Fitness Tracking Apps For Android

In a world where smart technology is becoming more integrated with our fitness routines, we are always on the lookout for the best tools to assist us. Assuming that a personal trainer or workout buddy isn’t within reach or in the budget or that a workout buddy isn’t available, we can utilize smartphones to have the best fitness tracking app, motivation, and expert instruction when we’re ready to push ourselves.

Whatever your fitness goals are, tracking your progress, losing weight, or starting a new routine, our list of the best fitness apps for android phones has it all. 

Check Out These Top 5 Fitness Tracker Apps

1) Google Fit App

Google Fit App

It’s excellent that Google has developed a workout tracker app. The system uses sensors in a user’s activity tracker or mobile device to track fitness activities. The app shows real-time statistics of your running, walking, and riding events and marks your speed, pace, route, elevation, etc. Also, you can set different goals for your steps, time, distance, and calorie burn. With this exercise app, you can easily work out at home, and it is fully integrated with WearOS.

Furthermore, this activity tracker app can sync and import data from other fitness monitoring apps. Google Fit stands out among the best free workout apps because there is no paid version. Aside from that, there are no advertisements or in-app purchases.

2) Nike Training App

Nike Training App

Nike Training Club is one of the best android fitness apps without ads or in-app purchases, like Google Fit. There are more than 160 free workouts that target strength, endurance, or mobility. There are three difficulty levels available. Additionally, the fitness tracker app offers a full range of exercises that target your abs, triceps, shoulders, and other body parts. Streaming the app through Apple TV, Chromecast, or an HDMI cable allows users to view the app on a television. Furthermore, this fitness tracker app allows you to keep an eye on your fitness activities and record other activities like running, spinning, playing basketball, etc.

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3) Calorie Counter App

The Calorie Counter app is one of the best fitness apps if you’re trying to lose weight. This app allows you to do this by keeping track of what you eat throughout the day.


It has more than 6 million food items, including those from around the world and cuisines from around the world. Alternatively, you can add your food by scanning a barcode or manually adding the ingredients. Recipe importers, restaurant logging, food insights, calorie counter, etc. are all included. Among over 350 exercises, you can choose your favorite activity or design your workout. Furthermore, it gives you an overview of your step history and gives you the option to set goals. Ads are included within the app, although you can also make purchases.

4) Home Workout App

Home Workout App

By using Home Workout at home you can build muscle and stay in shape without having to go to a gym. This software contains over 100 detailed videos and animation guides. Experts designed the workouts that concentrate on specific parts of the body, such as the abs, chest, legs, and full-body exercises. Warm-up and stretching routines, progress reports, workout reminders, and charts round out the program’s features. Furthermore, you can design your own workout routine. You can download the app for free but there are ads and in-app purchases.

5) Map My Fitness App

Your workouts can be tracked and mapped on MapMyFitness, and you can get feedback and stats to improve your performance. Over 600 types of activities can be tracked, such as running, cycling, walking, gym workouts, cross-training, yoga, and more.

Map My Fitness App

GPS-tracked workouts also include audio feedback, along with customizable voice feedback. Calorie counting, nutrition, diet planning, and weight tracking are also available. Using routes, you can find nearby places to work out and save your favorite paths. You can also share this information with others. It’s free to download but has in-app purchases and advertising. By becoming a premium member, you are able to avoid advertising and unlock additional features within the app.

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The following are our recommendations for the best fitness tracking app for Android. It is our hope that you will find them helpful and choose one of them as your daily driver. If you asked us to choose, it would be a difficult decision since each of these apps serves a different purpose. You can, for instance, use Google Fit, Nike Training Club, Runtastic, etc., if you want to keep track of your workout activities. Calorie Counter is an excellent choice for those looking to lose weight at home.

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