How to clean glass shower doors for a bathroom

Take advantage of our tips on how to clean glass shower doors, including recommendations for the best tools and homemade cleaners to keep them gleaming after each use. While glass shower doors can add a touch of elegance to your bathroom, it is important to remember that, like all bathroom fixtures exposed to moisture, unsightly grime and mineral deposits can build up over time. 

The state of your shower door does not matter; if you want to keep it from getting worse, there are a few simple best ways to clean glass shower doors you can follow to prevent it from getting worse. Making a natural shower cleaner out of items you already have at home can help remove tough stains without using harsh chemicals. 

Be sure to clean the glass shower doors as well, so you don’t forget anything! As soon as your shower door has been cleaned and fixed to your satisfaction, put some preventative measures into action so that you will be able to clean it more easily in the future.

Best Way to Clean Glass Shower Doors for a Bathroom

A glass shower door stained from hard water can make the entire look of your bathroom look unclean, and it can also make your house smell bad. There is no doubt that soap scum can easily build up on a shower glass door, causing it to look cloudy and foggy after a few minutes.

When you use the right product when it comes to cleaning shower glass, however, you will soon be able to see your bathroom clearly again once you have learned how to do it.

It is important to understand the steps on how to clean glass shower doors, and also some tips for cleaning shower glass are included in this guide.  

Glass shower door cleaning schedule:

Glass shower door cleaning schedule

The shower doors should only need to be deep-cleaned every few weeks if you maintain them regularly with light maintenance. To keep your shower clean, you should follow the following easiest way to clean glass shower doors:

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Every day: 

When you are done showering, squeegee the glass shower doors and leave them open for air to circulate.


A sponge or foam cleaning pad should be used once a week to wipe down the entire shower.

Once a month: 

The time has come for a deep clean. Scrub your entire shower, making sure to reach all nooks and crannies. Protect glass shower doors from hard water stains by spraying them with a water-repellent spray.

How to clean shower doors with vinegar

Here’s what you need

  • White vinegar, distilled
  • Using dish detergent
  • Using water
  • Using a sponge
  • The microfiber cloth

Step 1: Combine vinegar and dish soap

To make your own shower-door cleaner, equal mix parts of distilled white vinegar (heated first) and dish detergent, such as Dawn, which is capable of cutting grease, including hard water. Afterward, pour the solution into a spray bottle and let it sit for a few minutes before spraying it on the surface.

Step 2: Clean the shower door with DIY cleaner

Make sure to spray a spray bottle full of the mixture on the front and back of the doors so they will be completely covered. For best results, let it stand for 30 minutes or until the grime has been cut through.

Step 3: Rinse and dry

Fresh water and a damp sponge should be used to rinse the solution off, and a microfiber cloth should be used to dry the glass.

Note: You can use this vinegar and dish soap solution to clean most showers, but be cautious when you clean shower doors with vinegar. The vinegar could damage the stone in your shower if it is made of stone. 

Instead, mix baking soda with liquid soap until it is the consistency of frosting. You can use this eco-friendly cleaner to clean your glass shower door by scrubbing it onto it with a non-scratch sponge, then rinsing it with warm water.

How to clean shower doors with lemon

Get rid of annoying streaks on your glass shower doors by using this unique trick to clean them using homemade shower glass cleaner without leaving behind any residue. Take a lemon and slice it in half. Dip the cut side of the lemon in baking soda, then rub it all over the glass door from both sides. 

How to clean shower doors with lemon

When lemon acid reacts with baking soda, a sudsy foam is produced. “It prevents the soap from drying on the glass because the oil repels the water. As an added bonus, it scents the glass with a more pleasant scent than bleach does.”

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How to clean shower door tracks

You should also pay attention to the edges and tracks of your shower door. While cleaning shower doors, you should pay particular attention to the creases that are a prime location for mold and soap scum to collect. Use a toothbrush to ensure the metal frame around your shower door is clean. 

Paint scrapers can assist in removing gunk where the metal meets the shower door, while razor blade scrapers ($3, The Home Depot) can be used to remove mineral spots from the flat glass if they are applied carefully and gently. The best way to ensure that you get the best results is to use a clean, sharp blade and hold it at a 45-degree angle to the surface in order to avoid scratching the glass when you are cutting it.

How to make a daily shower spray

Regularly using a shower spray can allow you to go longer between deep cleanings. Make your own homemade cleaner for a very reasonable price (and without harsh chemicals). Simply take a cup of water, a half cup of vinegar, some dish soap, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil for scent, if desired, and mix them together (without harsh chemicals).

How to make a daily shower spray

You can spray it down after you have squeegee-ed the glass door in the shower. It is easier to wait longer between deep cleanings when you use a no-rinse shower spray every day. (Please do not use vinegar if you have a stone tile shower.)


It might be hard to get your local Maid to help you clean your shower if it keeps getting pushed down your to-do list constantly. In addition to cleaning bathrooms as part of the home cleaning services, we offer tips on How to Clean Glass Shower Doors that are not the same as our actual shower cleaning method.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times a day do you need to clean your glass door?

It is required to clean at least once a day, or you can also clean weekly or once a month.

Is vinegar useful in cleaning the glass door?

Yes, it’s the best thing to clean the shower glass mixed with dish soap.

Can we clean the glass door with a DIY?

Yes, you can use vinegar and dish soap as a DIY method to clean your glass door!

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