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Peru is a beautiful country with a rich cultural history and adventure options. It’s not surprising that Peru is a favorite travel destination for adventurers given its various landscapes, which range from the imposing Andes Mountains to the verdant Amazon Rainforest. There are many ways to explore this fascinating nation, from hiking to surfing, rock climbing to whitewater rafting.

In this article, we will know the top 10 adventure activities in Peru that you can enjoy and add to your bucket list. If you’re a seasoned traveler or just looking for a new thrill experience in Peru, this list has something for everyone.

1. Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 

One of South America’s most popular adventures is the trek to Machu Picchu, which numerous tourists want to cross off their bucket lists. Along the way of the trip, which can take up to 4 days, you will be treated to stunning views of the mountains, the lush cloud forest, and the chance to see historical ruins and learn about the Inca people.

Traveling to Machu Picchu, one of the most prominent archaeological places in the world, is enjoyable and justifies the effort required to physically and mentally complete the journey.

2. Surfing the Waves at Máncora

Surfers pursuing some of South America’s greatest waves frequently travel to Máncora, a small town on the country’s northern coast. Máncora attracts surfers of all skill levels, from beginners to experts, with its warm water and reliable surf. 

The town itself is a lively and laid-back place with many options to enjoy regional food and explore the countryside. Máncora is a terrific place to test your talents and has some fun in the water, whether you’re an experienced surfer or just trying to catch your first wave.

3. Whitewater Rafting on the Urubamba River

Whitewater rafting on the Urubamba River is the perfect place if you’re looking for a thrilling experience. Some of South America’s greatest rapids can be found on this furious river that runs through the Andes Mountains. You will be taken through the rapids by professional guides, offering you an adrenaline-fueled trip through the gorgeous landscapes and the possibility to view local wildlife.

Whitewater rafting on the Urubamba River is risk-free and exciting, and there are also many activities for swimming, kayaking, and fishing there.

4. Climbing the Huayna Picchu Mountain

Climbing Huayna Picchu Mountain is an absolute must-do if you’re seeking an actual tangible adventure. This tall hill gives amazing views of the mountains and is the popular destination of Machu Picchu. It is near that location.

Although the climb can be tough, with the assistance of expert guides and the right tools, it’s a safe and incredible experience for you. It is a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience because the views of Machu Picchu and the countryside from the top are phenomenal.

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5. Mountain Biking the Sacred Valley

A mountain biking adventure would be perfect in the Sacred Valley, which is a stunning and culturally significant destination in the Andes Mountains. The Sacred Valley is a must-visit for adventurers because of its uneven hills, stunning beauty, and chances to connect with local citizens.

A region is an excellent option for both seasoned mountain riders and people who are just getting started because it offers a variety of tracks, from difficult climbs to relaxing rides through rural areas.

You will have the chance to see some heritage places along the way, interact with local artisans, and enjoy delicious Peruvian food. The Sacred Valley is a fantastic location to experience the beauty of Peru on two wheels, whether you are looking for a challenging activity or a more relaxing trip.

6. Rock Climbing in Huaraz

Rock climbers usually travel to Huaraz, a city in the Andes Mountains.

In South America, Huaraz has some of the best rock climbing because of its incredibly huge peaks and breathtaking scenic views.

For adventurers of all levels of experience as well as those who just want to try something new and exciting, Huaraz has a variety of routes. The town’s friendly local climbing scene makes it a great place to meet with other climbers and learn about the sport.

Huaraz is a must-visit destination for those who really want to enjoy and make a memorable trip. Its breathtaking scenic beauty and fantastic hiking advantages make your life’s best memories.

7. Sandboarding in Huacachina 

The desert oasis of Huacachina in southwest Peru is the best choice destination for people who really like to enjoy sandboarding.

This small town is near sand dunes, some of which are up to 600 feet tall, making it a great place to try your hand at this thrilling activity.

Expert guides will take you to the best dunes in addition to providing you with all the necessary kits, such as sandboards and safety tools. If you are a seasoned sand boarder or just looking for something new and exciting thrill, Huacachina is a great place to experience the rush of speeding down a sand dune.

8. Paragliding over the Andes Mountains 

The experience of paragliding over the Andes Mountains will stay with you forever.  Andes Mountains are a favorite destination for paragliders. It has breathtaking beauty and perfect flying conditions. 

Skilled pilots will provide an exciting flight with breathtaking views of the nearby peaks and valleys. If you are an experienced paraglider or just want a unique way to enjoy the natural beauty of the Andes Mountains, this experience will absolutely be one of the highlights of your trip to Peru.

9. Zip-lining in the Amazon Rainforest

the Amazon Rainforest is popular for zip-lining and is one of the world’s most wide-ranging and lush ecosystems.

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The Amazon Rainforest is a unique and thrilling location for zip-lining because of its tall trees, various wildlife, and panoramic views. You will be led by knowledgeable guides through the forest, who will take you on a tour through the canopy so you can get a completely new perspective of the rainforest.

Whether you are an expert zip-liner or looking for a new thrill, the Amazon Rainforest is a must-see for any adventurer.

10. Kayaking the Vilcanota River

The Vilcanota River is a culturally significant river. It is famous for kayakers.

The river flows through the Andes Mountains, creating beautiful views of the mountains’ peaks and green valleys. An exciting adventure that gives you a fresh viewpoint on this gorgeous area is kayaking down the Vilcanota River.

The chance to meet with local citizens while paddling the Vilcanota River is one of its pleasures. Kayaking provides a special glimpse into the way of life of the small villages that line the river, many of which have been occupied for years. You’ll get the chance to explore local markets, eat traditional cuisine, and discover the rich cultural heritage of the area.

The Vilcanota River is a must-see for any adventurer visiting Peru, whether of your experience level with kayaking or your desire for a new adventure. Kayaking the Vilcanota River is an adventure you won’t forget because of its natural beauty and intangible heritage.


With its impressive Andes Mountains and beautiful Amazon Rainforest, Peru is a country rich with adventure options. This list of the top 10 adventure activities in Peru has something for everyone, regardless of your level of experience or need for a new thrill. So get ready to embrace your inner adventurer on your upcoming vacation to Peru and pack your luggage, gather your gear, and depart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to hike the Inca Trail?

The difficulty of the Inca Trail depends on the route and the hiker’s fitness level. The Classic Inca Trail is challenging, with steep inclines and high altitude, while the Salkantay Trek is a bit easier. Regardless of the route, it’s essential to prepare physically and mentally before embarking on the trek.

Can you go sandboarding in Huacachina if you’ve never snowboarded before?

Yes, you can try sandboarding in Huacachina even if you’ve never snowboarded before. The sand dunes are not as steep as ski slopes, and the sandboards are specially designed for sandboarding, making it easier for beginners to learn. Most sandboarding tours also provide training and safety gear.

How culturally significant is kayaking down the Vilcanota River?

Kayaking down the Vilcanota River offers a unique opportunity to learn about the region’s rich cultural heritage. The river is surrounded by small villages, many of which have been inhabited for centuries. Along the way, kayakers have the chance to visit local markets, sample traditional cuisine, and interact with locals, gaining a deeper understanding of the region’s culture and way of life.

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