A Color Guide For Fancy Diamonds

Diamonds are usually thought of as transparent white stones that sparkle. In actual fact, there are several types of diamonds if you classify them based on color.

These natural objects have garnered fame and a renowned name for themselves over the decades. Today, any rough diamond for sale can have a varying price depending on its color characteristic alone.

All diamonds have a slight colour to them, only the best quality ones have a virtually transparent appearance. Other low-grade diamonds have a slight colour tinge to them, yellow or brown shades make an appearance on some white diamonds. This gives them a lower price and less worth than other diamonds.

Guide to Fancy Colored Diamonds

Colour Grading Of A Diamond

The famous GIA institute is renowned for grading all diamonds legally mined. They grade these stones according to their standards which are globally accepted. Regarding colour, the quality gradient is from D to Z. D being extremely rare, clear white diamonds. Z diamonds have an unattractive colour polluting their appearance.

These are cheap and not worth as much money as their counterparts. Beyond this colour scale, other diamonds exist. A profuse individual colour can turn a diamond from useless to one in a million! We call these colored stones fancy diamonds.

Colour Types Of Fancy Diamonds

When it comes to fancy diamonds, there are no limits to the colors available. They can be found in yellow, pink, red, blue, and purple. They are truly an unforgettable sight that creates a “love at first sight” illusion.

People who love colorful jewelry can indulge in these stones instead of the regular option. Fancy diamonds will help you to stand out from the boring crowd. They usually come at a high price which is why they are mostly bought by celebrities and rich businessmen.

Among all these colors there are a few that are more popular than others for natural reasons. Pink, red, and blue fancy diamonds are among the public’s favorite diamonds. Let us find out why they are so loved!

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and pink is her favorite colour. Together the two are a match made in heaven. This also serves as a great idea for an engagement ring. Pink diamonds set in a platinum ring band will be a sight that will not be forgotten easily. Creating custom jewelry with pink diamonds will be an easy task since they look good however you place and decorate them. Pair them with a pink gown for a party, or a simple design for daily wear. They are robust stone that caters to all occasions.


Red diamonds are truly a rare sight. With this rarity comes a high price tag. But I am sure anyone will not mind the price if it comes with the chance of owning an object desired by everyone. The deeper the red colour, the more valuable is the diamond. Unfortunately, such stones are hard to come by.

Red is a colour associated with love, and this will be the best Valentine’s day gift for your partner. Wearing any jewelry with a red diamond will result in all eyes turning to you. They are definitely an attention seeker!


Blue in the form of sky blue represents the sky or light water. Everyone thinks blue suits men better, this is not true and it looks equally as good on women. Blue diamonds are great as a collector’s item or even for making jewelry sets for anyone.

Blue diamonds are best when they are lighter coloured rather than darker blue coloured. People with blue eyes can wear them to create a classic all-rounded blue look.

The Four C”s And Fancy Diamonds

Ever since the advent of GIA and other diamond grading institutes, a standard diamond grading system has been introduced. In this system, the focus is laid on four characteristics. These are colour, clarity, cut, and carat. Together they influence the value of any diamond.


When buying a fancy diamond, the colour intensity makes a difference, and attention should be paid to this property. A dark colour is not preferred, light colours are better and more valuable. Colours that are not in sync with the traditional colour scheme are guaranteed to be rarer but also more expensive. 

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Clarity directly affects the price and value of a fancy diamond. Imperfections within the diamond are called inclusions. Blemishes also exist on their surface. These inclusions are defects present within the diamond and can make the diamond look unappealing if there are too many presents in the diamond. The GIA has an in-depth standards guide for grading the clarity of a diamond.

The highest grading for a diamond is flawless (F, F1). The lowest quality grading is slightly included (SI1, SI2). Flawless diamonds are less common which is why they are extremely high priced, you might want to think twice before buying them.


The cut of a diamond defines the brilliance and fire properties. Brilliance is nothing but the sparkling properties that diamonds are famous for. The way in which a diamond is carefully cut affects how much light is reflected back to the viewer. Typically the better the cut the more sparkling is the diamond. The best diamond cut is a round brilliant cut. This is because this cut has the most number of facets. The cut is very important regarding fancy diamonds


The carat is the standard measurement used to measure the weight of a diamond. Diamond professionals use it as a defined weight to make diamond weighing easier. It also contributes towards making diamond prices standardized and affordable for all. In our measurements, one carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams. This is why it is very common to find diamond weights in decimals.

The most common weights are 1 carat and 0.5-carat weights. The desired carat weight for jewelry varies depending on the item to be made.

We hope this guide provides you with all the information you need to invest your money wisely in fancy colored diamonds.

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