Tricks for Sharing Photos on Instagram

Your social media game will soar once you know how to post on Instagram! Whether it’s optimizing carousel posts or reposting user-generated content on Instagram, we’re sharing all the best tips for posting content on Instagram. Let’s go over how to share pics on Instagram in this article.

The social networking platform Instagram allows people to share videos and photos with their followers. It’s all about the visuals, so posting quality images is critical to being successful on this platform.

Checklist To Share Photos On Instagram

Now that Instagram has so many new features, there are more ways than ever to create a unique account. Take a look at some of these creative Instagram photo-sharing tips for making your account stand out.

1) Visual Chaining Keeps Your Feed Attractive

Instagram profiles seem impossible to maintain when you look at them. It seems like every aspect of the profile is perfectly coordinated.

Try something called a “visual chain” to make your Instagram profile fit a certain aesthetic or theme. 

Visual Chaining Keeps Your Feed Attractive

This approach requires you to plan out your photos more than usual, but the overall effect is worth the work. Whenever you post a new photo, consider how it will look next to your previous post and the three before it.

This allows you to get creative with how your profile looks overall. Try arranging photos based on color, content, or orientation for really impressive effects.

2) Post Bigger

A good app to use here is Giant Square which divides a photo into grids of three, six, or nine squares. One of the most intriguing ways to make your Instagram stand out is to use this method.

Post Bigger

Remember to post each photo individually to Instagram. Therefore, this option works best with landscape photos, where each photo still looks nice on its own.

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On the other hand, a single selfie of your nose will be posted inexplicably (especially now that Instagram feeds are algorithm-based instead of chronological). If implemented correctly, however, this strategy can produce a beautiful and unique Instagram profile.

3) Study Your Hashtags

To gain followers and make your photos more accessible to a larger audience, you should always use hashtags when posting photos on Instagram.

Study Your Hashtags

Up to 30 hashtags can be added to every post on Instagram. Find out the most effective hashtags for your photos by doing some research. Whenever searching for hashtags, choose those that are related to your niche, your content, or anything that describes your photo.

Any combination of relevant hashtags will increase your chances of having your photos seen, depending on your preferences. 

4) Keep Location Tags In Mind

Location Tags In Mind

If you upload photos, you can use location tags to let your followers know where the photos were taken. Your Instagram visibility can be enhanced by using location tags since users can search for content via those. Most of the time, you can mark the city or country where you are or use your exact location.

5) Don’t Overdo Filtering

Instagram users should be mindful when using filters on their photos without going overboard. Keep it simple. Using Instagram filters can indeed result in some awesome pictures, but you don’t have to use them just for the sake of using them. Also, if you’re planning to use filters, don’t get carried away.

Overdo Filtering

You can ruin the natural lighting in your photo by using too strong of a filter. As soon as you see the image departing from natural lighting, turn off the filter’s intensity.

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Try experimenting with various levels of filters until you find the right level for your photos. Start with your favorite filter and then move on to the next. The slider indicates which part of the filter’s intensity you can control.

Additionally, when choosing filters, be sure that they align with your Instagram feed’s overall theme. If you’re confused by the filters, try checking some Instagram trends, and don’t be afraid to experiment with them until you find the right one. 


Instagram offers so many options for posting on it that you should definitely take advantage of them. You will be proud of your profile when you figure out how to make your Instagram stand out! Make sure you also know when to post on Instagram.

You’re ready to get started sharing photos on Instagram now that you know how to share pics on Instagram. Just make sure to implement the above tips correctly. By doing so correctly, you should see your engagement and the following rise significantly.

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