Beautiful Blue Kitchen Ideas To Renovate Your Kitchen

For a while, the navy has been leading the way in the style stakes when it comes to blue kitchen ideas. The colour blue is not the only one you can use to create a statement in your kitchen. Whether navy is too dark for you or you just want a lighter shade of blue, there are many alternative choices at your disposal. Sky blues, duck eggs, and navy blue are just some of the pure hues to choose from for this invigorating kitchen colour scheme. Electrifying shades like teal, aquamarine, and electric green are also popular.

Kitchens can be stressful places sometimes, as we all know. The reason blue is such a good spectrum of colour for areas where food is prepared is that it is an uplifting and calming colour. It is calming, calm, and most importantly, always stylish. 

Kitchen Ideas In Blue

While blue units look stunning and make a powerful statement, it’s not always necessary to change everything. The excitement is enhanced if it’s time to get a new kitchen. However, other means of introducing shades of blue do not require a great financial investment. A simple and cost-effective way of improving your Beautiful Blue Kitchen Ideas without much effort is to paint your cabinets.

You can also learn how to paint your kitchen cabinets or tile a backsplash if you want to save money or prefer to update instead of replacing.

1) Consider Electric Blue Cabinetry

Consider Better Kitchens, which can colour match your favorite shades, when you want something truly unique. If you prefer, you can simply paint existing units to create a unique look. Once you’ve found the perfect paint for your kitchen cabinets, you can let your imagination run wild. The presence of a bold colour like electric blue instantly adds personality to your space, particularly when paired with vibrant tiles.

Electric Blue Cabinetry

Don’t choose a colour you can’t live with, it’s called electric blue for a reason. Since it gives your senses a jolt, it’s best suited to kitchens that aren’t open plan.

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2) Use Teal and Stone to Create an Impact


There’s no denying the stunning impact of the teal kitchen with its ground-to-ceiling painted cabinetry. Through the marble worktops, the tiled splashback, and the cooker hood, the colour is broken up with large areas of pale stone grey tones to balance out the blue-green. Different tones in the tiles and the worksurface add a natural feel and subtle movement that would not be apparent with a flat block of colour.

3) Contrast Your Tile

Contrast Your Tile

Colours that cover the entire ceiling can be overwhelming, especially when they are dark blue. White backsplashes tend to pull blue tones (they have cool undertones), which makes them contrasting, rather than clashing, the choice for a counter and tile. A white that is warmer would have looked out of place against a cool blue and silver hardware.

4) Create A Blue Island Feature

Cabinetry in your kitchen does not have to be dominated by colour. An island in a striking shade of blue can transform a large space or a long row of white units. Here are a few examples of Blue Kitchen Design Ideas: You can embrace colour without overwhelming the space by picking out just one island in the more dominant colour.

Create A Blue Island Feature

Worktops in the same material should be used across all base cabinets, and a finish that complements both colours, like this sleek marble example, is a great way to achieve consistency. We can tie the scheme together by introducing bar stools with seats in the same metal finish as the door handles and fixtures.

5) Add Blue Accents

Blue Accents

Try adding just a touch of blue to your kitchen if you’re not ready to repaint every cabinet. In an otherwise all-white kitchen, an island painted a bright blue adds a pop of colour.

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6) A Busy Kitchen Needs A Calming Tone

It’s a warm tone of blue-green that’s refreshing in summer and warm in winter, perfect for a kitchen where you want to spend as much time as possible. In addition, pale blue is an elegant shade that can bring calm to chaotic family dinnertimes.

A Busy Kitchen Needs A Calming Tone

Adding white worktops and smart brass door handles to the cabinets will enhance their colour.

7) Install a wallpaper

Tropical wallpaper adds a bit of whimsy to any kitchen, hopefully reminding you not to take life (or dinner) too seriously.

Install a wallpaper

By opting for wallpaper instead of a backsplash, you can not only save time and money, but you can also get more playful with colour and pattern.

8) With Furniture, Add Colour

blue kitchen furniture

You won’t have a lot of furniture in your kitchen, but going for stools or chairs with colour is a great way to introduce colour without having to fully commit.

9) Divide Your Island

half of a kitchen island

The opposite half of a kitchen island or bar that faces another room should be painted a different colour if you don’t want any more blue. This open shelving unit has a white wall under the counter on the living room side, which creates a visual barrier between the two rooms.


Even the most astute minimalist can appreciate the appeal of Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas, and it can be perfect for transforming dull kitchens or areas. Whenever you choose a hue, you can apply it to a space in nearly as many different ways as there are shades of colour. Aim for layers of floor-to-ceiling colour if you’re a fan of all-things bold. If you’re less committed, add a splash of cornflower blue to just your island for a pop that won’t feel overpowering.

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