Natural Tips For a Healthy Lifestyle

Fitness and Virat Kohli (Indian Cricketer) are synonyms. He sets the benchmark for fitness every rising day. He says, “Never underestimate the importance of routine”.

True that! Isn’t it? Every one of us must have taken actions to be fit, to be healthy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long. In short, we cannot make it routine, despite knowing its importance.

Fitness makes you feel lighter and happier. It blesses you with enthusiasm, energy, and stamina. Fitness is the result of a healthy lifestyle. It takes consistency to follow, to implement healthy habits in your life. The so-called, modern lifestyle is leading us towards an unhealthy life physically as well as mentally.

Now, let us understand what is a healthy life first? According to WHO, a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. These are the three essential aspects to lead a healthy life.

Here a question arises, what are the natural best practices to live a healthy life?

Natural Tips For a Healthy Lifestyle

We have answers for all the queries. Here are some productive natural ways to live a healthy and happy life.



Yes. It is too important for your health. Make a priority list. Rest everything is garbage. Don’t think that you can solve every problem. Take it easy. Don’t give a shit about everything you come across. Take feedback, not the negative energies of your criticizer. Overthinking blunts your actions, so think less, act more, and ignore even more.

Yoga and Exercise

Yoga is the legacy of pre-Vedic Indian traditions to the world. Yoga is the word derived from the Sanskrit word Yuj means to unite. It unites your mind and body to the universe maintaining perfect harmony. Yoga balances both physical and mental health. Practicing yoga daily will dramatically improve your health.


Pranayama is like an all-rounder player. It not only calms your mind but also reduces belly fat. Prana means breath or energy and Yama means to store. So give a few minutes of your morning and store energy for the rest of the day.

Yoga and exercise is natural practice for maximum productivity. Make it routine and live healthily.

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After performing yoga, the body feels relaxed but the same is not with exercise, it puts a strain on your body muscles. Choose anything suitable for your body, choice is always yours.

Healthy Food

Ayurveda says, “You are what you eat.” Eat fresh, live fresh. Eating habits determine your productivity. Prefer freshly prepared food over preserved or packaged food.


Include fruits, half-boiled vegetables, and an essential amount of ghee or clarified butter in your daily food. Mere exercise is not going to help you to live a healthy life. You have to eat food full of nutrients.

Fast food and street food loaded with spices, sugar, and salt is something that most people love to eat. They do this to please their taste buds. Realize that your body has to struggle a lot to digest such food.

Well-known Canadian-Indian actor and film producer Akshay Kumar carries homemade food tiffin on his shooting sets even after having a busy schedule. No need to mention his fitness here, so have some mercy on your digestive system and eat healthy food.

Follow the mantra of Eat to live not live to eat.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water helps in the formation of blood and lymph which helps in the transport of oxygen to the brain, which is the central part of the human body. One should drink at least 3 to 3.5 liters of water daily for a regular supply of oxygen to the brain.


Every one of us wishes for glowing and radiant skin. Drinking a lot of water is a must for such skin.

Whenever you feel like drinking something, drink water instead of cold drinks.

Avoid chilled water. Prefer mild water.

Rest Properly

The most neglected thing these days is improper sleep. Sleep determines your overall productivity. When you sleep, the brain starts its work of clearing toxicity from the central nervous system.


Sleep is important for the functioning of the heart, your immunity as well as your emotional well being. Have at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

Make a note here that night sleep is effective. Please don’t play with sleeping times, it will ruin the digestive system and overall health.

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Read a Lot

Yes, my dear friend. Try it! It will bring magic and a little more hope for your healthy mindset. Life is too short to experience everything. Books are nothing but the experiences of the author’s life. Read more, experience more and gain knowledge!


Good Company

They say, “You are the average of five persons you live with”. Surround yourself with people having a positive attitude as positivity, love and compassion are the fuel for a healthy life. If you don’t find such people surrounding you then make books your best friend.


A Day without Gadget

We all are busy and have to work a lot. Gadgets like mobile, laptop, and tablets help us make it more productive. Yet give rest to them one day or at least for a few hours and keep your hands free for one day in a week or at least once in a month. Experience the freedom and live for a while without gadgets.


A healthy lifestyle is not always about food or physical stuff. It is more about your mindset and how you see yourself. And here is the last but not the least ingredient for a healthy lifestyle :

Self- Love

Sometimes it feels nothing is in your favor. You keep searching, you keep finding but everything seems lost, including you. At such times, self- love is what keeps you alive. It makes you feel better, more secure.


Give the warmth of self–love to yourself, help yourself to heal, to cure.
Let your emotions feel what they urge to feel, let your fear find the way out. And then transform insecurities to convictions, disturbances to gratitude, and self-love to pure universal love.

This is the way to find, the real you, the ultimate truth inside you. And always remember :

Eat healthy, live healthy, and think healthy.
Apart from these usual fitness and health tips, there are some specific norms that must be followed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of these COVID-19 essential tips are already accommodated in the article.

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