Essential Drain Cleaning Tools for Your Home

A blocked drain can emanate from anywhere in the home, be it the bathroom or the kitchen. This can be so disappointing and stressful.

When a drain is blocked, it merely means that the free flow of water will be disrupted due to debris in the drain. It becomes important for every homeowner to keep their drain clean and make sure it is free from anything that will get blocked. This article presents to us the right drain cleaning tools to use to help prevent your drain from getting blocked. However, the tools will also be analyzed to help us get a better understanding of how it is being used. 

Basic Drain Cleaning Tools

  1. Drain Snake

This tool is one of the most flexible tools for cleaning drains most plumbing contractors know this tool. It is long, having a tube-like shape used to remove substances or dirt obstructing the pipes. Some drain snakes have clasps located at the end, controlled to help pick up or remove the dirt that obstructs a free flow of water. 

  • Shower Drain Hair Catcher

The shower drain hair catcher is used for loose hair found going inside the drain. It is used by placing the tool, which is the shower drain, for a few inches, and after waiting for some months, the hairs gotten from the drain will be removed alongside the drain catcher. This tool is more used since it is disposable immediately after use.

  • Plunger

The plunger is primarily to suck and help release drains that are blocked to get them functioning—the plunger comes in different sizes, which all depends on the drain size. The plunger has proven to be a more effective tool for draining problems over time. What is required for you to do is to place the plunger over the drain, and the plunger will help block drains. 

  • Beard Trimming Mat
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Having a beard trimming mat is a solution for men. Getting a beard trimming mat will help prevent tiny hairs from going down the drain. This is done by placing the mat so that it covers the sink preventing hair from gaining entrance. Once you are done, make sure you shake off the hair outside.

  • Recycled Drain Covers

The recycled drain cleaning tool is a dryer sheet that is to be placed over the drain when you are about to shower. They are so effective as they help to bring out the tiniest hair you can think of. And this dryer sheet is to be removed immediately after use. The majority of homeowners prefer recycled drain covers over other drain cleaning tools.

  • Wire Brushes

Wire brushes are just like toothbrushes. They are used to clean up drains after blockages have been removed. The wire brushes should be used with hot water and soap.


With this information, every homeowner now knows the right drain cleaning tools to use. Despite all this, we still need to tread with caution as mistakes are inevitable and bound to happen, and the drains can also get blocked. Therefore, it will be wise to get help from a professional plumber when necessary.

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