The bathroom is a very necessary corner of any household, usually if one needs to judge the cleanliness of a house, one must check the bathroom of the house.

When one renovates his or her home, renovating a washroom becomes equally important, to match the look of the washroom with the house, to update its features, and sometimes to walk with the trend. This article contains certain tips that one must consider for bathroom renovation

Tips for a bathroom renovation

Fix a budget

The very first thing when one plans about making changes to their house or washrooms is to fix a budget by creating one, it ensures the limit within which one has to make the expenditure for the entire project, it ensures that we do not overspend on fancy and immaterial things unnecessarily. 

 Some adjustments can be made to the budget by researching the kind of bathroom one wants to create as remodels can get expensive quickly since the labor costs and cost of raw material go up frequently. After thorough research, one must plan a realistic physical and financial layout of bathroom remodeling. Plan the kind of bathroom needed: while creating a budget for the bathroom renovation, one must research the remodeled structure of the bathroom that they want, it should not be something that requires starting or converting something from very scratch, but the interior designer can definitely help one in designing the kind of bathroom that one wants with the existing one.

Bathrooms have a large variety

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There are wet bathrooms (where the shower is not in a separate cubicle, and the floors are completely waterproof), standard bathroom (or full bath, contains a toilet, sink, and a shower/bath), half bath (contains only a bath/shower and a toilet), etc., all these styles depend a lot upon the preferences of the user as well as the space available with him. 

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Develop a bathroom layout

Once the budget and the bathroom design is selected, one needs to develop the layout of the bathroom along with his or her interior designer, here they draw down a map of the structure they want to create with the existing bathroom, whether to rearrange the position of the toilet and tubs or to remodeling the pre modeling fixtures, etc., this step of the renovation will draw lot many variations in the plan that was created earlier, it might also require subtle changes in the budget. But after this step, an idea of the outcome would have been established.

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The decision of whether we need a luxurious bathroom or not is another thing that needs to be considered in this decision we include the choice of opting one option from the two that is going for a bathtub or a shower. 


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 As lighting affects the mood of a house, it also affects the mood of a bathroom. Bad lighting immediately creates an impression of a bad bathroom no matter how exquisite it looks or how expensive and the classy look is given to it. There are various options when we consider the lighting of the bathroom ample light it and ventilation make the bathroom look brighter, if the house gets a good amount of natural light then one might not need to create artificial light, but no matter how much light the bathroom gets, it always gets darker after the sunset. Therefore, according to the needs of the bathroom right lighting must be chosen with the help of the interior designer to make brighten the structure. 

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Using proper ventilation

A bathroom must have the right amount of ventilation because if the ventilation is not right it might destroy the bathroom, there will be more moisture retention in the washroom which makes it damp, and due to which the fixtures might start rusting and ruining. A bathroom should be airy enough, to let fresh air pass and keep the occupants in good health. 

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If a natural source of ventilation that is a window is not available then an artificial source of ventilation can also be created by installing an exhaust fan. 

Try budget-friendly materials

A bathroom is a place which has to undergo a lot of wear and tear in terms of temperature because of which it eventually has to come up with the extreme hot and cold exposure, therefore, we must use durable material, material that is pocket friendly as well as has a long life because projects like that of bathroom renovation cannot be undertaken frequently, it requires huge finance which is feasible to be arranged that frequently.

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Besides, the time and efforts that are required for remodeling are other things to consider, the next redesigning should be due not before the next 10 years.  Bathroom renovation can change the look of a house if done properly. Properly searching the ideas and paying heed to intricacies can be very useful to dash the look of the house and preserve that green cash! 

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