Surprising facts about flowers that no one know

Flowers, the fresh blooms of the season, the life of a party, the presence of a lover, the ornament in the hands of the bride, and how many more qualities and beautiful remarks attached to it.

Flowers do not only make a world beautiful but also their every day find the way or place or to whomsoever, they are given. It is hard for us to imagine anything or any location without flowers. After all, whether artificial or natural, we all need some kind of flowers in function. In fact, in almost all weddings it’s flowers that are chosen firstly and then any other decorations. On top of everything, natural flowers are a biodegradable gift and the receiver is always happy to have a new addition to their garden.

That is why we all decided that we must bring you an interesting article on flowers. Flowers always attract us whether they might be in our house on the road in a garden or maybe in a field. And how can we forget that a midnight flower delivery in Mumbai or anywhere else would be a beautiful token of love in this lockdown?

Check out the Surprising facts about flowers that no one knows

1) Roses 

  • It’s no wonder that the rose is considered as one of the most beautiful present flowers on the earth but there is yet another thing that it is also the oldest living flower on earth. Rose fossils have been found by several archaeologists and claimed that it is 40 million years old. 
  • The oldest living rose is about 1000 years old and it grows on the wall of Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany.
  • And although there are many hybrid colors available nowadays in roses actually in the natural colors that never was a black color in rose and it was dark red or dark crimson which appeared black to the eyes of the people. 
  • All these facts are not it, Indians have made use of roses in making a lot of sweets and also rosewater which is considered as natural hydrating water for your skin. 
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2) Tulips 

  • Tulips are a kind of bulb flowers. They bloom in spring and are perennial flowers. They are big bright And beautiful flowers mostly found in pink red yellow white blue and purple colors. There are over 150 plus species of tulips and in that also we have more than 3000 varieties of tulips available across different regions and who knows some are yet to be explored.
  • Another interesting fact about tulip is that all of its flower birds are known for having a similar length. 
  • In most tulip flowers you will only find one tulip bud over a stem but it is only in a certain variety of tulips in which you might be able to find birds on one stem. 
  • The best part about tulips and most surprising is that they are found in almost any color whatever you want and that is why instead of roses tulips are a good alternative for your wedding. 
  • Every Rose has a different meaning and symbolism attached to it even tulips have the same all the all these things are man-made still white tulips are for the time when you are willing to apologize, purple is surprisingly the color of loyalty in tulips and red is, as usual, the color of love. 
  • Like we can use rose for eating and the same way we can use tulips in place of onion in our food so this is yet another edible flower. Tulips also mark the beginning of the spring season. 

3) Hydrangeas 

  • Hydrangeas are commonly known as hydrangeas or hortensia. They have as many as 70 to 80 species and some are yet to be discovered. Hydrangeas by far have the widest diversity and are most native of Eastern Asia notably Korea, Japan, and China. 
  • Hydrangeas are moderately toxic plants and nevertheless edible. hydrangea as the world discovered in Japan and if you are giving someone a pink hydrangea that means your heart beats for them whereas purple symbolizes that you deeply understand someone. 
  • The color of your hydrangea flower would be affected by the presence of aluminum ions in the soil. 
  • You should give hydrangeas on the 4th wedding anniversary of any of your loved ones. It could be your own as well; it is a symbol of appreciation, love, and care. 
  • In Victorian times hydrangeas were represented one of two things to whomsoever they were given either a sense of appreciation and thanks towards that person or a symbol of vanity and luxury. Talk about giving someone flowers that are equally classy and modern alongside cake and bouquet delivery in Bangalore or anywhere else in the world. 
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