Boat Hauling Rates

Owning a boat is a luxury and an expensive investment too. In comparison to other vehicles, transporting a boat requires proper guidance and care.

You cannot keep your boat outside your house and need to transport it to the nearest shore. Herein, opting for a professional boat hauling service ensures the boats are shipped safely and securely to the shore. Hiring a boat hauling service is designed for shipping efficiently and safely transports it securely.

Transporting a boat requires proper planning and guidance so that the boats are efficiently parked on the shore. If you are searching for professional guidance on how to ship your boat safely, this blog will surely assist you.

Points to keep in mind to ship your boat securely

Herein we have listed the points to keep in mind to ship your boat securely. Here they are:

Make a proper plan

Transporting a boat requires good planning and preparation to get them safely to the shore. Herein, giving attention to detail is an important criterion in the owner, company, and boatyard. Hiring a professional boat hauling company ensures you, as an owner, get a proper direction about how you can head-on with the transportation process.

Getting all the permits cleared

Hiring a professional boat hauling company offers a lot of benefits. As they have connections with the Department of Transportation, marines, State Permit Departments, boatyards as well as ports will ensure that you need not incur additional charges.

Moreover, based on your travel, whether domestic or international, you will be required to clear certain paperwork, manage custom forms, pay fees, and taxes as per the country’s laws.

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Getting all the permits cleared

Thus, it is recommended you carry out good research on the shipping route and notify the company when required.

Preparations inside the boat

Before the boat is shipped, the owner must take care of the boats’ inside and outside. These are as follows:

  • Securing the inside of the boat. 

Ensure all the items inside the cabin are well inspected in addition to ensuring all the hatches are secured properly. Besides, check the locker doors are secured well and locked. Check the fuel and water tanks before the transport. Ensure they are run down or drained from the water systems and RV antifreeze to prevent any kind of damage to the systems. Besides, disconnect all the batteries and cables tied off to the boat to avoid any damage.

  • Outside of the boat

In the case of the outside of the boat, ensure all the tools, including electronics, horns, propellers, anchors, lights, windshields, or any tool that is more than the length and width of the vessel is removed. Pack and secure them safely to ensure there is no damage to the boat.

  • Insurance for your boat

Your boat is an expensive investment, and any damage to the boat can cause you more money to repair the damage. Many boat hauling companies offer insurance that covers the damage during transportation. This includes any scar, wear, and tear damage, or repair that takes place during the journey. Moreover, it is necessary to read the policy well before signing it to know what are the points covered by the company.

  • Covering it with shrinkwrap
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While it is recommended to remove the canvas coverings, the owner can opt for using shrink wraps to safeguard the boat from any kind of damage. It assists in protecting the boat from debris and other small dirt that can hit the boat during transport. This can incur additional costs and expenses to proper the damage. A heavy-duty shrink offers durable and safeguards for your boat from different weather conditions.

  • Tracking your boat

Many boat hauling companies also offer tracking services. While your boat is being shipped to another location, as an owner, you would want to know whether it is in the proper route and transported safely. The companies provide users the service to monitor and track their boat as it is transported all through the route. Ensure to ask the company whether they offer to monitor services via GPS apps to support your requirement.

  • Trailer services

Shipping overland requires the assistance of a trailer. Users who are shipping their boat from a harbor or have purchased a boat without a trailer can ask the boat hauling company for trailer service.

The trailer ensures the ship is properly transported, and the vessels are accommodated in it. Besides, some companies also offer custom cradles to fit the user boat to keep it secure during transportation.

Besides, when shipping your boat, ensure to get a full understanding of the different boat hauling rates for different routes and the payment modes. This will assist you in hiring the best professional service and transporting your boat safely without any damage.

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