A Quick Guide to Value-Boosting Home Improvements

The right home improvements will make your property more liveable and more marketable. When renovating, aim to update those elements that will boost the house’s overall value.

If you ever sell, you can get a good return on investment. Redfin explains that it’s worth taking before-and-after photos of upgrades, so you can justify a higher asking price.

Expert Tips for Increasing the Value of your home

Mask Blog Spot is dedicated to providing homeowners practical information like this through their dedicated home improvement vertical. This guide details some in-demand improvements and provides practical insights—such as when you can do a job yourself versus when it’s best to hire a professional. Get the facts below.

Update the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most-used rooms of the house. It’s a place where friends and family congregate to eat, prepare food, and simply hang out. It should thus come as no surprise that upgrading this room can add significant value to your home.

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Cooper Design-Build provides a list of practical upgrades you can make, like installing new appliances, adding more windows, and revamping the cabinets and countertops. An island seating area is another major asset. These are jobs generally left to professionals, since they require more serious remodeling and, in some cases, electric and water connections.

Give your bathroom a luxury makeover

The bathroom is another frequently used space that’s perfect for high-value upgrades. Real Homes provides a list of luxury extras you can add, like a rain shower, clawfoot tub, and vanity table. If your flooring or tiles are old, consider hiring a professional to replace them. You can also upgrade your bathroom cabinets and fixtures with the help of an expert.

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There are also smaller changes you can complete yourself. Wallpaper is a great way to upgrade the space and make it look like new. Adding decorative touches like plants, mirrors, candles, and fancy lighting fixtures can also help create a more serene space. Finally, simply adding a heated towel rail can make any home’s bathroom feel like a five-star hotel.

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Add a functional home office

Working from home is becoming increasingly common, making home offices in big demand. Foreign Policy explains that the COVID-19 pandemic is partially to blame. If you have an extra room in your house, like a guest room, consider converting it into an office space. This is the kind of small job you can probably handle yourself by simply adding the right furniture.

Source: thewowstyle.com

However, if you don’t have an extra room, you might enlist the help of a general contractor to create the space you need. For example, a garage, basement, or attic can be converted into a home office. You’ll want to trust a pro with this task, since it will require more significant changes, like adding ventilation and insulation.

Revamp your landscaping

Landscaping directly influences a property’s curb appeal. There are many things you can do yourself to enhance landscaping. First, keeping your lawn healthy and neatly mowed is essential. Planting fresh flowers, shrubs, and trees can also boost the overall appearance. Just make sure to keep them well pruned or the garden will have a messy appearance.

Source: mydecorative.com

If you’re not big on yard work, SpaceWise recommends opting for low-maintenance landscaping like rock gardens and succulents. You can also have a professional install an irrigation system, which will cut down on your watering needs, saving you time and energy. A pro can also add value-boosters like ponds, fountains, and patios to create value.

Add an outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a great space to entertain guests and spend time with family preparing food and eating outdoors. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic (when social distancing was recommended) having a space for outdoor entertaining was a big boon for property owners. In the future, outdoor kitchens will likely remain in demand, making a great addition.

Source: progressivedesignbuild.com

Southwest Stone Supply Inc. highlights the many advantages of outdoor kitchens, like lower energy bills and the ability to keep cooking smells outdoors. If you do decide to install an outdoor kitchen, hire a professional. This is a tricky project that requires setting up a fire-safe space with paving, and installing appliances in a way that they won’t be harmed by the weather.

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Install a backyard pool

Everybody loves a pool on their property. If you want to take your backyard to the next level, this is a worthy investment. Bankrate reveals that a pool can boost a house’s value by as much as 7%. Again, this is the kind of large-scale job best left to a pro. You need someone who has the machinery to safely dig and install a pool without ruining your property.

Source: premierpoolsandspas.com

Home improvement measures like those described above can enhance your property aesthetically, practically, and financially. Be judicious when you plan your upgrades, focusing on those changes that will maximize your property’s value the most.

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