New Entry Door Installation

Planning on getting the right entry door is just about making the right decision. The decision does not stop in merely choosing a door that has great designs.

A good quality entry door is not synonymous with a good installation. A high-quality door could still bring bad results when the installation is not properly done. When the installation of doors is not perfectly done, it results in higher fees. Meaning you tend to spend more when your entry door installation goes wrong. To avoid spending extra and avoid further damage, you need to ask your entry door installation company some key questions.

1. The Cost of an Entry Door Installation

It looks simple, but there are a few fees that are not specified. Therefore, for you to find out is best, you ask before the installation is carried out. 

  • Will you be paying for the estimate? 

Before you begin anything, learn to ask the installation company if you will be charged for an estimate. If yes, then go for it since you will be getting first-hand information about the product.

  • Does the installation company trim work?

Confirm if the installation company attends to the trimming of the job as well. If not, that means you will need to get extra help to complete the job.

  • What are the terms of payment?

This question is very important to ask to avoid delay in the job. Ask the door installation company if they accept down payment or full payment at once. Also, ask if the payment can be made on an installment basis.

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2. Professionalism

This talks about how knowledgeable and experienced the installation company is on the job. Is fun to ask your entry door installation company about their past activities? It enables you to know what you are opting for.

  •  What experience do they have?

Knowing the number of years a particular installation company has will serve as an added advantage when deciding on the installation company. This comes with a price. Most installation companies that are very experienced in the job tend to be more expensive, which is justifiable to an extent. 

  • Do they have samples to show?

Aside from just asking for the number of years they have been in the industry. It is good to always ask for samples of jobs done by the installation company. An installation company that has a reputation will give their reference materials that show the different jobs they have done in the past. Furthermore, seek help from friends or family who might have had some deals with the installation company and get a view of the project yourself.

  • Timeline for The Project

Getting to know the duration of the project is very important. Some installation companies can make the whole process tiring and time-consuming. Having enough information regarding the timeline is also basic to avoid unnecessary delays.

  • How long will it take to complete the installation process?

Technically, installing an entry door doesn’t take that long. Avoid entry door installation companies that don’t give a precise time when the project will be concluded. This usually happens when the installation company does not have full knowledge of the job. 

  • Will my home be protected during installation? 
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During the door installation process, the place might get dirty or rough. It is best to ask and know who will be responsible for things that happen after the whole process, like who will be responsible for keeping the place clean after the job. 


Make sure you follow these steps to avoid falling into the wrong hands. Ensure you carry out your research properly if you want to choose the best entry door installation company.

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