Janitorial cleaning companies have always been known for their extensive cleaning techniques which gave highly cleaned results.

In the past, all cleaning companies were highly appraised for their cleaning services but recent studies have shown the adverse effects of toxic, harsh, harmful, and corrosive chemicals used in detergent and other cleaning items. Thus, all janitorial companies now took responsibility for not knowing better before and have been working with greener alternative products.

In light of recent natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, a rise in water and air pollution, etc. the world’s environment has worsened to a great extent. It is the need of the hour to take actions that will, at least, try to better the current crises. People in the past took actions without thinking much about their impacts and consequences. This attitude needs severe rectification and everyone should be held responsible at this account if they don’t follow a sustainable guideline. We, at Jan-Pro Atlanta, consider it our responsibility and take the health of our customers and the environment seriously. That is why our janitorial cleaning services use all green cleaning products.

Green Cleaning

Now that the world has changed its cleaning practices towards the greener side, what is actually meant by green cleaning? One source defines green cleaning as “Green cleaning refers to using cleaning methods and products with environmentally friendly ingredients and procedures which are designed to preserve human health and environmental quality.”

Change Needed for a Better Environment

All janitorial companies should throw out harsh and corrosive cleaning products and opt for a greener and natural solution. To ensure the stability of our environment, turning to green products and green cleaning is the only possible solution. Green cleaning also has many advantages over traditional cleaning and has helped deplete the existing toxins in the atmosphere. They are less expensive and easier to get in mass. They don’t carry heavy and hazardous chemicals that are often short in the market thus, they are readily available to be sold. Janitorial cleaning companies can stock up on these products with great ease.

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Sorting Green Products

It is always better to keep the cleaning products organized for an efficient and quick service. An effective way to sort them is:

  • See which products are most used and mark it as priority
  • Which products are no longer useful or rarely used
  • Which products are cost-effective when replacing the chemical products
  • Which products can be made in abundance by using other multi-purpose cleaners

Disposing of old products

These guidelines should be taken into consideration by cleaning companies when they switch to green cleaning products. This will help them and make their transition smooth. Once companies sort out the product they want to dispose of and the ones they are stocking up, they arrange a proper dispose system for the previous cleaning products as they contain harmful chemicals that are inflammable, corrosive, and toxic. The whole point of making this switch is to keep the environment safe hence, a proper dispose system is necessary for this to keep the main purpose intact.

Limit all Cleaning Chemicals

Source: abcopro.com.au

Reducing the use of harsh and hazardous chemical cleaners is not always easy. There are many places and industrial plants that have to have chemical products to be completely cleaned. At smaller places, like offices or homes, etc. eco-friendly products can do the job just fine and it also doesn’t require much training for the cleaners as it is simpler to clean small places.

At Jan-Pro, all type of cleaning is important for us. We take extra measures at large plants to keep the chemical usage to minimal and less hazardous. Likewise, we consider houses, offices, restaurants, schools, etc. cleaning as much serious and use eco-friendly products to keep the residents healthy and the environment safer. It is crucial to hire a janitorial cleaning company that limits the cleaning chemicals to as little as possible and is well trained to handle any uncertain circumstances.  

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Staff Training

Some types of cleaning require heavy chemicals. Although companies who have gone green can’t always fulfill it. For example, at nuclear plants, cleaning companies have to use hard chemicals to get rid of the toxicity of the byproducts of such industrial plants. In situations, where all green products can’t be maintained, the staff is trained to use heavy chemicals with precaution, care, and in a way that will ensure less damaging consequences.

The janitorial cleaners are trained in efficiency-focused cleaning methods. Without such training, the workers can overuse detergents, water, and disinfectants. The efficiency-based cleaning method allows the cleaners to achieve the needed level of coverage without wasting water or any other cleaning product. This ensures less usage of any harsh and hazardous cleaning products.

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