. Eating every two hours ensures that you have enough calories in your bloodstream to keep you going.

Smaller Meals through the day

Your nervous tract would also appreciate it. Larger pieces of food need more effort from your GI tract to break down. You could be consuming too much and overtaxing the digestive system if you still feel tired after meals.

5. Say No to fatty foods

Say No to fatty foods

Replace gluten-free grains and legumes like brown rice, millet, buckwheat, barley, quinoa, amaranth, chickpeas, beans, and lentils with strong and oily foods like beef, dairy, and processed goods. However, if you eat animal products, two or three days a week, 80 mL of domestic raw milk is advised.

6. Soak more Sun

Soak more Sun

Vitamin D can boost your energy levels, according to new studies. Take advantage of the sun during your lunch hour to give your body a lift. Even on a gloomy day, 10-15 minutes of natural sunshine gives a strong dose of Vitamin D. But don’t forget your sunscreen; sunburn will lift your body temperature, dehydrating you and making you feel slow.

7. Eat local traditional fruits

Eat local traditional fruits

Popular citrus fruits such as bananas, cherries, peaches, apricots, melons, watermelons, figs, oranges, and persimmons can be consumed in greater quantities. Keep in mind that glucose is the primary propulsion fuel for any single cell in your body. It can be used in fruits in a shape that is readily absorbed. Reduce fats to 10% of total calories to ensure that the fruit sugar is completely absorbed. Any food, whether it’s a fruit, vegetable, seed, or anything else, contains a certain amount of fat.

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8. Avoid ice-cold drinks


No matter how much we all love an ice-cold drinks in these hots summers, they should be avoided for our own good. Ice cold beverages stifle metabolism and produce toxins in the bloodstream, also known as ama. The digestive fire in your digestive system is in charge of turning food into electricity. Drinking cold water is more like burning out the intestinal burn, which can lead to a variety of health issues.

9. Add Vitamin B to your routine


Vitamin B, especially B6 and B12, are excellent natural energy boosters. These two vitamins are natural energy producers that can assist in the replacement of energy lost due to the sun. Add them to the vitamin regimen if they aren’t already there. Starting with a strong B-Complex vitamin is a good idea.

10. A Break is all you need!

Take a rest

Take a rest or turn to a new task if you find yourself losing concentration. The monotony of a long, boring job can be wasting your resources. When you notice that your attention is waning, it’s time to switch things up. Take a fast break from your desk to empty your water bottle or catch up with a coworker in person. Even a brief break of a few minutes can be beneficial.

These natural ways will help you keep your energy and spirits high during this sluggish season of summer. Another beneficial and healthy way of keeping your energy is by using Arunveda’s energy booster supplements. Buy ayurvedic energy booster online and have a happy summer for yourself!

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