Men’s Linen Shirts Elegant Wardrobe-Essentials for Any Season

Men with a discerning sense of dressing can go a long way to get wardrobe essentials such as eye-catching linen shirts.

Whether you are going to work, attending a party, or hanging out with friends, linen shirts will never fail you due to their versatility in terms of fabrics and styles.

Men’s linen shirts are breathable, comfortable, stylish, and diverse, which make them an excellent choice for all seasons and on special occasions. In this post, we will discuss various styles of linen shirts and their aesthetic appeal. If you are looking to buy men’s linen shirts to make a unique style statement as well as get value for your money, just keep reading.

Let’s have a look Men’s Linen Shirts

This linen shirt lookbook comprising various fabrics and styles will give you many options.

1. Regular Fit Plain White Linen Shirt

Plain white linen shirts like a lifelong friend that always sticks around to solve your dressing worries when it comes to both formal and informal outings.

Men’s linen shirts 1

These “white pearls” go well with all types of suits, denim jeans, and chinos regardless of their colours or patterns. Regular fit clean and crisp white shirts do not have a button-down collar. They are a perfect choice if you want to have a sharp yet elegant look.

2. French Cuff Linen Shirt

Men’s linen shirts 2

French cuff linen shirts equally complement a dapper trouser or a tuxedo. These elegant, neatly woven shirts can enhance your style quotient. Linen shirts are usually made of natural fiber, which makes them comfortable and durable. French cuff men’s linen shirts have a full-button front and shorter collars. However, there is still enough space to wear a necktie.

The width of French cuffs is twice as long as regular “barrel” cuffs and they cover part of the hand when unfolded. You can fasten the double cuffs by cufflinks in these linen shirts that fit through buttonholes on the cuffs.

3. Printed Linen Vacation Shirt

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Printed linen vacation shirts are perfect for the sweaty summer days or beach vacations. They come in a wide range of patterns starting from subtle vintage to attractive floral prints.

Men’s linen shirts 3

Get printed men’s linen shirts from a reputable shirt maker that offers linen shirts in all shapes, styles, and walks. A company like Linen Club makes a whole series of prints that range from semi-formal, subtle to fun prints. Pointed collars and delicate tailoring make the shirts crisp, while a relatively straighter hem at the bottom makes them suitable for all occasions.

4. Slim-Fit Button-Up Linen Shirt

These shirts bring a gust of freshness deviating from the classic linen button-down look. Slim-fit button-up linen shirts spruce things up with a Mandarin-style collar. 


The shimmering linen matches its comfort quotient in these long-sleeve shirts with button cuffs, and is available in various neutral shades that go well with everything. These shirts fit through the chest, sides, and armholes with front button closure.

5. Windowpane/Tattersall Pattern

The Windowpane check is a pattern that resembles the patterns of a windowpane. Stripes that cross to form windowpane checks are thicker and farther from one another as compared to the patterns we generally see in shirts with graph checks.

Men’s linen shirts 5

Tattersall is a check pattern that contains thin and evenly spaced stripes of alternating colors that replicate horizontally as well as vertically. Both these patterns are equally suitable for both formal and casual occasions.  

6. Striped Linen Shirt

The next one on this list of men’s linen shirts is a linen striped shirt. If you sweat a bit more during the summer, wearing this shirt is better than synthetic fabric. You can also try an undershirt, and opt for white, navy, or black linen shirts that will not show underarm sweat like blue or gray shirts.

Men’s linen shirts 6

If you buy a relatively shorter linen shirt, you can let the hem go free. In the case of a more traditional-looking, long-sleeve shirt, you can tuck it into chinos or smart trousers for a smarter look.

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7. The Gingham

Gingham shirts come in a typical checkered pattern. You can differentiate these shirts by their even-sized checks. Horizontal and vertical stripes, usually of the same colour, make this pattern. These stripes cross each other on a white or other light colour background to form even checks.

Men’s linen shirts 7

Linen shirts with Gingham patterns can give a comfortable and stylish summer look. Generally, blue and white are the most popular choices of colours in Gingham patterns.

8. Slim-Fit, Long-Sleeve Button-Up Linen Shirt

A slim-fit linen shirt is perfect for more warm-weather occasions like garden parties and beach weddings. The general rule to don these shirts is to keep the sleeves down. However, if it is a casual workplace or warmer weather, you will look informal and smart by rolling the sleeves up.

Men’s linen shirts 8

Another aspect of wearing these linen shirts is the shirt tuck. Similar to dress shirts in more formal situations, it is better to tuck the shirt into the trousers. In addition, colour contrast between the shirt and trousers is the secret here, along with shoes or loafers without socks.

9. Regular Checked Linen Shirt

Most men do not seem to have enough of checked linen shirts and consider them as wardrobe essentials. Particularly, during the summer, putting on checked linen shirts will ensure comfort instead of cotton shirts, which are too heavy to wear. Checked linen shirts in light and airy linen will allow your skin to breathe.

Men’s linen shirts 9

A traditional checked linen shirt, paired with comfortable and soft chinos will feel easy and look elegant. You do not need to tuck in your shirt if you prefer keeping it casual. If the shirt you have picked comes with an inner cuff lining, you can roll it up to make it visible. These are the small details of wearing men’s linen shirts, which can make a difference to your style quotient.


Linen shirts are integral elements in men’s wardrobe, and perhaps make the biggest contribution to their overall appearance.

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