New Hypercar Koenigsegg RAW Concept Revealed By Esa Mustonen

Koenigsegg has actually exposed a concept that shows what a future entry-level model for the Swedish hypercar maker might appear like.

Swedish hypercar maker, Koenigsegg has actually revealed its brand-new concept car. The RAW concept was created by Finnish automotive designer Esa Mustonen as part of his college graduation thesis under the supervision of Sasha Selipanov -Koenigsegg’s Head of Design.

Christian von Koenigsegg gave a thumbs-up to the design. As well as the outcome is a prototype of a lightweight entry-level hypercar of the future. RAW by Koenigsegg weighs simply 700 kgs and operates on 700 HP. This gives it a 1:1 Power to Weight ratio, a Koenigsegg function previously likewise seen in its Agera model.


RAW includes a streamlined design. The windshield wraps around the body efficiently, as well as the entry doors are pivoted at the rear. When the doors open up the roof of the car withdraws as well. Inside, the Raw has 3 seat designs comparable to that of the McLaren Speedtail. The carbon-fiber passenger cell accommodates the driver at the facility with travelers seated on either side of him.

The 3-cylinder Freevalve TFG engine is placed behind the occupant cell. Freevalve engine changes the mechanical camshafts with electronically-controlled actuators. These actuators open and shut the shutoffs. The Freevalve engine has actually been used prior to in Koenigsegg’s Gemara model.

RAW by Koenigsegg can hit 0-100 km/hr in 3 secs. The design has a special concentrate on the rules of aerodynamics with its cutting-edge flow-through architecture. Its back diffuser design has been motivated by afterburners of competitor jets.


The car offers a distinct opportunity to experience its performance in real-world or digital states through racing simulators. RAW concept car certainly offers us a peek of an exotic supercar of the future.

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