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Whenever planning to upgrade or beautify your kitchen, it is necessary that you concentrate on the perfect cabinet materials.

The kitchen cabinet refers to the in-built furniture installed in the kitchen for storage purposes. Apart from the storage purposes alone, these cabinets enhance the beauty of the kitchen as well. So it is important to select the cabinet materials that would go well with the entire kitchen design. All these designings are well carried out by the expertise modular kitchen designers in Kerala. It is necessary to concentrate on the pros and cons of the materials you prefer for your kitchen cabinet.

Many of the designers would suggest solid wood as the main choice of material as it gives an elegant touch to the entire kitchen. But one of the major drawbacks of solid wood is that they usually expand and contract, so there is a chance that they will malfunction after a particular period of time.

Here are some things to be noted while selecting the kitchen cabinet material

Medium Density Fiberboard

Medium Density Fiberboards are a high-end composite material made out of recycled wood fibers and resins. MDF becomes one of the attractive materials due to its resistance to cracking. They are easy to paint over and are smoother.


Another variety from the wood family is a hardwood which is more durable and is more resistant to scratching and denting. It is recommended to those who prefer a sleek and warm kitchen atmosphere.

One of the downsides of hardwood is that it is an expensive material and is not recommended for kitchens prone to humidity.

Source: woodshopdirect.co.uk


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Plywood becomes a choice of the modular kitchen designers, not just taking its comparatively lower cost than other solid wood materials, but also taking advantage of its resistance to moisture and its greater stability than that of the others. However, there are different grades for Plywoods among which Grade A is cheaper than that of AA. Grade B, C, D, and E are less expensive and would have a lower quality appearance.

Source: columbiaforestproducts.com


Particleboard is among the weakest cabinet material for the kitchen. They are created out of wood chips and particles combined and then fused to make a panel. They are not considered to be the best choice for kitchen cabinets as the only thing that holds the wood chips and particles together is glue. Due to this reason, the durability and density of the material are very low, making them the weakest cabinet material for the kitchen.

Wood Veneers

Wood Veneers are sheets of wood that are pasted over a substrate. These are then polished and painted to give it the desired color. Giving it the desired texture gives it a feel of the original wood. They are known for being lightweight and inexpensive. Veneer cabinets let the kitchen look more beautiful.

Source: amazon.com


An option that stands away from the wood family is the laminates. Laminates are the combination of sheets made out of layers of plastic resin, paper with a printed layer of different patterns or designs, and an overlay of a tough plastic film. These compressed sheets are both durable and compressible. The skin of laminates does not wear off and does not require regular polish. They have the capacity to resist moisture as well. However, if not installed properly, there are chances that the edges get peeled off.

Source: professionals.tarkett.com

Polyvinyl Chloride

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Poly-vinyl chloride sheets are composite plastic sheets that give a tight finish. They are inexpensive and are easy to install. Another advantage of PVC materials is that they are water-proof and oil-proof. A drawback of PVC material is that the colour options available in this material are quite less. There are also chances for cabinets to turn yellow over a period of time.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel cabinets are more commonly used in professional kitchens. Steel doesn’t expand and contract to make them an ideal choice for kitchens in moisture-rich areas. However, there would be difficulty in cleaning off the fingerprints and scratches.

Materials like glass, polyethylene, and aluminum are also included among the choices of cabinet materials by the modular kitchen designers in Kerala. Like that of stainless steel, the aluminum cabinet gives the kitchen a professional touch. Polyethylenes are known for maintaining their vibrant colours despite exposure to sunlight and water. Glass cabinets are the best choice if you want to give a luxurious look to your kitchen. However, they might be prone to damage very easily.

When you invest in beautifying or redesigning your kitchen, it is ideal that you avoid low quality and least durable materials. So it is always recommended to choose the best material for your kitchen as it is always said that the kitchen is the heart of the home.

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