5 Reasons You Might Not be Able to Sleep Through the Night

There’s nothing more aggravating than not sleeping through the night. Who doesn’t enjoy a long night of uninterrupted sleep, right?

Well, don’t despair because you’re not alone. One recent study discovered that 35 percent of Americans wake up at least three nights a week. Our sleep experts can help you get back to catching those zzzs.

Shoot For Seven Or More

Every individual is unique when it comes to getting their rest, but the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) believes that if you’re an adult (over 18), you should be sleeping for seven or more hours per night.

1. Getting Up For The Bathroom

This is one of the most common reasons why many people don’t sleep through the night. Their bladder is calling them because of too much fluid intake.

Source: cnet.com

Nutritionists advise not drinking anything two hours before bedtime. For those of you who really enjoy alcohol or any caffeinated beverages, this may be the issue. Alcohol and caffeine are both diuretics, so your body will lose more water and send you running to the restroom more often.

2. Dealing With TMJ Symptoms

Here’s another cause for not being able to sleep through the night, and it’s more common than you think.

TMJ is a condition in which the temporomandibular joint is damaged or functioning improperly. It often results in the grinding of teeth at night and has been linked to sleep apnea, and yes, your jaw can affect your sleep habits.

Losing out on your zzzs from TMJ can cause sleep deprivation, irritability, and feeling drained. However, you shouldn’t suffer night after night, and you can resolve it with TMJ treatment in Raleigh NC, or your local area. Specialists today have excellent treatment options to improve your condition.

3. Blue-Light from Tech

Do you use digital devices before going to sleep?

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Then, put away those tablets, phones, laptops, and other tech gadgets because the blue light that is emitted from these screens can upset your natural sleeping routines. Blue light keeps you alert and messes with the body’s circadian rhythm by suppressing melatonin, a natural chemical that tells your body it’s time for sleep.

Source: wexnermedical.osu.edu

Sleep professionals have this tip: Two hours before you want to fall asleep, but all the screens away. Try creating a bedtime routine instead of relaxing activities to get yourself ready to sleep.

4. Needing Relief From Heartburn

Talk about a restless night. When you’re feeling indigestion, especially heartburn, you’re not only awakened by a burning sensation in your throat, but it’s difficult to fall back asleep.

A number of folks suffer from indigestion, and there are a few ways to prevent heartburn. Avoid eating foods like spicy meals, acidic things like citrus, or chocolate and drinking alcohol too close to bedtime.

Nutritionists recommend not lying down for two to three hours after you eat. When you’re in a sitting-up position, gravity helps drain food and stomach acid into your stomach.

Here’s another tip: Sleep on your left side. This seems to help alleviate nighttime heartburn symptoms.

5. Sleeping In Too Hot A Room

Doctors say that the perfect temperature for adults sleeping soundly through the night is anywhere from 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

If your room’s too hot, you’ll often awaken because your body’s naturally trying to tell you that it’s time to be awake and alert.

The human body is programmed to experience a slight dip in core temperature in the evening. Cooler’s better.

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There you have it, five reasons why you may be waking up in the middle of the night. Try some of these suggestions to get better and longer sleep.

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