How to Increase Views on IGTV

As you all know that today everyone is engaged in making Instagram popular. This gives us an idea of ​​how much competition is going on inside Instagram. In which we are not able to grow and boost our Instagram account.

That’s why today we have brought Buy IGTV views for you, inside which you will be able to easily get views on IGTV videos on your Instagram according to your need.

So let’s now talk about how to increase views on IGTV. Hence I want to tell you that before doing anything on Instagram we should know that how to manage the Instagram account properly. With which we can easily grow and boost our Instagram account. For this, today we will tell you about how to increase views on IGTV. After knowing which you will be able to easily increase the views on IGTV inside your Instagram.

Below are some easy ways to increase views on IGTV:

Use hashtags


As you all must be aware of hashtags, then let me tell you that hashtags are such a weapon. With which we can easily make any of our things and posts viral and grow. For this, we should use hashtags Hashtags play a very important role in increasing our reach and engagement inside Instagram. Due to which we get a lot of satisfaction, but there are some people who put so many irrelevant hashtags in their posts and videos. Due to which Instagram thinks that you are spamming something.

  • We are only allowed to use 30 hashtags inside Instagram. If we put more hashtags than this, then all our hashtags will be removed.
  • We should use hashtags according to our post and category, it will definitely improve our result.
  • If you will use some such popular hashtags in your posts and videos. If you have a lot of reaches, then your post on those hashtags will disappear. That’s why we should put hashtags for posts with at least 50k.
  • And whenever we put hashtags, then whatever hashtags Instagram closes. That’s why we should not put that hashtag or else Instagram can remove our post from it.
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 Share your IGTV on your stories


As you all know, we get more views on Instagram stories than our feed videos. Because people don’t open our profiles every day, they just see stories. So whenever we put a post inside our Instagram then we should share that post on our stories. So that people can easily see your upcoming new videos. And also what you upload to your videos on IGTV. Similarly, you can share your Instagram Stories.

Mention in Instagram live


As you all know that on Instagram or any social media platform we get the option to come live. So that we can come and talk to our audience on live video. If you can easily promote IGTV video in your Instagram in Instagram Live. And this will also increase your followers on Instagram, which will benefit us a lot.

Promote on other platforms

If you want to get more likes and views on any of your posts and videos inside your Instagram. So, after uploading the video to your IGTV, whatever other social media platform you use. You can easily share your posts and videos on them. So that your videos will be visible on those platforms. And people will like you more and more, which will also increase the engagement of your Instagram account.

Use attractive thumbnails

As you all know there is no interest in clicking any normal-looking video. Because he can’t see that video, so we should make such thumbnails on our Instagram IGTV videos like on YouTube. Due to which people will be attracted more and more towards that video and will see it. Then you will get to see more and more views and likes on those videos. That’s why we should put an attractive and unique thumbnail on our Instagram IGTV.

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As we have told you some important things about increasing the views of Instagram TV i.e. IGTV. After knowing this, you can easily increase the views on your IGTV videos. But if you are not able to increase the views even after following these steps. So you do not need to worry, today we are giving you Buy IGTV Views Paypal in Social Media Services. With which you can definitely increase the views on your IGTV videos according to your need.

Because we are a social media service provider company. Which is giving you two services inside Instagram services today. In which there are Buy IGTV Views and Buy IGTV Likes. Which can easily increase the views as well as likes on IGTV videos on your Instagram. We provide you with [100% secure and genuine] social media services so that you do not face any problems.

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