Indian Snacks that are Loved Across the Globe!

India is hailed as a diverse country around the globe with a myriad of cultures, rich heritage and not to mention an endless variety of cuisines.

The country has a prolonged A to Z Indian food list which is incredible and surprising to the taste buds of people. Indian cuisines have made it overseas and there’s no harm in saying that everyone is going crazy over them.

The most loved Indian food dishes around the globe:

The unique blend of Indian flavors, spices, and herbs has managed to befit the list of ‘most wanted foods’ around the globe. We’ve curated a list of the top 9 Indian snacks that are loved across the globe. Without ado, let’s sink in the list of good food.

1. Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken is one of the most appetizing Indian food that is thoroughly enjoyed in the Middle East and South Asia. There is something special about the roasted chicken when it is sizzled with yogurt and a plethora of spices coming together as a wholesome dish. Delhi is touted as the origin place of Tandoori Chicken and you can spot neverending ques at restaurants selling tandoori chicken even on weekdays.

2. Chaat

Chaat is a famous food of India that everyone around the world should be trying. As soon as you’ll have the first bite of chaat it will boggle your mind like never before. The crispy chaat with generous spices over it is a delectable experience to embrace. If you are in Delhi, it is a must to try Delhi ki chaat. The dish feels so light with tasty ingredients that will be left with your fingers-licking. On a tiring day, treating yourself with two whole plates of Chaat is never a bad idea, on a pleasant one, you can order as much you like.

3. Dosa

Dosa is an Indian-style crepe that is thin, crispy, and light to taste palate. Dosa is a south-Indian dish made from rice and lentils batter, a healthy way to start the day. It is a perfect breakfast option to have when you crave something light but tummy filling. The snack is relished in multiple varieties across the world in ready-to-make food packages generally available at food marts. The goodness of lentils and crispiness of the crepe will lure anyone to get obsessed with this south-Indian treat.

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4. Paneer Pakoda

Paneer pakoda is a snack prepared from gram flour and Indian cottage cheese. It’s a deep-fried snack that is crunchy outside and soft inside with a generous amount of spices sprinkled over it uplifting the snack’s taste eventually. Paneer pakoda is the right way to serve your cravings with its good flavors and scrumptiousness.

5. Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is an Indian love affair that has made it to overseas. Freshly made curry prepared from multiple vegetables simmered in flavorsome spices turns out to be a luscious combination. One hot serving of bhaji and soft buttery buns feels nothing less than heaven in the mouth. An endless variety of pav bhaji exist today in India and abroad but there’s no match for the freshly made Maharashtrian pav bhaji that we don’t mind eating for the rest of our lives.

6. Kebabs

Lucknow is hailed as the city of Nawabs and Kebabs. Kebabs were first made by roasting meat with butter and exotic spices, fast forward to now, you can get vegetarian versions of kebabs served with a lip-smacking platter. The Kebab was first made with more than a hundred exotic spices by Haji Murad Ali. The deadly taste of Kebabs first conquered India and now the whole world with its flavorsome taste. The freshly roasted kebab can instantly enlighten your day with a contented smile. There’s no doubt that kebabs are getting endless favoritism outside the borders as well.

7. Kachori

Kachori is a Rajasthani deep-fried snack that has a flaky taste and is often enjoyed during tea time. The inside chatpati fillings of the snack are thriving and enticing at the same time. A hot piping cup of tea with pyaaz wali kachori can never go wrong in winters to cherish the best of your life.

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8. Chole Bhature

I’m sure you must have heard or tasted the snack by yourself at least once and if you haven’t already it’s your sign to enjoy it now. This balloon-shaped bread when served with chickpeas gravy & vinegar onion is a flavorsome blast in your mouth. It’s a Punjabi snack/dish that can be easily spotted on the north-Indian restaurants’ menu. The satiating dish has a luring taste that is irresistible and so good that even you want to have it very often.

9. Vada Pav

Vada pav is an all-time favorite snack of aamachi Mumbai that is now making the world fall in love with it. The simple but tasty snack is appetizing and amazing to fulfill your cravings in no time. Vada pav is served with different styles in different parts of the country while maintaining the authentic flavor and each of them tastes terrific. Vada pav and cutting tea is an ideal food combination that every foodie love to enjoy every now and then throughout the year in India. These are some of the great Indian snacks that are loved across the globe and we aren’t even surprised by the fact. Do try all of these Indian snacks and delight in the taste of good food.

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