How to Convert Your Boring Room to Classic

It doesn’t matter what your style is when it comes to the bedroom; it should be a place where you can sleep at night. To create the perfect relaxing yet stylish bedroom, you need the right combination of soothing hues, luxury bedding, and thoughtfully selected bedroom accessories, such as nightstands with plenty of storage.  

Whether or not you’re generally happy with the way your bedroom looks, the room still looks a bit drab when you take a close look around you. Despite the fact that you like your furniture and the color scheme works, there is something just missing: a sense of personality. The best-designed bedroom can have a case of the blahs if nothing makes a statement regarding your personal style. 

There’s no need to worry about your bedroom going dormant with just a few carefully chosen accents that show off your personal style. Using these ten bedrooms, you can get your creativity Ways to Transform a Boring Bedroom in the right direction toward a bedroom that is anything but boring.

Here Are 10 Tips To Beautify Bedroom

Invest in a new carpet

When decorating, because floors are often overlooked, if your bedroom floor is covered in neutral carpet or wood, it becomes a purely utilitarian space, not a decorating asset. 


A strongly patterned or colored area rug transforms a boring bedroom floor into something that says, “This room is anything but boring.” For proof, see the black-and-white rug that is shown here, and imagine the room without it.

Look for a bedside lamp that is attractive

There is no doubt that a bedside lamp is a necessary component of every bed, so why not pick one that is unique? Lamps are relatively inexpensive, so they’re an excellent way to add a little personality to your bedroom without breaking the bank. 


There are a number of high-impact, wake-up-a-boring-bedroom options available at most furniture shops, discount department stores, or even at second-hand shops, such as Goodwill.

Replace your bedding

There is no doubt that your bedroom’s bedding plays an important role in setting the mood and style, so if you’ve been using the same blanket over and over again, it’s time for a change. Adding a comforter in animal print to an otherwise traditional room will make it more interesting. 


In contrast, if that’s not your style, you can choose a bedroom that fits your style, whether it’s a rustic country ambiance, a sleek contemporary ambiance, or any style in between. Remember, though, that if you want to bring your bedroom to life, you will need a bold pattern or color.

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Add a statement wall


It’s impossible to feel blah in your bedroom without an accent wall at the head of your bed. The method you choose for creating the accent wall is entirely up to you. Just choose a color that you love and tie it together with a throw pillow in that same hue. When painting, go bold, go dark, go strong. Make the wall even more impactful by stenciling or using removable wallpaper. 

Establish an indoor garden


You shouldn’t go wrong with something living when you’re looking to liven up your bedroom. The addition of houseplants to your bedroom not only adds color, contrast, and natural appeal but also helps purify the air. You can grow easy plants, such as pothos, Chinese evergreens, and dracaena, even if your thumb isn’t green.

Improve your lighting

Does the ceiling of your bedroom feature nothing more exciting than the appearance of a lightbulb encased in a frosted glass bowl? 


How boring! Consider replacing your dull ceiling fixture with something more eye-catching. The bold ceiling fixture in your bedroom can instantly transform the space, regardless of what else you change. 

It’s also possible to make your own pendant light, so you can find something to match your preferences. Additionally, there are almost endless styles to choose from.

Get throw pillows in bright colors

Bedrooms with only neutrals are soothing, but ones without any contrast are boring. Do not be scared of adding a few bright throw pillows to your bed- they will add a touch of color. 


The gorgeous pillows pictured here are perfect for an Indian-inspired bedroom, but no matter what your taste, you’ll find colorful throw pillows that match at HomeGoods, Target, or bed and bath shops. 

The general rule of thumb is to arrange three throw pillows on your bed in a coordinated manner (they don’t have to match perfectly) based on color, style, or design.

Include metallic elements

It never hurts to add a bit of sparkle to your favorite outfit, and it’s no different in the bedroom. 


A few glimmers of shine, whether they come from the glass, metallic surfaces, or reflective embellishments, such as the sequins on this pillow, can help lift the mood. Currently, warm metallics, particularly gold, are riding high on the style charts. However, if you prefer the cool tones of silver or chrome, go right ahead and make your bedroom stand out. Be careful because a little bit of shine can be good, but too much can be overwhelming.

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Make your headboard shine

Even the plainest bedroom is transformed into something special when a headboard is added. An otherwise plain and ho-hum neutral bedroom gets a huge style boost with the help of the gorgeous upholstered headboard, as shown here. 


Adding a striking headboard can add just that touch of interest and contrast that an otherwise neutral bedroom needs.

Adding a repurposed or DIY headboard to your bedroom is an easy way to show off your creativity and personality.

Display your creative side

Do your walls look like blank stretches of white? While most people don’t miss hanging artwork in the living room, most people overlook its impact on the bedroom when it comes to decorating. 


You can hang your favorite painting, print, poster, quilt, or collection of family photos on the wall above your headboard or on whatever wall in your bedroom has the most open space. 

Your room will immediately look more interesting. Are you feeling ambitious? Combine multiple pieces to create an amazing gallery wall. 


It is impossible to live in tight quarters, as they can feel claustrophobic. There are times when the size of our bedrooms is out of our control. There is good news, however, because a little strategic styling and creative organization can make even a small space seem like a palatial retreat. 

Perhaps not palatial per se, but roomy and stylish enough to serve as a home away from home at the end of the day. Stealing these designers’ tricks will quickly teach you that size does not matter. Discover ten cozy bedroom ideas that will help you transform your space.

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