Summer Holiday Destinations

The first thing that strikes one’s mind on hearing the word “summer” is that of vacations. As exciting because it may sound, selecting the best summer holiday destinations within the world for an ideal vacation, maybe a tedious task in itself.

That’s why we’ve done the homework for you and collated the simplest summer holiday destinations which can turn your international trip into an epic experience. From budget to luxurious places, you’ll find several options to settle on from. we’ve covered it all – North, South, East & West. Each and each destination on the list are exclusive in its entirety and fills you excitedly. So, if you would like to spend one of the best summer destinations in the world, then let the scrolling begin!

These are the simplest summer destinations around the world to visit for a tremendous summer together with your folks! there’s an extended list of the simplest countries to go to in summer so, hang on, fasten your seatbelts, and obtain ready for the roller coaster ride of the best holiday destinations in the world in summer!

Top Summer Holiday Destinations around the World:



Your dream of visiting the Arctic Circle by taking a visit to Greenland, surely one of the simplest holiday destinations within the world. Greenland is that the perfect place for a scenic boat trip that will take you across various icebergs and allow you to have a refreshing encounter with whales, walruses, and lots of more sea creatures. It’s getting to be one among the simplest holiday destinations within the world in summer when this place will have longer days and shorter nights, supplying you with longer to enjoys fun activities within the daylight. So, if you’re trying to find an ideal destination then count Greenland in your list because it is one of the simplest places to go to in June outside India.



The marvelous city is understood for its unique rock formations that have caves with ancient Islamic inscriptions. Mixed with the exotic culture and interesting history of Turkey, this place is ideal for a romantic honeymoon, a visit with family, or maybe a solo backpacking adventure, making it one of the simplest places to go to in May outside India. The balloon-studded skies of Cappadocia aren’t the sole thing that draws people here. You’ll be equally blown away by its labyrinthine underground cities, caves, and ravines which will cause you to want to remain here forever. Visit this beautiful place and witness why this is often one of the simplest holiday destinations in summer!



London is world-famous for its blissful summer weather, strict British guards that stand outside the revered Buckingham Palace, and therefore the delicious fish and chips which will keep you returning for more! There are many reasons why it’s one among the simplest summer destinations in 2020, but it’s charming festivals like St. Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras, and Beer Week take that awesomeness to a replacement level altogether! you’ll enjoy tons of fun activities as there are many things to try to in London.



For some absolutely magical places to go to in May outside India? Well, Prague has everything to form that dream come true! From the melodious tunes of the Municipal House to the peace of the Spanish synagogue, everything in this city is worth visiting. Whether you select to shop for glasswork near the Old Town or hike up to the Vysehrad Castle, you’ll surely find yourself having the time of your life! and therefore the incontrovertible fact that it’s budget-friendly also makes it one of the highest summer destinations for you to explore in Europe.



No better place than Nepal (and Bhutan) for one among the simplest summer vacations within the world. It’s quite underestimated but deserves all the eye of adventure seekers, trekkers, couples, solo backpackers, and even nature lovers. Pokhara is bounded by stunning mountains and possesses tons of scenic beauty that enthralls visitors. Blooming with blissful weather and brimming with energy within the summer months, Pokhara is certainly the best summer holiday destination within the world that you simply just cannot miss out on in 2020. and therefore, the better part, with numerous budget hotels, homestays, and guest houses in Pokhara, you don’t even need to worry about expenses!

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Cape Town


South Africa city is pleasant even within the season, which is why most consider it to be a superb place for the simplest summer vacations within the world. the costs also are low, so you’ll actually be ready to experience everything on a budget. Imagine enjoying a car ride to the highest of Table Mountain and dining on the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront with the smallest amount of crowd and noise! Amazing, isn’t it? With such a lot to ascertain and neutralize the summer season, you’ll surely want to remain in Cape Town forever!

New Zealand


New Zealand is unquestionably one among the best summer destinations within the world due to the very fact that it enjoys summery weather when it’s winter in Asia, giving us an ideal excuse to travel there to flee the weather. It’s one of the foremost scenic and delightful destinations within the world due to the majestic landscapes that appear to be from another planet altogether! It’s also the right place for adventure seekers, nature lovers, honeymooners, photographers, birdwatchers, and people inspired to go to just by the famous Hollywood movies that were shot here!

Salt Lake City


You’re trying to find the simplest places to travel on holiday where you’ll stay most of the time outdoors, the capital of Utah is where you would like to be. With numerous beautiful beaches, pleasant weather, and unique experiences, Salt Lake City offers an ideal touristy ambiance where you’ll relax, unwind, and repeat. The fascinating landscapes and pleasant weather will tell you why it’s one of the simplest summer holiday destinations within the world.

Las Vegas


Many may Las Vegas as a summer place, believe us, it’s an excellent place to holiday within the U.S, especially when the temperatures rise as that sets the time for the world’s best pool parties, making it one among the simplest summer destinations. Not just gaming at the casinos, but you’ll also go around bar and club-hopping to witness the colorful and happening lifestyle of the sin city.



You’re trying to find the simplest holiday destinations in summer or May, then head to Barcelona in Spain. it’s a gorgeous city that is frequented by travelers thanks to its amazing art and stylish architecture. the town has some beautiful Roman archaeological sites and a stunning nightlife thanks to its high-end pubs and bars.



Within the northern part of Germany, Hamburg may be a global trading port, which is additionally referred to as the ‘Gateway to the World’. Whether it’s extraordinary experiences like attending an evening of Andalusian flamenco at the world-class hall or the rich cultural side of the town, a summer vacation here surely seems to be like none other. this is often little question one among the simplest summer destinations.

Koh Samui


There are too many places to ascertain and explore in Thailand, Koh Samui is amongst the right summer vacation spots within the world for holidaying together with your loved ones. By offering experiences like partying on the beach all night to indulging altogether sorts of adventure, this place truly knows the way to make a summer break memorable! Koh Samui nightlife is some things that you simply cannot miss when traveling through this paradise.



Within the Coast Range, Whistler in Canada also makes together of the good summer holiday destinations. With numerous intriguing experiences like exploring the hiking trails, happening a bear tour, and more, taking a visit to the present town means witnessing the shining gem of Canada all directly. it’s one of the highest places to go to in summer outside India.

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One among the simplest places to go to in summer within the world, Iceland is where every traveler must be if nature and adventure are what they love. This place offers not only breathtaking views but also refreshing experiences that are enough to enjoy a respite from the humidity and warmth. While this place is often visited anytime after March, the simplest time is during July or August. Also, do follow these Iceland travel tips for an excellent holiday.



The Most famous and one among the simplest summer holiday destinations in South India, Kerala may be a name that needs no introduction to travelers across the world. Being an ideal blend of hill stations, tea plantations, backwaters, and beaches, this tropical paradise of Kerala is one of the simplest holiday destinations in June. the varied adventure sports in Kerala keep everyone entertained.



Famed amidst the honeymooners, the tropical gem of Mauritius also is one among the highest summer holiday destinations for all quite travelers alike. Famous for its crystal clear reefs, lagoons, and beaches, Mauritius enjoys a cool climate in summers that creates it one among the apt and best holiday destinations in May.



Backpacker’s paradise and honeymooner’s heaven, Bali may be a perfect blend of mountains, volcanoes, temples, reefs, and beaches that creates it one among the most places to travel within the summer season. Offering post-card like views of the sunset, Bali is additionally famous for nightlife, shopping, and yoga retreats. The charming culture, the night shows, the picturesque islands, and therefore the awesome food are enough to form you think that it’s one among the simplest summer holiday destinations within the world.

Amalfi Coast


To be the coastal gem of Italy, the Amalfi Coast may be a true manifestation of nature’s beauty. With its picturesque landscape, coastal peaks, dense forests, and pastel buildings on the cliff, the Amalfi Coast shine bright sort of a star within the night and comes alive with the first ray of the sun. a singular combination of nature and adventure, Amalfi Coast is indeed one among the simplest summer holiday destinations within the world.



Seychelles is synonymous with a flawless beach paradise. Set within the Indian Ocean, Seychelles may be a beautiful archipelago of 115 islands. With shimmery coastline, smooth white sand beaches, palm-lined shores, and crystal clear waters, Seychelles is completely one among the stunning and best summer holiday destinations within the world.



Within the heart of the Aegean, Paros is one among the foremost stylish Greek islands which are legendary for its beaches and rural villages. the entire town is painted in white which strikes a balance with the turquoise waters and blue skies to treat your eyes with exhilarating views. After exploring this place, you’ll realize that it’s one of the simplest places to go to in May within the world.



In between the Swiss Alps, Zermatt may be a quaint little town that’s much famed as a haven for hiking, skiing, and hiking enthusiasts. Perched high at a height of about 1600 meters, Zermatt lies within the foothills of the famous Matterhorn peak in Switzerland. Being a famous mountain retreat, Zermatt undoubtedly tops the charts when it involves the simplest summer holiday destinations within the world.

Andaman Islands


If you’ve got ever fantasized about running from the hum-drum of the town life to an area that gives exclusivity, calm, and beaches; then the Andaman Islands is for you. The Andaman Islands may be a chain of 300+ islands lying between India and Thailand and is one of the simplest summer holiday destinations within the world. Virgin beaches, crystal clear water, mangroves, and coconut trees; this place is truly out of a dream and feels surreal. Although a number of the islands of this group are uninhabited and not accessible, the islands that are accessible are nothing but a paradise and offers many places to go to in Andaman.

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