Is It Bad to Remove Tartar Yourself

Oral health is the one-minute thing that can alter your overall health. Can you imagine one mouth problem disturbing your entire health?

Oral health affects your overall health in a way that it is the entrance to the digestive and respiratory tract, so bacterias of the mouth go in and affect them.

So, if you maintain good oral hygiene, then eventually your 50% health problem gets solved. It has been seen that in families with low or middle income the rate of oral diseases is increasing rapidly. It is mainly because of the lack of fluoride and care services in the area or what the families can afford.

Among several oral issues like tooth decay, Periodontal, Oral cancer, HIV infection, Oro-dental trauma, Noma, Cleft Lip, and palate. Tartar is another friend to the party.

What is Tartar?

The sticky buildup that you see during your brushing that accumulates on your teeth is called plaque, and when this plaque hardens up, it turns into a new substance called tartar.


Tartar is the deposition of a rough and bumpy substance that can turn out to be the reason for gum diseases. 

Yes, you can get rid of tartar. But, if you wish to go for complete cleaning then the suggestion is to visit a professional dentist in Idaho Falls only. You might be wondering that still, the question remains the same. Is it bad to remove tartar yourself?

To answer this, let us first know how we remove tartar.

How to Remove Tartar?

Tartar can be eradicated from your teeth the following way-

1. Proper Brushing: Brushing your teeth regularly twice a day won’t allow the plaque to settle, eventually not letting the formation of tartar.

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2. Brush all Parts: Make sure to use a brush with soft bristles, and hold your brush at an angle of 45 degrees with the gum. Do brush all your parts like the front part, the back one, and the chewing surface of your teeth.

3. Use Fluoride Toothpaste: Since fluoride is necessary for teeth using it in your toothpaste would do direct benefits, therefore strengthening your teeth with fluoride and avoiding acid damage. It will keep your tartar in control.

4. Add Baking Soda: To inculcate a habit to add baking soda to your toothpaste at least once a week as this would help you whiten your teeth, reduce bad breath, and most vital- it will stop the formation of plaque.

5. Antiseptic Mouthwash: Do rinse your mouth with antiseptic mouthwash every time after brushing as it will kill the bacteria of your mouth and since bacteria feed on a plaque then it would also reduce the rise to tartar.

6. Flossing: Brushing is the ultimate necessity but not enough. In your twice a day brushing routine you should also add flossing once a day because it would remove the food particles from your mouth, and this won’t lead the plaque to form. If plaque does not form then tartar would also not occur.

7. Use Scraper: Scarper is a tool similar to what the dentist use. This tool is meant to remove plaque and tartar. Therefore, inbuild a habit to use a scraper at least once a week if you suffer from the issue of tartar.

8. Rich Vegetable Diet: As vegetables involve heavy chewing, and due to this, the plaque settled on your teeth gets cleaned up. Thereby, eating vegetables is healthy and a good way to clean your mouth.


9. No Smoking: Smoking is not only hazardous to your lungs but also slows down the ability of your mouth to fight bacteria. It has been seen that those who smoke tend to develop more tartar. And this is true as more the bacteria, more the plaque, so more the tartar. Smokers develop a hard lining of tartar than what non-smokers face.

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10. Monthly visit to Dentist: Complete removal of tartar is only possible if you visit a dentist. The tool, chemicals, and proper checkup would help you remove tartar in the best way possible. And a visit to the dentist every six months for a regular checkup is necessary and much needed.

So, let us answer our question.

Is It Bad to Remove Tartar Yourself?

Tartar is a hard and complex lining near your gums, and you cannot remove it just by brushing or performing any other clean-up activity. Therefore, if you are thinking of removing tartar yourself then remember to follow the above instructions properly. If not, then do not wish to remove it yourself as you won’t do any good to yourself rather you might deteriorate your teeth and harm them further. 

Visiting the dentist is the most suited option as he will not only eradicate your tartar problem but will also configure out your other dental issues and tell you the precautions to maintain. On your own neither will the tartar removal succeed nor will you get to know the need to go for a dental checkup.

So, be cautious and decide wisely.

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