Transform Your Day Look Into A Night Look Within Seconds

Wedding and party season are on and we are sure that you are all excited about it. But many times, we struggle between our work and party schedules.

It becomes a very difficult and tiring task to leave the office, go home, and get changed for your night look. We even end up being late to the function due to this hustle.

All of us often feel the need for tips on how to transform your day or office look into a night party look. Hence, here we are to your rescue with some of the best ways that will surely turn your chic office look into a glamorous night attire!

Cover it up with a jacket!

One of the best ideas is to wear bling or a detailed top that goes right with your function. You can also opt for a top that shows off some skin or is sleeveless and looks perfect for your evening party. Now cover it up by wearing a blazer or a formal jacket over it.

Pair it up with a nice pair of trousers and a pair of heels.

As soon as you get free from your office, all you need to do is take off your jacket and there, you are all set for your party.

Also, you can always keep a pair of earrings or necklace in your handbag and then wear them while leaving your office.

Make your lip shade bolder

We generally get short of time and end up not being able to do our makeup routine all over again. And, we know that without an attractive face look, our attire also tends to look dull.

In such a case, there is a quick tip that will give you a very classy evening look without cutting you short of time. All you need to do is, change your light office look lip shade to a brighter and bolder one. This trick may sound easy but you can’t even imagine the wonders it works.

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Also, it is an amazing idea to keep some basic and small makeup products handy in your bag. For eg., keep a highlighter with you and use it to add a little extra sparkly glow to your face as you leave for your party.

Select your apparel accordingly

Another great idea is to priorly plan your attire according to your schedule. If you are planning to go for an outing after your office hours then, wear something that would suit both your plans perfectly.

A nice colored basic dress like a plain black dress, basic tops paired with tailored pants or trousers, etc. are some of the options that will work out for you in the best way. You can also wear a basic jumpsuit, a skirt, and a classy top.

If you have to attend a wedding, wear a simple sari or a suit for the office. After getting free from your professional space, pair your traditional outfit with minimum jewelry.

If you are planning to go day and night in the same outfit, try to keep your outfit simple, elegant, and stylish. Don’t try to add too much bling or glitter as it can make your outfit look improperly matched.

Ditch your comfy office footwear

All of us have a pair of comfortable footwear, which makes our office runs less difficult. But these shoes generally seem a bit boring when we think about a party or function.

So, on days when you are planning to go for some night fun after your office routine, ditch these boring pairs of shoes. Try out something new and classy that will not only go with your formal look but will also add a spark to your night look.

You can opt for some basic bold-colored pumps or a strappy heel or something silver or copper.

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In case you are going to a wedding, choose a beautiful Punjabi jutti and pair up with a traditional outfit.

Set your hair free

If you are one of those who tie up their hair during office hours to avoid disturbance, then make sure to open them up before leaving for your party.

In case you want to straighten or curl your hair for the evening plan, do it in the morning itself. If you feel like they look too much for your office, tie them in a secure ponytail, and open only when you leave.

Add statement jewelry

A nice pair of statement jewelry like hoop earring, layered neckpieces, stunning rings, and bracelets, etc. provide a very classy look. So, if you are not in the mood of wearing something very bling, go with your basic outfit.

It can be a basic top with trousers. Now, just add pretty jewelry and a pair of boots or heels to it, and there you go. You will certainly look phenomenal and breathtaking.

Change your purse

Other than jewelry and makeup, what brings out the best of your outfit is your purse. Change your basic formal handbag to a more stylish option.

Level up your purse from a basic to a shiny sling bag or a classy clutch. Even when choosing a sling bag, decide the color and size very carefully. Don’t opt for something very dull or light instead go for bolder and shinier bags.

Keep it simple

It is not always necessary to wear something extraordinary for a function. You can style your ordinary clothes into an extraordinary outfit as well.

All you need to do is think out of the box and experiment a little bit.

For instance, if you are a lover of basic tees and jeans, stick to them. Don’t think that you have to shift to something more party-like. Just pair your basic tee and denim with knee-high or any pair of boots. Add a classy belt, a chic hairstyle, and bold lipstick. In this way, you can rock in any of your basic outfits during a night gathering.

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