Plus size wedding outfit for bride

Which is the best place to find a plus-size wedding outfit that looks great and fits perfectly? 

In order to make the right choice, what factors should you consider in order to make the right decision? What is the best dress for a plus-sized bride?

It goes without saying that the wedding dress is the foundation of every girl’s perfect wedding day. The task of finding one can be challenging, especially if you do not fit into conventionally sized dresses. 

The ladies who will wear plus-sized wedding dresses deserve to be treated equally to everyone else, even though designing them isn’t easy.

In order to shine on her day, every bride needs a dress to make her feel confident and beautiful. Despite advances in technology, the fashion industry still lacks diversity in body types, and that also applies to wedding gowns. Experts in fashion began expanding their reach to plus-size customers at the right time.

The fashion industry has a duty to ensure that every body shape is fairly featured when it comes to the representation of fashion. While there is no shortage of bridal blogs and magazines out there, it is rare for a woman media outlet to present plus-size models front and center.

There is no denying the fact that plus-size brides are in, and they should feel like the most important brides in the world when shopping for their dresses. It’s for these reasons that we wrote this article; to help brides-to-be feel beautiful, find the perfect dress, and shine like stars on their wedding day.

Let’s go over the fundamentals first.

Wedding Dress Types for Plus Size Bride

The design of dresses needs to be tailored to the individual body type – there is no such thing as perfection, and everyone looks for designs that complement their assets while hiding some of their shortcomings. 

For instance, a petite bride may wish to make her legs appear longer – this will be possible in a dress with a natural waist design in comparison to a dress with a drop waist design that is perfect for taller brides.

In terms of silhouettes, we have a great deal of choice when it comes to designs and cuts available on the market today:

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The ballgown is synonymous with beauty, a sense of royalty, and unspoiled beauty, and this is why all girls dream of becoming fairy tale princesses. As a large, broad, and sensual dress, this one covers multiple areas and brings a sense of conformity while looking fabulous as well. 

plus size ballgown wedding dress

A small waist might present a problem, but skilled sewing can solve it. Your fitted bodice will make your waist appear thinner, and paired with a long veil, you’ll have a mesmerizing “Wow” effect. You don’t need to wear high heels since you’ll be covered by a big and poofy skirt.


Despite its simplicity, this dress looks much like a ballgown, and its skirt is fuller and lighter. Dresses of this type are typically made for hourglass-shaped brides, but the truth is, this model is beautiful for any woman. The skirt is full without bringing the whole big scene that a ball gown brings. This dress can also be adjusted in terms of its shape. 

Plus size A-line wedding dress

Traditional models don’t always fit the body as well as some of the new models do. Having a figure like that is very flattering for girls because it enhances their features. Plus-size brides will look gorgeous with this dress since it creates an A-shape, conceals all their little flaws, and creates a perfect look. Furthermore, they are helpful for balancing broad shoulders.

Tea Length

It is the slim girls on the covers of magazines who mock the curves of real women with their tiny waists, slender legs, and perfect tea-length wedding dresses. It is this misconception that leads to the belief that women with thin figures should not wear these dresses. Well, tea-length dresses are available in larger sizes, which is a great joy for us. 

Plus size tea length wedding dress

No matter how slim or thin you are, you can enjoy the relaxed style and comfort it brings. Adding a comfortable skirt that falls from your upper waist can cover the hips and thighs perfectly, and the top can have laced sleeves or be sleeveless; both variations look great.

Trumpet / Mermaid

This shape is remarkable for the magic it brings. It has a curvy fit and flare silhouette that will slim your figure and make you look sexy. Since this shape emphasizes the stomach and hips, it is not recommended for women with problematic areas there. The problem can be easily solved if you wear shapewear, which will pull your tummy in.

Plus size trumpet wedding dress

It is important to understand that trumpets and mermaids differ in one small way. In mermaid dresses, the body is tight till the knees, but as soon as the wider part appears, it becomes looser, and in trumpet dresses, the body is tight until the hips are wider. An A-line dress with a trumpet shape is similar to a mermaid dress with a trumpet cut.

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The alternative is for slim girls to wear dresses designed particularly for them, which can be pretty effective if they are sized to fit their curvy figure. It is unfair for a woman to be denied the opportunity to wear this kind of wedding dress because they are symbols of pure elegance and beauty. 

Sheath wedding dress plus size

Wedding sheath dresses can be made in a variety of styles and patterns to fit any woman’s body; vintage, beaded, backless, strapless, or chiffon are just a few examples.

Your slim figure will look amazing in this dress, and you will feel comfortable and happy wearing it.

Best Tips for Choosing The Dress

It is time for the bride who has always dreamed of wearing Vera Wang on her special day to wear Vera, and there are no excuses. Plus-size clothing is often designed by designers, and some even have separate lines for those sizes. Some of them, however, do custom measurements, and they make the dress according to the bride’s measurements. 

For example, if you would like to look like Carrie Bradshaw & want to replicate her style, you should get a dress designed in your size. If, however, you need something unique or cannot decide between models, some careful planning will help you make the right choice. Make sure you know what type of dress you will wear so that you can start shopping.

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