E-commerce Potential Trends in 2020

Monitoring the trend of e-commerce is very important because each should be analyzed carefully, and it should be adopted if you are in this field. It would be risky for you if you do not give up to date with the trend of e-commerce.

A few years back, e-commerce has limited capabilities, but not now. The customization, return policies, or upgraded integration, these all the changes that have taken e-commerce to the next level. As technology is getting advanced more, and the behavior of customers is changing for those, you would see the potential trends of e-commerce in 2020. These potential trends allow you to keep standing in the market and capture more audiences.

Video content/marketing:

Visuals play an essential role, and consumers are always attracted by visuals more than text. According to researches, our brain remembers the things we visualize 60,000X faster, and we remember whatever we see, which is far better than what we read. So video content/marketing is the new potential trend in e-commerce. In today’s market, video content attracts the consumer as much better than textual content. So this is one of the top trends in e-commerce in 2020.

The rise of the second-hand market “Re-commerce”:

The second name of e-commerce is to re-commerce the online market of used products. This online market has never been more significant, but in 2020, the second-hand market is now exploding day by day. According to the Thredup is increasing in 2020.

E-commerce Potential Trends

This graph is showing the increasing trend in the second-hand market. There are a few factors that are involved in the growing trend of second-hand marketing which is mentioned below.

  • The increasing focus on sustainability.
  • The ability to attain the products which are sought after products in less money.
  • It keeps the up to date fashion and trends in other industries.
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As this is 2020, hence we are cleared in this year that used good marketing is alive. It is not only viable; it is the potential trend of e-commerce in 2020. There are local markets that are keeping alive this trend through a global platform like Facebook. It is expected that the second-hand market will bloom more in a few years as it is a potential e-commerce trend this year.

Fulfillment options expanding

So the most common problem of online shopping is that abandoning their carts. This problem requires fulfillment options, the issues which revolve around are mentioned below.

  • The cost of shipping
  • Long shipping time
  • Fewer delivery options

It is not possible to solve everyone’s issue, but here is a potential trend of e-commerce, which is addressing these issues. E-commerce is offering its customers the BOPS option. This allows the customers to pick up their premises from their nearest location. You do not have to pay delivery fees. Few brands are opting for the BOPS, which helps to solve these issues.

Personalization and customization:

Personalization is one of the most important critical factors in e-commerce. A few years, the online backfield has ignored this factor, but now in 2020, it is one of the potential trends in e-commerce. This potential trend is giving more profit to the online markets, while customization is attracting customers to buy more from your stores, and customization is helping online stores to analyze the preferences of their customers. Here are a few examples of personalization and customization.

  • Magento 2: the product designer offers its customers to print their customized products. What did this offer do?  This was a massive success for Magento 2 because they personalized their customers
  • Nutella: they allowed their customers to customize their names to the jars.
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So this is the most likely trend in 2020, which is also a very beneficial trend for e-commerce, and it is the success of creativity too.

Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality
Source: 9to5mac.com

These days Augmented Reality is a big game-changer when it comes to e-commerce. This trend helps to visualize the product which your customer wants. It can be clothes, furniture or anything. The most amazing part of this trend is that customers can see how they would look while wearing any item of their choice from their home. They would be able to see how their home would look with the furniture they want this all before hitting the button of buy! Isn’t it amazing?  Of course, it is that’s why this is the potential trend of e-commerce in 2020.

There is a lot in 2020, and trends keep changing, but the trends which are mentioned above are the potential trends of 2020 as we are excited to see more new trends in upcoming years as we all want innovation and changes in our daily life. We are hoping that one day our common problems of e-commerce will be solved and we will be able to enjoy it. So these trends are impacting e-commerce.

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