Family Photo Pose Ideas With Baby

Here are a few ideas for family photo posing that you might not have thought of before. You will be amazed at the fantastic images of your clients that you will be able to showcase for years to come!

There are many different ways to pose a family in a portrait. Here are some tips and compositional guidelines to consider while doing Family Picture Pose Ideas.

Please join us today to learn more about the essentials of capturing beautiful family portraits that are composed in such a way that they are engaging to look at.

Have you ever thought about whether you have mastered the basics of photography? Then, you can become a great lifestyle family photographer when you are ready.

Family Photo Pose Ideas With Baby

Our recommendation is to pay close attention to details when posing and capturing the best moments in your photos if you wish to take them to the next level. You can now take your family photos to an even higher level by hiring a professional photographer and having your eyes on these Family Photo Pose Ideas With Baby. 

1) The Diagonal Lines

The other thing you’ll notice in the diagram below is all the diagonal lines that have been formed by these varied positions. 


Having them seated side-by-side on the grass is infinitely more interesting than if they are seated together. The answer is yes. It does convey connection, as well as love; it goes a long way in conveying these emotions.

You are able to get a good assortment of family portrait pose variations if you position yourself in this way:

  • Get up and take a picture over the top of them while standing up.
  • You can choose to focus on one person or on the whole group.
  • To focus on individual faces, you can get down low and zoom in close.
  • To capture details such as the hands holding hands, you can get down low and zoom in close.

2) In Standing Position

In general, during family portraits, we see our loved ones turn towards the lens with their arms at their sides when standing as they do when sitting. 


What do you think?

Perhaps the best way to connect them would be through the arts. They may be leaning on one another with arms around their waists, their heads on their shoulders, or even placing their heads on their lap. Young children always find it entertaining to wrap their arms around their parents’ legs. 

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You don’t need everyone to be facing the camera in order to create a natural family portrait pose. You can vary the pose by asking the little ones to turn and hug mum or dad’s belly or leg.

Letting them lean against something is an effortless way to make everyone feel relaxed and ease some of their tension. They can also vary their poses by leaning against something.

3) Side By Side

There are some instances when you cannot help but place subjects side-by-side, for instance, in this photo, where they were seated on the edge of a fence.


Find your inner child by digging deep and finding out who you are. Try to be silly with them and play around with them to create a natural atmosphere of laughter and smiles.

4) Seated

As a family, it can sometimes be a challenge to find a place to sit that doesn’t have people stacked up side by side (boring!). 

What is the best way to pose them then?


Make use of shapes and lines to make your design stand out! You can see this in the illustration below, where mum and the two girls are forming the shape of a triangle. By using diagonal lines, this is clearly portrayed as a really powerful image.

5) Perspective

Having your family piled up in a pile is the best way to get the best family portrait poses. Ask them to play, tickle, and do whatever they would usually when they’re trying to get their children to laugh. Then stand above them and shoot down.


Whilst you’ve got them there, move all around them to capture close-ups of details, wide shots, headshots, hands holding everything! Then step back and get a wide picture for a beautifully candid and unposed family photo.

This way, you can get tonnes of variety in your compositions without needing to move them, and it’s another exciting way to pose.

6) Turn Around

You will convey a stronger sense of connection when you ask your subjects to turn towards one another rather than your lens when taking family portraits. 


This beautiful pose is not something you can try unless you are trying to do it. Despite the fact that it may appear small, it is important to note that dad is putting his head onto that of his wife. In the end, however, this is what makes the difference between a more formal pose and a pose that is full of love and connection.

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7) Play

You might want to take a break from posing and take some photos of your kids playing instead since that would spice up the gallery of family portrait poses. You should always have a fast shutter speed when taking pictures in order to capture all the best moments.


If you do this, you get the bonus of allowing the session to be broken up with some fun activities. This will make it much easier for you to keep the kids engaged and happy!

8) Isolate Your Subject

Clear the Clutter

Any clutter in the background of your portrait will detract from the main subject and turn your portrait into a snapshot if there is any clutter.


Clutter is defined as anything that does not need to be included in the frame. If you are shooting family portrait poses outdoors, look for parked cars, poles, rubbish bins, or people in the distance behind your subject when you are doing the portrait. Watch out also for the dappled light that can come from trees. 

In the event that you cannot move the item, you should move the subject. Additionally, you can try to reposition yourself in such a way that you can frame it out or even blur it into insignificance.

There will most likely be clutter in your home or office in the form of stray toys, a basket of laundry, or a lot of newspapers if you have an indoor location.


You can use these family photo ideas to help you think about what you should do for your next photo shoot. You should make sure that your family photos are displayed in a beautiful manner, whether they are displayed in a beautiful photo album as a keepsake or on a mantle piece of decor as decor for your home.

Let us know which one is your favorite. We look forward to hearing from you.

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