Trending Summer Wedding Outfit Ideas

Summers are an ideal wedding season in India, more so for Summers in India boasts of vibrancy, color, mirth, and cheerful vibes.

Letting the wedding couple and guests escape the extra layers of clothing and mayhem caused by rains, Summers let the wedding be about celebrations, happiness, festivities, and fashion. Summers give you the freedom to pull off any wedding fashion trend effortlessly and go all out with your outfits choices.

While the variety of summer wedding outfits available in the market is overwhelming, we bring to you the exclusive summer wedding outfit trends which will definitely help you throw wedding outfits goals.

Summer wedding outfit trends ruling this wedding season

1. Ghararas

the forever classic Ghararas are getting a fresh invite to the wedding fashion realm owing to the majesty and grandeur they resonate with. Ghararas traces back their origin to the mystical land of Arabia where the style was originally invented, later the Mughals brought this outfit design into India.


Due to their glamour and glitz, Ghararas started gaining popularity in the Indian wedding fashion market. In current times, Gharas are a big yes among modern ethnic wearers who love the comfortable and baggy nature of the outfit. Ghararas come in all different kinds of fabric from silk to cotton to chiffon to velvet.

Ghararas also flaunts intricate and stunning beadwork or Zari embroidery work. Also with their increasing popularity in the market designers are reinventing the traditional style of Ghararas and giving it a modern twist to make it more contemporary and popular with modern ethnic wearers. With all these myriad features, Gharara is the perfect wedding dress for summer wedding guests.

2. Floral Motifs

Floral motifs are a big yes when it comes to summer wedding dresses. Floral prints add vibrancy, mirth, and gaieties to your outfit and make your wedding appearance a breezy affair. Floral motifs are in the wedding fashion market for quite a while now and they are here to stay. The floral prints come with real variety, heavy embroidery, small motifs, block-printing, multi-colored, and the list is long.


From brides to bridesmaids to the wedding guests, everyone calls pull-off floral prints on a wedding effortless while making a unique style statement. The floral motifs Lehengas are perfect for brides who wish their wedding Lehenga to be more about color and vibrancy rather than intricate embroidery work. Also floral prints Lehengas are just perfect for Mehendi, Sangeet, and Haldi ceremonies.

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3. Floor-length Anarkali 

Anarkalis suits feature the essence of royalty and are a timeless fashion piece. Among the veritable features of Anarkali, the most stunning ones are Anarkali is versatile, suitable to all body types, perfect for all occasions, adaptable, functional, and comes in a variety of designs.


With time Anarkali suits have gone through several improvisations with designers always experimenting with the original styled Anarkali suits to give it a fresh modern twist. The result of which is different variations and style Anarkalis are available in present times including jacket style, cape style, gown style, and floor-length Anarkalis.

The floor-length Anarkali goes down till the floor from the neck and while styling these Anarkalis you can always choose to ditch the bottoms. These Anarkalis are not necessarily worn as Salwaar Kameez and are counted as the perfect summer wedding dress. The floor-length Anarkalis lends a uber-classy look to its wearer and allows them to throw summery vibes.

You can choose to add a heavy Jhumkas and statement bracelet to style your floor-length Anarkali suit for a wedding event look. Besides allowing you to look straight out diva, Anarkalis also helps you in highlighting your curves. Upon wearing, Floor-length Anarkalis makes one look stunning and summer-ready.

4. Silk Saree

Sarees are close to every Indian Woman’s heart for we all grew up watching our mothers and grandmothers flaunt sarees day after day and still managing to look gorgeous in the outfit every day. The silk sarees garner special love from Indian women as they are both comfortable and glamorous. When styled properly, silk sarees allow the wearer to rule the festivity with her charming look.


Silk sarees come in different varieties in regard to the design and fabric they feature. So the options available for silk Saree wearers are Banarasi silk sarees, Mysore silk sarees, art silk sarees, Chanderi silk sarees, and Kanjeevaram silk sarees. The beige-colored silk Sarees are gaining special attention in the wedding fashion industry for they make one look minimal, classy, and gorgeous all at once and are the perfect dress for summer weddings.

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5. Minimalist Lehenga 

Minimalist lehengas are picking up on the trend this wedding season owing to their sleek designs and elegant appearance. This particular Summer Luv lehenga is from B Anu Designs. It comes with a spaghetti-strapped blouse and bugle headed jacket. While the spaghetti-strapped blouse of the lehenga makes it a summer-friendly outfit, the flowy georgette lehenga with binding work renders a graceful edge to the outfit.


The transparent chiffon jacket that comes along with the Lehenga flaunts bugle beaded trim which further adds a unique groove and contrast to this stunning piece. Also with its contemporary look, this minimalist lehenga gives the illusion of a chiffon skirt and crop top.  

6. Shades of White

While the myth dictates that white should not be worn at weddings and festivities, modern ethnic wearers are choosing to move beyond stereotypes and flaunt white at weddings. Simply the most soothing, divine, and ethereal color available in the whole palette, white makes one look elegant and charming.


Even brides in modern times are choosing to flaunt white accents on their big day, some moving a step further and going for a white lehenga as the color makes the entire wedding outfit a dreamy affair and gives it an angelic charm. White is also a beautiful color for summer wedding guests’ dresses as it allows them to feature easy-breezy charm and look elegant and poise for the wedding.

7. Pant Saree


Pant sarees are relatively a modern avatar of traditional sarees. The pant sarees are attracting special praise from millennial ethnic wearers as they are bold, sassy, and glamorous. Saving you from wearing an extra layer of petticoats and from those exhausting hours you spend draping a saree and tying it properly, these pant saree allows you to throw easy and glossy vibes. This indo-western outfit is just right for a cocktail party and Sangeet ceremony and is also an ideal summer wedding outfit. 

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