Guest Bedroom Ideas To Wow Your Visitors

It is a fantastic thing to own a home where you can decorate it, have friends and family over, and have everyone enjoy your hospitality. In case you aren’t sure what to do with your spare bedroom, make it into a guest bedroom to give it a new lease of life! Providing guests with a personalized space that they can use when visiting is very important. 

There is nothing better than having your guest room be a peaceful place where your guests can relax and unwind during their stay with you. We’ve put together 15 guest bedroom ideas that will make your loved ones feel right at home, whether you’re hosting for the holidays or looking for ways to dress up your spare bedroom

Check Out These 15 Guest Bedroom Design Ideas

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1) Cohesive Bedding Is The First Step

It is of the utmost importance to the aesthetic of any bedroom. The principles of a classic, cohesive design should be emphasized. 


Select neutral colors and buy a matching bed set. We suggest choosing a duvet over a comforter when choosing between duvets and comforters. You can change these out if you have new guests arriving because they are more versatile and easier to care for. 

Look for sheets that are made with soft yet breathable fabric – like Casper’s Percale sheets – that your guests will love when you go shopping for sheets. With these sheets, you get matching pillowcases and a duvet cover, so you can impress your guests without doing any extra shopping.

2) Get Playful Pillows

If you go with classic bedding, it gives you the opportunity to experiment with different pillow designs. Throw pillows or graphic pillowcases can add a touch of warmth to the room, or you can get creative with the design. 


Regardless of the design you choose, ensure your guests have a supportive, cooling foam pillow to rest their heads on during the night.

3) Also, Consider A Stylish Headboard.


Many people overlook the importance of bed frames when thinking about how to decorate their bedrooms. There are so many different styles of beds available today, and bed frames aren’t only useful for supporting your mattress, but they’re also an excellent way to add subtle style to your bedroom. Consider an upholstered bed frame for a more luxurious look, or choose a wooden bed frame for a rustic feel.

4) Add Some Style To Your Nightstands

You can never have enough nightstands. However, they do not have to be boring. Instead, provide your guests with a functional nightstand equipped with storage so they can charge their phones and store books while they are staying in your home. 


We recommend choosing a bedside table that has a clean, modern design – choose neutral colors so that they match your bedding and bed frame.

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5) Adding Alternative Lighting

Light can make or break a bedroom. Choosing the right type of lighting can lull you to sleep while choosing the wrong type of lighting can keep you awake all night. It is crucial that the lighting you choose creates a relaxing environment for your friends and family. 


You should stay away from bright lights and do your best to choose more alternative options like Casper’s Glow Light. This light looks like the color of the moon and is designed to help you fall asleep. It is equipped with a self-dimming, warm light that creates a soothing atmosphere for your guests so they can fall asleep more deeply.

6) Warm Up The Room With Blankets

If you’ve chosen neutral bedding, blankets are a great way to add color and texture to your room without going overboard. There is no doubt that throw blankets are a great choice for styling and are a great addition to help your guests warm up during their stay in your home. 


Try to match the pattern and colors of your throw blankets with the pillows in your living room or bedroom. You can also choose to add weighted blankets to make your bedroom more comfortable. In addition to being cozy, these are calming – perfect for guests who suffer from anxiety before bed.

7) Play Around With Plants

Plants provide a natural look to any bedroom. However, they also provide other benefits besides making shelves appear brighter. Many bedroom plants can boost mood, reduce stress levels, and naturally filter air pollutants. 


There are several plants that will work well in almost any indoor space, including snake plants, heartleaf philodendrons, and golden pothos. Put a vase of fresh flowers around the arrangement to make guests feel welcome.

8) Add Vibrant Rugs


Consider adding a vibrant rug to spice up your guest bedroom’s design if it lacks color. Make sure you place a bright rug under your bed or place a smaller bright rug near the door. To ensure the rug blends in with the room, consider matching it with a few accessories, such as wall art or throw pillows.

9) Include Additional Seating


If you decorate your guest bedroom, you should include places where your guests can relax, converse, and sit. An ottoman or small sofa could ensure that your guests are comfortable. It is possible to make a smaller bedroom more functional by adding a chair at the foot of the bed or a bench at the corner.

10) Use Twin Beds


Consider giving the room twin beds instead of a king if you have nieces, nephews, or grandchildren staying over. This will provide people with additional sleeping areas without causing overcrowding. 

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In addition, twin mattresses can also be used on bunk beds or ottomans.

11) Optimize the Storage Space

There’s a good chance your guests will bring bags full of clothes with them when they come to visit you. 


Assuring the guest bedroom has enough storage will keep them from living out of their suitcases. Choosing a bed with storage built into the bottom will make your space more functional.

12) Hang Cohesive Wall Art


Decorating a room with wall art can enhance its appeal. Think about the theme of the bedroom and choose appropriate art. Consider adding prints of leaves or plants if you’re going for a tropical theme. Consider grouping wooden or woven artworks together to create a purposeful, cohesive design if you’re going for a rustic design.

13) Stock Up On Towels And Toiletries


To conclude, ensure that fresh towels and essential toiletries are provided in your guest room. Towels that are old or dirty are not appreciated; making sure everything is clean before guests arrive. As well as toothpaste and extra toothbrushes, remember to include soaps and towels.

14) Provide Breakfast In Bed


Your vacation would not be complete without breakfast in bed! Serve them coffee, chocolates, mints, or anything else they might like on a serving tray placed on their bed. It’s essential that you take the extra time to make them feel at home so they will appreciate your efforts.

15) You Can Add A Mirror


A full-length mirror should be available in your guest bedroom so that your guests can get ready. Adding mirrors to your guest bedroom will also increase the size and airiness of the area. There is no need for you to worry about wall space if you consider hanging a mirror on the back of the door.


When it comes to decorating a guest bedroom, the best way to start is to pick a theme that will complement the room. What kind of decor do you want for the room? Should it have the same theme as the rest of your house, or should it have its own? You can get some ideas on Pinterest for decorating your bedroom if you are stuck. 

If you want to make your guests feel comfortable getting ready in the guest bedroom, you should offer extra seating, a full-length mirror, and plenty of storage so that they feel comfortable doing so. Depending on how much you want to impress your guests, you can also provide fresh towels and toiletries, as well as games they can play during their leisure time.

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