Best wallets for men to carry cash and cards

Since you use your leather wallet every single day to carry your most personal information, credit cards, and money, it fulfills both functions of a mandatory purchase and a valued life tool. 

In addition to their utility functions, wallets can also display guys’ personalities by choosing something stylish. You demonstrate your appreciation for your own style, as well as your approach to fashion, by choosing an item that is less essential than shoes and shirts.

This section contains a list of the best wallets you can buy right now, including billfolds and standout designer cards.

Types Of Wallets For Men

As you use your wallet every day, taking some time to invest in one that suits your style is an investment worth making. Wallets are practical items for keeping cash safe, but they also convey your personal style. Ultimately, it comes down to what kind of lifestyle you lead – nylon wallets won’t work well for people who wear expensive suits most of the time, but they’ll also work for people who carry a lot of stuff. Here’s what you need to know. 



The bifold wallet is a popular choice among men because it has the ability to hold plenty of cards, notes, and spare change (if it has a zipped section inside). Each one differs in terms of how it is laid out, so it is worth taking a look at how each one is laid out. In addition to keeping all your stuff in one place, they can also feel cumbersome to some people. 

Card Holder

Card holder wallet

Most things can be paid for with a credit card or contactless payment on your phone, so a bifold wallet isn’t necessary. These slim card holders are among the slimmest and smallest options for carrying money, and a £10 note can always be stuffed inside for emergencies.

Coin Wallets / Zip Wallets

Coin wallets - zip wallets

A coin case is a perfect accessory for stylish eccentrics. Keeping them in a coat pocket or bag is a great idea because they are tactile and compact. Although they are bulky, they are incredibly useful for keeping loose change together, so you never need to worry about begging for change in the parking lot.

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The Best Wallets For Men

Tom Ford Full-Grain Leather Bifold Cardholder

It’s a good idea to budget more money for your next wallet or cardholder, such as this leather bifold cardholder from Tom Ford. This accessory is made of high-quality materials, such as fine stitching and a font that resembles cement.

Tom ford full-grain leather bifold cardholder

Despite the fact that it is not the least expensive item on the list, the full-grain leather will ensure durability in the long run. Additionally, it includes six slots for your cards, two of which feature thumb cutouts to make it easier to draw out cards when you’re making a payment.

Montblanc Extreme Business Card Holder

In the world of business card holders, there are those that are ‘extreme’, and those that aren’t. Whether this is a clever branding exercise from Montblanc’s product team or an improvement on how cards are stored, we’ll never know. In any case, there’s no doubt that this is an attractive accessory.

Montblanc extreme business card holder

Made of quality leather with a woven carbon look, it’s a great accessory to have when traveling for work. With cotton lining and a variety of compartments and card slots, it’s perfect for storing your valuables.

Aspinal Of London Billfold Leather Wallet

Aspinal of london billfold leather wallet

You’ll truly be enchanted by the charms of this bifold wallet once you get a chance to see it in person. Pure Italian calf leather and a classic, timeless design are what make it so appealing. Besides being beautiful to look at, it is undeniably functional as well. The bag opens up to reveal eight card slots and two long pockets to hold all of your notes.

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Nodus Compact Coin

In terms of finding the perfect wallet, Nodus believes they have found the ideal balance between size and space. Here is a picture of the Compact Coin.

Nodus compact coin

There’s a lot packed into this wallet even though it doesn’t have a large footprint. What is the exact amount? Among other things, the Compact Coin has a coin pouch, a pocket for folded notes and receipts, and a key pocket on top of all that.

Barbour Grain Billfold Wallet, Dark Brown

Embrace the luxury of Barbour with this hand-crafted full-grain leather wallet, which comes in a fetching brown color, or black if you prefer a more neutral look. The design is that classic bifold you’ve seen for years, but it has some neat variations. 

Barbour grain billfold wallet

There are no less than eight card slots, plus two more for slimline bits and bobs, as well as a separate note compartment inside. In addition to the embossed vintage branding, it features a vintage look.

Il Bussetto Polished-Leather Billfold Wallet

Tan wallets are an excellent alternative to black wallets, even though black wallets are plentiful. The tan-and-beige polished-leather billfold wallet from Il Bussetto is a good style choice, as well as functional – it has eight card slots, two bill sleeves, and receipt pockets.

Il bussetto polished-leather billfold wallet

Keeping the price reasonable also appears to be achieved without any compromises on quality. In terms of wardrobe integration, tan and beige will probably be the only major consideration for you.

John Lewis Pebble Grain Leather Card Holder

A smart choice for storing essentials discreetly and in style, this John Lewis & Partners card holder boasts a combination of pebble grain and Nappa leather. A transparent ID slot is located on the other side of the wallet, while three card slots are on one side.

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