10 Reasons To Use ReactJS For Business App Development

The success of your website or web application can be directly attributed to the technology that it is built on. Hence, you need to always select the right framework/library for your web app that offers more scalability, user experience, and code maintainability.

One such technology that offers all these benefits is ReactJS. ReactJS is one of the popular JavaScript libraries that is trending among full stack developers and has a proven track record for being an excellent tool for building beautiful UIs and seamless user experiences. It will be a wise decision to hire developers from India, a top destination for offshore web application development, for developing your business app with ReactJS.

Top 10 reasons to use ReactJS for your business app development

If you are wondering why this JavaScript library is so popular among developers and why you should use it in your business applications in the first place, we will pen down some of the top 10 reasons that make ReactJS perfect for your business app development.

#1 Code Reusability

ReactJS gives you the ability to reuse code or UI components in other areas of your code or even in multiple projects. A React component can be anything in your web apps such as a text field, button, grid, or label. Code reusability is one of the greatest features of ReactJS that most developers love about. Having the ability to reuse code allows you to significantly cut down the development time associated with your User Interface development. Since the components in React are isolated and change in one doesn’t reflect on other components, you can easily manage all your updates.

#2 Easy to Test

Another advantage that you get out of ReactJS is the ease of testing. In ReactJS, you only need minimal or no configuration for doing testing. Testing in RectJS is easy when compared to traditional UI browser testing because ReactJS allows you to test components rapidly and more efficiently by using the node CLI. Whereas you need browsers for traditional UI browser testing. Traditional UI browser testing is challenging to maintain and can consume a lot of your valuable time which can ultimately delay your release. Also, React tests can be written even more quickly using JS-based testing frameworks such as Jasmine, Mocha, Tape, etc.

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#3 Performance

Web apps that are built on ReactJS have more performance when compared with other JavaScript libraries and frameworks. Some of the key features of Reactjs, such as code reusability, virtual DOM, server-side rendering, one-way data binding help you to build enterprise-grade apps that take your business to the next level.

However, to accomplish this, you need a highly experienced team of frontend developers who have extensive experience in building business applications using React. If you are in pursuit of finding experienced reactJS developers for developing your business app at lower hourly rates, you can hire programmers from a ReactJs development company in India.

#4 Huge Development Community

Facebook open-sourced RectJS in 2013 and encouraged developers to do more improvement on it. Today’s ReactJS is a result of the combined efforts of the huge community of ReactJS developers across the globe. Since ReactJS allows programmers to share libraries with prebuilt UI components, there’s a high chance for you to implement some of them in your business application.

Moreover, the ReactJS community can help you minimize the time required for shipping your business app by delivering you plenty of resources, tools, and libraries that help you optimize your code, improve code quality, and enhance your ReactJS development process.

#5 Data Binding

One-way binding is another cool feature that Rect delivers. One-way data binding makes it easier for you to debug your application when compared to debugging in other applications. What’s cooler with this feature is that it makes your code more stable.

#6 Availability of toolset

As ReactJS offers you a set of useful tools, Business app development using ReactJS is a lot easier when compared with other JavaScript libraries that are out there in the market. For example, you can download the React developer tools extension in Chrome that allows you to inspect editing states or even component hierarchies in the virtual DOM.

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#7 Flexibility

React is undeniably one of the most flexible front-end development libraries that you can keep your hands into. With RectJS, you can develop quality user interfaces on pretty much any platform. Being a highly flexible tool, React’s ecosystem now supports the development of mobile applications (React Native), desktop apps(Electron), and even apps that deliver highly immersive VR experiences (React VR).

#8 Easy Learning Curve

When compared to other JavaScript technologies such as Angular, React has got a shallow learning curve. React can be pretty easy to pick up for developers who have a JavaScript background. On top of that, React has got great documentation and tons of tutorials and training resources.

#9 JSX

Most front-end developers are quite familiar with JSX. JSX is simply just a blend of HTML and JavaScript. JSX enables developers to add chunks of HTML to their JavaScript code. JSX helps your code to be cleaner and simpler. One of the other benefits of JSX is that it can prevent injection attacks.

#10 Component Architecture

React’s way of approaching UI development is by following a component-driven architecture where User Interfaces are broken down into smaller components that manage their state. However, you need various supporting tools like Babel, Redux, Webpack(module bundler), etc to accomplish this. Redux is simply a state management tool that allows you to boost the performance of React in highly complex applications.

Whereas, Babel can be used as a viable tool for converting JSX into vanilla JS so that your app can be understood by browsers. The popularity and adoption rate of React is surging day by day and it is one of the best JavaScript libraries that you can use to build your business app.

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