Everything You Must Know Before Planning A Trip to Bali

Bali is one of the world’s favorite tourist destinations and can be readily Indonesia’s most crucial vacation location.

It’s part of the Lesser Sunda Islands and is located between East Java and West Nusa Tenggara, approximately in the middle of the Indonesian archipelago.

What’s It?

Its island state located between Java and Lombok.

When to Go

April/May and September/October would be the most pleasant months to go to Bali for the weather and fewer vacationers.

Nearest Town

Denpasar the capital of Bali.

Do not Miss

Sunbathing, temple-hopping, swimming pool, hiking, sightseeing, promote shopping, partying, enjoying golf.


Bali is home to four thousand people and steps 144kms (east-west) by 80kms (north-south).

The shores are Bali’s most important advantage for the majority of tourists, who usually go for the south-east of this island in which Kuta, Sanur, Jimbaran, and Nusa Dua shores dwell. Kuta is the leading beach destination in Bali and includes fantastic surf and buzzing nightlife. It is where you will get the majority of the island’s resorts, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

Places in Bali you must visit

Sanur Beach is across the other side of the headland and is more silent and more relaxing with fewer hotels and a less attractive beach. In contrast, Jimbaran and Nusa Dua are more silent still and great for families and luxury travelers.

Sanur Beach
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Leisure alternatives abound in Bali, together with water being the primary action. Jet-skis and surfboards throng Kuta Beach, though some beautiful volcano hiking, mountain biking, and golfing are discovered inside of the island. Sanur has simpler surf than Kuta, Jimbaran Bay sublime sunsets, and all have great eateries.

Denpasar, just north of this island’s main beaches, is the Balinese funding and resides at the southwest, not far from Kuta and Sanur beaches. The airport is close to Denpasar, making getting in and out easy. The significant, compact capital has a massive variety of markets, including the bustling Pasar Badung traditional marketplace and the Bird Market, while Pura Jagatnatha temple along with the Bali Provincial State Museum showcases Balinese culture.

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Not far north of Denpasar is your arts and crafts city of Ubud, with its spectacular mountain setting plus an enormous selection of beaches. There are tons of fine temples as well as the house of the Balinese royal household while neighboring Bedugul is home to the fantastic Bali Handara Kosaido Golf and Country Club. Mount Agung is further north and includes excellent trekking, unbeatable views, and also the extensive profile of Mother Temple.

The Bali Elephant Safari Park at Desa Taro jungle can be within this area, and on the north coast, Lovina has lots of hot springs and spas in Air Banjar. Besides resorts, this refined, laid-back hotel on the north shore is well known for its black volcanic sand beaches, coral reefs, and fewer crowds. Neighborhood Lovina Beach has some excellent diving and snorkeling.

Bali Elephant Safari Park
Source: eoasia.com

There is always some festival or event happening in Bali because of the tens of thousands of temples along with the island’s most deep-rooted culture. One of them is Galungan, a 10-day spiritual festival that celebrates the passing of this Mayadenawa with a lot of actions in the streets of Denpasar along with other notable cities. The previous day, called Kuningan, is your very best.

Do not overlook the Bali Bomb monument situated on Jalan Legian in Kuta – a reminder of the 202 victims of the Bali bomb attack in October 2002.

Negative excursions from Bali include trips to the Gili Islands; obtained by ferry, these small islands lie off the coast of neighboring Lombok Island and are wildly popular with backpackers and day-trippers. Or you could check out the Ijen Plateau from East Java. This massive plateau is located across from Bali and contains some excellent trekking and perspectives.

Central Bali:

Despite being a spectacular property of jungle, mountains, terraced harvest plantations, and temples, Central Bali is frequently overlooked by tourists. The island’s interior has a number of the yummiest scenery in the nation and is within a brief drive of almost any coastal town.

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Central Bali is home to the Balinese royal household in Ubud. The city of Ubud, just northwest of Denpasar, is the most visited Central Bali city, famous for its many temples inside a trendy mountain setting. Ubud, about one hour from the capital, is home to the Balinese royal household and lots of high-profile temples and is too arty.

Mount Agung is just another popular Central Bali highlight, with its Mother Temple of Besakih and challenging stratovolcano trekking. Those interested in animals and nature could take a look at the Desa Taro jungle as well as the affiliated Bali Elephant Safari Park. This region is also an excellent place for hiking. For hot flashes and hot springs, Air Banjar (Lovina) has geothermal waters and is challenging to beat.

Mount Agung
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Additional Central Bali highlights comprise the western area of Negara in which the clifftop Rambutsiwi Temple resides. It Located in the under of the region of the west island. This temple is magnificent in its setting and structure. Payangan (Flower Mountain) in the middle of this island is worth seeing, as are the numerous hotels of Temnuku.

Bedulu, to the southwest, is famous for its botanical gardens and its own world-famous Bali Handara Kosaido Golf and Country Club.

Bedulu is a little village to the northeast of Denpasar in southern Bali. It lies on the significant path to Ubud in the Bali funding and is famous for its 11th-century Elephant Cave, Goa Gajah.

Bedulu creates a fantastic day trip for people remaining in Denpasar, or the southern shores in Sanur and Kuta, in addition to for those seeing Ubud.

Other sights in and about Bedulu comprise the Gedong Arca archaeological tradition, with its historical artifacts from across Bali, along with the lofty Gunung Kawi (Kawi Mountain). If you have the opportunity, attend a civilization night and realize the quirky Kecak Dance.

Although the ideal time to visit is May through October, during the rainy season, people who arrive in March/April may witness Nyepi, or even Hindu New Year, once the island shuts down for a day as citizens require a vow of silence.

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