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Are you looking for a free online eSport logo? Here it is. You will be able to create an eSport logo after reading this article.

However, it’s not just learning. It’s practiced as well. Jump to these recommended websites, then try them to make your own unique logo.

There are already many free online logo maker sites scattered on the internet. But for the eSport logo maker site, the majority use money, aka it’s not free. Even though it is paid, the template choices are lots, really good, and eyecatching. It’s also easy to use. Just click-click immediately finished, then download the results.

So, where can you make as an option to create the eSport logo for your favorite team? Or make your clan? Let’s check them one by one.

The Best 4 eSport logo making platforms



This is the one who can give the logo for free. The name is also free, So yes, the resolution is modest. But not bad, so there is an eSport logo and no money at all. This looks like the only free online eSport logo maker site.

The choice of templates is no less good and there are as many as more than 10,000. It can make you hesitate which one to choose. The collection of icons/shapes is large and very interesting.

In terms of use, DesignEvo offers convenience and simplicity. Choose a template, click and edit a bit, finally download it. Done. So the eSport logo doesn’t take 10 minutes.

But because DesignEvo is an online logo maker site, it is not specific to the eSport maker logo, so the options for eSport templates are limited. Although limited, the templates are pretty good and still eye-catching.

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Well, in order to download the free files, you need to log in first, meaning you need to create an account there. If you are lazy to create an account, you can log in using your Google or Facebook account.


The main service provided by Placeit is not specific to the eSport logo maker. There is a wider range of services offered, such as making mockups, logos, videos, and designs. The eSport logo maker is one of the services.

Even so, Placeit provides a special page for making the eSport logo. There are many choices of eSport logo templates that you can choose from. 

There are monsters, man-guns, wild animals, lots of them. Just choose. The colors, shapes, and effects are also cute & eye-catching. You would not be lost when you see it. Just select a template, edit a little, and continue to download.

To enjoy your logo works, you have to shell out $39.95 for one logo. Not bad. But watermark-free. The resolution is also high, 4000x4000px with the .png file format. Free to use for any needs. If you want to get cheaper, you can get a monthly subscription of $14.95 or an annual subscription of $89.69.



Furthermore, there is BrandCrowd, which is an online logo maker site. Free or not? Unfortunately, it’s not free. 

Besides the gaming category, BrandCrowd also provides a special eSport category. The templates from the two categories are quite different in appearance. So if you decide to use Brandcrowd, make sure the selected category is eSport.

The available eSport logo templates are not as eye-catching as Placeit. The compositions of colors, icon graphics, fonts, effects are also more muted. This is suitable for those of you who want an attractive but not flashy logo. 

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From the selected template, you can still edit it too. The color, font type, background, or shape can still be adjusted according to our taste.

For the price of 1 logo, you will need to pay $45. More expensive than Placeit indeed. But what you get is not only 1 high resolution logo .png + .jpg only. you can also file SVG, EPS, and PDF. Can also transparent logo 1024x1024px resolution.

Besides, you also still get black & white logo variations of 1024x1024px resolution .png format, logo layout variations, left, right, top, bottom, for example, only variations of the icon, and only variations of the logo.

If you want to unlock more benefits, you can subscribe for $15 per month. So you can edit and download at will, unlimited. You are provided with tools for social media design needs plus templates too. Finally, graphic design tools are provided, as well.



Who doesn’t know this online design maker tool? Quite a lot of users are also used and are often mentioned on Twitter or Instagram social media. Easy to use, lots of template choices, lots of designation options, it’s free too. 

Besides creating online banners, it turns out that Canva also provides gaming Logo templates that you can learn from. Yes, it can also be used to make an esports logo. Several templates can be used. To access all gaming logo templates, you will need to upgrade to Canva Pro.

The results of the esports logo are also pretty good. And most importantly, it’s free. The requirements are, like other websites, create an account or log in with Google/Facebook. Apart from DesignEvo, it turns out that there is still Canva that we can rely on to create an online eSport logo. Files that can be downloaded include PNG, JPG, standard PDF, and PDF print.

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