Top Electrical Issues that Can Lead to Air Conditioning Breakdown

Homeowners may not be able to tell what the problem is when electrical issues are leading to AC breakdown. Besides, it is useless to consider tampering with electricity if you are not an expert in electrical works.

Facing the reality, who do you call when an electrical problem is causing serious issues to your HVAC system? The electrician or air conditioning installation and repair expert? Needless to say, your ac repairer should be the first person to call right away. Several electrical-related issues could affect the performance of your ac unit. So you need a trained ac repairer to check and diagnose the problem for you.

3 Common HVAC Breakdowns Causes by Electrical Issues

Here are 3 common air conditioning issues caused by electrical faults. However, an expert HVAC repairer can fix these for you. 

  • AC Breakdown After Power Outage: A thunderstorm can take power out of your home. So, a lightning strike can cause trigger a power surge to trip the breaker. Even if the power outage is not caused by a thunderstorm, an electrical surge can still occur immediately after the power returns. This could lead to a trip in the breaker.

    An authentic circuit breaker will always do its job of protecting your ac unit when there is a power surge. Confirm your electrical box if the breaker gas tripped. Make a reset and turn the AC on. In cases where the ac won’t work, call your ac repairer for a professional check.
  • HVAC Won’t Turn Off: When your air conditioner refuses to turn off especially when the set temperature is reached, you may be faced with faults at the electrical controls. Also, when this issue is experienced, it could be that the sensor is out of position or the thermostat is malfunctioning. You should take note of that.
  • AC Tripping Circuit Breaker: After you have reset the breaker and later it trips off again, then you should know that you have a more severe issue to handle. If the HVAC system is causing this issue, then the unit must be overheating and drawing too much electricity. AC breakdowns can be triggered by overheating and can lead to the following issues:
  • Refrigerant leaks: there could be holes in the AC refrigerant lines that can cause refrigerant leaks. When the AC refrigerant charge is very low, it puts pressure on the system causing it to overwork which leads to overheating and breakdown. Electrical parts: Faulty capacitors, loose connections, or improper electrical wiring could be the issue.
  • Evaporator coil freezes up: When airflow is obstructed in the AC system, it can lead to clogged filters, faulty fans, or blocked vents. This can make the outside evaporator become coated with ice. This could make the system work ceaselessly without cooling. Thereby leading to overheating and AC breakdowns. It can also lead to water leaks, which could cause damage to your furnishings.
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Just as stated above, electrical issues are not to be handled by a novice. When you experience AC breakdowns related to electrical issues, contact your repairer as soon as you can. Always do your best to get your HVAC system fixed immediately when issues are discovered to avoid spending on major repairs or new air conditioning installations. 

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