Best Rug Placement For The Living Room

Everyone wants to create a comfy living room. But how will you achieve it if you do not have wall-to-wall carpeting? That is when an area rug becomes handy.

If you already have wall-to-wall carpeting, integrating an area rug could bring additional pattern, texture, and color to your living room.

If you plan to add a rug to your living room but do not know how to do so, this post has your back. In this article, you will learn several tips about the best rug placement in your living room.

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There are several rules you need to follow for better rug placement. Remember, your primary goal is to purchase the proper rug and integrate it into your living room to complement your decorations.

Aside from the rug material, color, and style, you also need to consider the rug’s shape and size.

Rug Placement for Your Living Room

Before heading to the market, make sure to measure your living room floor space. Beyond that, you must consider the furniture size and doorways of your living room. Curtains for sale are also available to give your living room the right texture it needs.

Buy Layer Rugs

Your living room is one of your greatest assets. You can gain money from it depending on its age, size, style, production, and materials. The internet offers medium- to large-sized area rugs that are very affordable. But if you want to save some bucks, consider layering a small rug over a cheaper and larger carpet.

Buy Layer Rugs

For instance, you may layer an eight-foot rug over a 13-foot average floor cloth to achieve a comfy living room. Aside from that, this combination also adds extra interest, texture, and warmth to your area without spending a lot.

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Assess Your Furniture Position

Before investing in a rug, one thing you should do is determine how your furniture items are placed in your living room. Here are the rules to consider in adding an area rug to your living room.

  • Back Legs Off the Rug

One rule to consider for a beautiful rug placement is to ensure that the back legs of your furniture are off the rug. This rule can make the right proportion to your area as it extends enough space for your room.

  • All Legs on the Rug

If your living space is quite substantial, consider positioning your larger furniture pieces, such as side tables, armchairs, coffee tables, and couches, on the rug. Leave approximately ten inches in between the edges of your furniture and the rug.

Float Your Furniture Items

Sometimes, breaking the design rules could lead to better results. For instance, if your area rug is small, pacing it under one of your furniture items would be enough. But when implementing this rule, leave less than five inches between the edge of the rug and your other furniture items.

Pair Your Area Rugs with Curtains

There are lots of designer curtains to pair with your area rugs. The internet offers you lots of curtains for sale. Each of them has a unique design and style that you will surely love.


These days, most curtains for sale are available at a meager cost. It means that you don’t need to spend more bucks to get designer curtains to pair your area rug.

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Considering the overwhelming number of curtains for sale on the market, choosing the best might be hard on your part. To solve this, you must consider the color, pattern, and texture of your area rug. Also, do not forget the overall design of your living room.

Curtains for sale have different styles and designs. Despite that, they can bring art to your room. Aside from complementing your rug placement, curtains offer also offer you privacy.

The demand for curtains for sale is continuously increasing. So, if you have the money and want to boost your rug placement, investing in a good and quality curtain is a must.


The proper rug placement varies depending on the size, style, and design of your living room. Curtains for sale could also provide your space with more pattern and texture. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to browse the internet and look for good curtains for sale.

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