Professional Methods Used for Pumping Out a Flooded Basement

Several ways can be used to pump out floods from a basement. Doing this can be very easy when you follow the right step.

When carrying out this process, there are some key things to watch when pumping out a basement. When not properly followed, it can pose serious dangers such as collapsing the ceilings, walls, and floors. When pumping out water from your basement, you should make sure the rain or storm has stopped before beginning the process. Also, make sure you carry out the process a step at a time. It is better to carry out this process at a safe and slow pace not to get yourself or anyone hurt. 

Professional Methods of Pumping Out Water from Your Basement

This section will spell out safer ways of pumping out water from the basement;

Pumping Out Water Using a Trash Pump

Using a trash pump is a great way of evacuating water from your basement. It can suck off water from a large area. We have a trash pump that can suck a hundred gallons of water in just an hour. Two hoses will be needed when using a trash pump to pump out water from your basement. One of the hoses will be connected to the part that sucks in the water while the other hose, which is usually flexible, will be used to discharge water and be connected to the pump’s discharge side.  

Pumping Out Water Using A Pool Pump 

For those with a swimming pool alongside pool hoses, this can be used to pump water from the basement. Although this method is not all that fast, it can still be used. When using the pool pump, one has to be very careful about where to place the pump. Placing the pump at the wrong place might make it take too much debris, making the machine or the impeller clog. All note that the pool pump works hand in hand with a strainer basket. While careful of what enters the pool pump, you should watch out for the basket strainer. 


Pumping Out Water Using An Electric Submersible Pump 

The electric submersible pump is regarded as the best way to pump water from a flooded basement. This type of pump comes in different and unique discharge sizes. It is different from the other pumps. The place that sucks the water is located at the bottom side, and it is built with legs that hold it a few inches from the floor to allow the water to enter the suction side.

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Pumping Out Water Using a Utility Pump 

The utility pump, though small in size, does not gather enough water as the other pump. Regardless of this, it is still used to pump out water from the basement. 

Pumping Out Water Using A Hand Crank Pump 

The last on the list is the use of a hand crank pump that people have used before modern means. However, this method can be very frustrating and tiring. It is considered the only option when there is a power outage. This method takes a lot of time. Therefore, it is advisable to seek help from others to get the job done faster. 


It is now clear from the article that we now know how to pump out floods in a basement without getting hurt. Also, don’t forget that all electrical appliances should be completely put off before pumping out excess water from your basement.

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