How to Use DesignEvo to Make Your Brand Logo

If you have no budget and don’t want to spend time on self-learning complicated software, but want to make a beautiful logo, then DesignEvo will be your best choice.

Why you should make a logo for your brand?

A logo is a brand image symbol of a company, enterprise, organization, or even an individual. Just as everyone sees the logo of Apple, Google, McDonald’s, or Starbucks, they immediately associate what brand it is. This is the symbolic influence of the logo on the brand.

These brand image logos that you can recognize at a glance have been deeply rooted in people’s daily lives. When we can recognize a brand at a glance, it means that the brand is successful.

In addition to improving the brand’s recognition, a logo can also give others a more professional feel. Finally, the logo of the brand can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

In addition to improving the brand’s recognition, a logo can also give others a more professional feel. That would make the viewers trust your services. Finally, the logo of the brand can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Therefore, you can imagine the importance of a logo to the brand. So, having a logo for your business should be on your must-do list.

How do you make your brand logo?

Suppose it is a large enterprise or a company of a certain scale that wants to outsource logo design. The companies are sure able to pay for logo designers’ services. Also, to consult professional studios and the logo design fee is tens of thousands of dollars.

But for small companies or personal brands, it’s really a heavy expense to go outside and ask a designer to design a logo. It will cost tens of thousands to cost thousands. This is really a big expense, especially for just starting brands within a limited budget. Of course, you can save your money reasonably.

But a professional brand can’t live without a logo. It costs too much money to hire professionals to do it. And it may not look good when you make it yourself. It also takes you a lot of time to search for reliable and useful software and learn, and you don’t know a friend who understands design can help.

Don’t worry if you have limited money, and If you have no friends in design files, plus you have no prior experience working in Photoshop. Then you can finish this task with the help of user-friendly logo makers. Here is a free online logo design tool DesignEvo. Using this tool does not require any design. You can easily make a super beautiful logo, don’t you believe it? Look further to learn how to make your logo in minutes.

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In short, DesignEvo is definitely an online tool that can design a high-quality logo in 10 minutes when you have not learned design and don’t want to spend time on self-study but don’t want to spend money on design.

How to make DesignEvo to work for you?

The following part will take you step by step to understand what kind of tool DesignEvo is. People who really don’t use it, follow the steps below, and you will be able to design their own high-quality logo with a unique style.

Introduction to DesignEvo

DesignEvo is produced and distributed by Pearl Mountain Limited. In addition to DesignEvo, this company also launched a free online video production tool FlexClip and an online graphic design tool DesignCap somewhat similar to Canva. Also, the old product FotoJet, a one-stop graphic tool.

How to use DesignEvo to design your logo?

Step 1: Free account registration

DesignEvo can choose to register an account after making the logo, but you personally could register the account first. After doing this, the logo can be directly archived and downloaded, instead of doing a good job when you want to archive and download as soon as you want to register an account. It’s better to register at the beginning to save trouble later.

STEP 2: Choose a logo template

Choose a logo template

Well, after registering an account, you can use our creativity and start making the logo. You can Click Make a Free Logo on the screen.

Surprisingly, how to choose so many dazzling logo templates?

Don’t worry, you can quickly filter the logo that suits your taste from the classification and search on the left. For example, if you are running a website related to computers, so you can search for a computer. Then it will appear numerous matching templates.

Then find one you think is good from these filtered logos, and click [Custom] on that logo to start editing. Or you can click [Similar] to find a logo similar to this logo.

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STEP 3: Custom logo at your will

Custom logo at your will

After entering, you can edit the logo freely. The operation is very intuitive. Basically, there will be no obstacles in the operation. At most, it is only when you don’t know how to design. Then, let’s demonstrate the operation and introduce the functions here. 

  • The Icon in the upper left corner can add favorite patterns and styles to the logo.
  • In the Text tab, you can add a variety of different English and Chinese fonts, as well as designed artistic fonts.
  • Next is the Shape, in here, you can add all kinds of borders, icons, lines, symbols, etc. you want to enrich your logo.
  • The last is Background. You can set the logo background color you like, but it is recommended not to use too fancy colors.

Step 4: Just feel free to preview and download your logo

download your logo

After you think all necessary editing is ready, then you can click the Preview function to check your logo effect. This will simulate the appearance of your well-designed Logo on business cards, documents, websites, clothes, and even corporate logos. This is a great setting that allows you to instantly see what your logo will actually look like. , If you are not satisfied, you can also modify it immediately.

After designing the logo, after previewing to confirm that you are satisfied, click Download in the upper right corner.

There are three plans for Logo download, one free plan, and two paid plans. For the Free plan, you can get your logos with 300X300px.

In conclusion

Although DesignEvo has powerful functions for designing logos, there is still room for improvement. However, a free online logo creation tool is already very useful.

DesignEvo is definitely a very good choice for logos that want to make your own brand, company, and website, and it will definitely save you a lot of time.

Of course, you can also choose to take the time to learn professional drawing tools like Photoshop or Illustrator. If you don’t have some foundation, it is very time-consuming to learn from scratch.

Moreover, the style, pattern, font style of the logo, how to integrate the brand concept into the logo, what elements to add, etc., are all based on their own ideas. 

If the budget is sufficient, of course, outsourcing professional designers must be the fastest and best, but it is necessary to budget. If there is no budget, this is a problem.

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