The smoking jacket has undergone a rollercoaster of changes during the past two centuries as a result of many factors. Originally intended to help you relax in your bedroom, it eventually became a symbol of luxury when eating at a dinner party and became an iconic part of fashion history amongst the Rat Pack. What is your style of wearing it today? What are you wearing? 

As you can see from the images, the luxurious velvet and silk fabrics, the double-breasted silhouette, and the shawl lapels are some of the most iconic features of these outerwear items, and they are a fantastic way to spruce up your existing wardrobe with a classic twist. 

Let’s relax in style – bonus points if you have whiskey and cigars. In this article, we have provided a brief history of what smoking jackets are and have collected five of the best smoking jackets that men should consider buying for their wardrobe.

What are the best smoking jackets for men?

The smoking jacket is a type of clothing that is worn over one’s regular clothing while someone enjoys a smoke or has an evening drink while they are wearing the jacket. There was an original concept behind the design of this outerwear, which was to protect the user’s fine clothing from being scorched by hot ash.

Traditionally, smoking jackets have been characterized by their distinctive style, which includes shawl lapels, decadent fabrics such as velvet, silk, or satin, as well as a double-breasted silhouette. 

Among the many different styles of smoking jackets, there can be a number of both informal and formal styles that can be used at home or in a professional environment. As more luxurious fabrics became available in the mid-to-late 19th century, the latter became increasingly popular.

1) Lucasini velvet smoking jacket

Thanks to this smoking jacket, enjoying some quiet time to yourself has never been easier, and you will enjoy it more. Featuring an outer layer of velvet and an interior lining of fully lined satin, it is both stylish and luxurious.

Lucasini velvet smoking jacket

There are three pockets on the jacket that provide ample storage. There is plenty of room for your belongings inside the classic bag, which features contrast piping. With three sleek shades to choose from, you will feel like royalty the moment you put them on.

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2) Classic smoking jacket

This classic smoking jacket from the 19th century will take you right back to that era. As an added benefit, the velvet fabric is exceptionally soft to the touch and ultra-luxurious, and the satin lining makes it silky smooth to the touch. You’ll find it complete with a tie belt that ties around the waist and a snazzy quilted lapel to add a touch of flair.

Classic smoking jacket

After a long day at work, the classic black and white colors are elegant and timeless, making them a wonderful choice for relaxing in the evening and relaxing after a long day. The best part is that you don’t have to smoke while wearing this, but you will definitely feel like a million bucks wearing it.

3) Savage X fenty smoking jacket

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the features of this smoking jacket from Savage X Fenty, which combines the comfort of a night robe with the look of a tuxedo. In spite of the fact that it appears as if it is just another robe, it actually comes with elements of a traditional silhouette, including a shawl lapel, a waist-tie belt, and three pockets. 


In order to select a shade that suits your taste, you have three options to choose from made from decadent satin, featuring a beautiful pattern, and each placed on top of pleated material. Putting on this piece of clothing after a long day is going to be a great thing for your skin.

4) AMI Paris double-breasted smoking jacket

The stylish smoking jacket combines modern design with tradition to create a jacket that is both elegant and timeless at the same time. Featuring a double-breasted construction and peak lapels, this jacket combines the elegance of a classic design with a pocket on the chest of the jacket.


While the modern color scheme and virgin wool fabric instantly elevate the design, it creates a fresh spin on a timeless silhouette that provides a fresh take on a timeless design. For a more contemporary look, wear this piece with black trousers or something lighter so that it looks more modern.

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5) Derek rose smoking jacket

The smoking jacket is what you need when the temperature dips in the evening and you need to stay warm. With sleek and snug outerwear, you can stay comfortable all night long while still looking stylish enough to entertain guests. With turn-back cuffs, a shawl lapel, and a tie waist, this design offers many features from the traditional silhouette.

Derek rose smoking jacket

With its fully lined construction and checks pattern, this jacket is perfect for chilly weather. Derek Rose is famous for its smoking jackets, as the brand helped pioneer the late 1920s’ resurgence of popularity for smoking jackets. In fact, when wearing this piece, you are experiencing a piece of fashion history.

Wrap Up

It would be a good idea to order your usual jacket size if you want your smoking jacket to look tailored without being too tight. You should end your jacket’s seams at your shoulders, and your sleeves should end at roughly your wrists, but not too much longer or shorter. When in doubt, size down if absolutely necessary, but it is always safest to take the jacket size that is the same as your normal jacket size.

If you are looking for a casual, cool, refined, and easygoing fit, then above all else, think casual, cool, relaxed, and relaxed.

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