Things To Expect From An SEO Agency

Most online business and website owners face several issues, and one of them is lack of visibility. Sometimes, great web content may be available, but it doesn’t get you the needed engagement or traffic.

Search engines like Google always change their ranking algorithm, so your attractive website and great content may not be sufficient to get you the ranking you need on search engines.

It would be best if you had a search engine marketing agency to help you reach your target audience, gain traffic and convert the traffic into leads. Ensure that the agency shares your goals and vision. This helps avoid conflict of interest and get your desired result.

These are five things you should expect from your SEO agency.

  • Open communication and transparency

The first thing in SEO agency selection is to consider the transparency of the company. If your SEO agency is working on anything, they should let you know and also inform you of the reason for that particular approach. Your SEO agency should have no secrets, and they should be open when it comes to their approach to get your business or website more organic traffic.

Before an SEO engagement, request for the annual SEO account plan, which should contain all the tasks to be done monthly or quarterly. Ensure that the plan is a flexible one because algorithms change frequently. Ask that the agency gives you a list of the completed tasks for each month in the monthly report.

  • Barrier analysis

Before an SEO engagement, the SEO agency should go through your website to check for technical barriers that may affect your search engine optimization and indexing of your website.

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Website barriers include inadequate meta tags, missing site stamps, un-optimized pages, and content issues.

  • Establish goals

The SEO agency will start by getting the required information about your website before making any plans for the SEO and setting up goals. The preparation stage will include reviewing your analytics, performing extensive research on keywords, and competitive analysis. The agency would also get information from you like your activities in the past, current location, and KPIs.

  • Monitoring and reporting

The SEO agency should monitor the traffic on your site and give recommendations based on the site searches, bounce rates, session durations, and traffic sessions. The agency should also monitor your event tracking and goals, provide you with monthly reports that include the social referrals, the comparison of your site to the average in your industry, paid campaigns, organic traffic, and performance changes.

The monthly reports should also include recommendations, and all tasks completed on the website. It should be able to tell you everything you need to know about your website’s activities by just glancing on it.

  • Website health checks for on a monthly and quarterly basis

SEO is a systematic process, and you need monthly and quarterly tasks to keep your site optimized. These tasks should include toxic backlink analysis and reviews, crawl error corrections and reviews, spell-check corrections and scans, broken links, and both Search Console accounts and Google analytics reviews.

SEO is continually changing and to ensure your site remains friendly to users and search engines you need an SEO agency to handle the optimization of your site. Any SEO agency you choose should be abreast of the newest SEO trends, so, they can provide you with a well-optimized site. 

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