Headboards ideas for kids’ bedrooms

As your child grows older, you’ll want to use upholstered beds and headboards to create a room that reflects the personality of your child when it comes to moving out of the crib and choosing a big kid bed. Headboard ideas for kids’ bedrooms can add color and pattern. 

An upholstered bed can be incredibly cozy and add a layer of softness to a child’s room that’s otherwise filled with boxy wood fixtures and toys because it adds a layer of softness to the room.

Depending on the color, pattern, or fabric choice, headboard ideas for kids’ bedrooms can also add warmth and texture to a space, making crawling under the covers at night all the more inviting.

With all of that in mind, we found ten upholstered beds and headboards that range in style from classic and timeless to minimalist and modern styles we think would work well in a variety of kids’ rooms!

What are Headboards?

As the name suggests, a headboard is part of the bed on which the head rests while sleeping in order to provide one with a comfortable sleeping experience. There are some cases, however, where the headboard simply rests behind the bed, in which case, it is usually attached to the frame of the bed.

As you know, the headboard is primarily used to help keep the pillows in place when you are sleeping while the bed is in use. In addition to its original purpose, it can also be used for several other purposes. 

Headboard ideas for kids’ bedrooms, for example, can include shelves that can be used to display decorations or lamps that can be used to read in bed while you are in bed, for example. Additionally, it may include a cabinetry system as well as other areas of storage for the convenience of the user. When the waterbed became widely available, this style became particularly popular.

Headboards For Kids’ Bedrooms

Sweet Trim

An upholstered headboard can be enhanced with textured, patterned, or colored trim that echoes the shape and texture of the headboard in order to add a touch of interest. The dark, textured trim on this tan headboard adds an air of sophistication to the neutral decor in the room, making this headboard stand out. In addition to adding trim to headboards, there are also options for boys’ headboards that can be used.

Daybed Headboard

You can frame a daybed with a fabric kid’s headboard that is upholstered. If you’re looking for a fabric that’s bright and bold, choose a pattern that’s bold to lend it extra appeal. As well as protecting the heads of children from bumping into the wall, a padded headboard can also keep them busy.

Patterned Kid’s Headboard

There is a pretty rope pattern on these kids’ headboards that adds dimension to their room. The blue and beige color scheme sets the tone for the rest of the decor in the room. In order to maintain the cohesive look of the bedroom, the pattern continues on the bed skirt as well. It is the curves on the headboard that break up the rope lines in the room, which soften the overall appearance.

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Deep Color

If you want to create an unexpected element in a child’s bedroom, you should consider using dark colors. An elegant combination of light blue walls paired with dark red tufted headboards is shown here. The monochromatic look of black-and-white bedding against the bold color of the pillows is a dramatic one. It is ideal for decorating a room with a neutral or light color scheme with a dark headboard that grounds furniture in the room.

Lunarable Plaid Headboard

If there are any children in your household who have a serious penchant for color, this ultra-colorful plaid headboard from Amazon may be able to satisfy a few serious dreams in technicolor. Kids can make it stand out with solid bedding or double down by layering graphic pillows and linens over the bed in order to make it look even more unique. This bed features two shades of pink layers with two shades of turquoise and a hint of yellow. A headboard only it comes in four different sizes and is only available as a headboard.

Complementary Color

A headboard can serve as a way to introduce complementary colors back into a kids’ room as a way to incorporate them into the color scheme. The burnt orange headboards really stepped up the blue-and-white décor and gave it a fresh, modern feel. An element of sophistication is added to the twin headboard with the addition of nailhead trim that emphasizes the shape and simplifies the design.

By converting your child’s headboard into a miniature art gallery, you will be able to display some of the finest artwork on their walls. This DIY kid’s headboard is created by simply hanging art on a wooden headboard painted a bright color and using a grid to decorate it. (Pages from a favorite book would work, too.) On the wall, clothespins hold projects on a short length of rope secured on two eye hooks.

Upholstered Pattern

It is necessary to add color to a room that otherwise consists of white furniture by using patterned fabric headboards. Make sure the basic headboards for your kids are covered in a fabric that reflects their inner personalities and interests. With the feminine shape of the headboard and delicate fabric pattern in this room, the headboard complements the delicate fabric pattern to add depth and dimension to the room.

Perfectly Framed

As the walls of a bedroom are decorated with robots, the ceiling with stars and color is everywhere; it is important to choose a just as creative headboard. It is noteworthy that the room continues the creative theme with the addition of two large shadow boxes at the head. Using multiple frames to cover the width of the bed will help you save space. You could hang them side by side. The frame should be covered with fabric or decorative paper that complements the theme on the wall and is appropriate for the frame.

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Theme Friendly

It is a unique and special room designed in the style of Madonna’s first children’s book, The English Roses, which was the inspiration for this unique room design. It is decorated with a life-size version of an image from the book that is reminiscent of the covers of the book. If you do not have any drawing skills, try creating your own image instead of reproducing the one you have already seen.


It is easy to relax in a trendy decorated bedroom if you follow interior designers‘ advice: the focus should be on the recently very modern bed headboard, which attracts all attention from other elements (including closets), so you should pick an interesting headboard so that it draws as little attention as possible. As a result, when equipping the bedrooms, specific details such as decorative items, paintings, or even a statue are playing an increasingly important role in the design of the room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are headboards outdated?

No, the headboards are not out of date. They are highly durable and are going to be a part of our homes for years to come because they have a long lifespan. A headboard is only as good as the look and feels you want your room to have from a stylistic perspective, so you should choose one that matches the look and feel you envision for your room.

Why is a headboard necessary?

As well as giving you support for your bed and being able to protect your wall against abrasions, headboards also give you support for your bed. The headboard has a lot of practical uses, but apart from that, a headboard can also provide an incredible amount of personalization to your bedroom.

Can you just attach the headboard to the wall?

If you want to attach any headboard to the wall, you will need to buy mounting hardware for the headboard to be attached wall. There are French cleats that can be found in almost every hardware store, which are perfect for mounting heavy furniture, including headboards and cabinets.

The French cleats can be mounted on studs behind your walls, which can be located with a stud finder, the French cleats can be mounted on them.

How does a freestanding headboard work?

Freestanding headboards can be attached to the bed frame in order to keep them from falling off, or they can be attached to the wall using screws. There are some headboards that can stand alone without any support between the wall and the bed, but in order for them to be able to stand without tipping, they need to have a depth that will allow them to stand without tumbling over.

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