When Are You In Need An Emergency Electrician

Electricity is one of the most pivotal needs of a household, but often there can be dangers involved in it, and this is why electricians are needed in times of electrical emergencies.

Electricians take a lot of time and energy to study their profession, to execute it carefully and safely.

When is the best time to call an electrician? What do you do in case of an emergency? Sit back, relax, and read through carefully so you can learn what is needed in situations like this. No one prays for emergencies, but just like the boy scouts say: Always be Prepared.

10 Cases That Require an Emergency Electrician

  • Too Many Fuse-blowing Situations

Fuses blow out from time to time, but if it happens way too often, then there is a more severe problem to be checked out by an electrician. Fuses mostly blow out when the system draws more electricity than the fuse is designed to handle. Although you can change the fuse yourself, it’s a much better idea to call on an emergency electrician, just in case, there is a more serious problem.

  • Warm Switches

When electric appliances haven’t been used, and are warm to touch, then it’s time to let an electrician get in there immediately without hesitation. If your microwave, fridge, or light switch is warm without any usage, then there is a serious issue with the system that can only be handled by an electrician.

  • Flickering Lights

Flickering lights occur when you turn on an appliance that draws in a lot of power. This happens when there is a high demand for the power outlet. Light bulbs receive less power, and that’s why they flicker. Call in an electrician to install extra power outlets, and put powerful appliances on their circuits.

  • Overload on Power Outlets

If a power outlet is responsible for churning out electric powers on too many appliances, then you need to install more outlets in your home or face the possibility of extensive damage on your appliances when the power points can no longer tolerate the stress. This will drain your bank account or pocket because such repairs are immensely expensive. It’s best to prevent them.

  • Too Many Extension Cords
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Extension Cords are great devices that help out with a large number of tech gadgets at the same time. However, if you have too many, then it means your power points aren’t enough to service your needs. An electrician can increase more power points around the house. Better still, they can be installed for your convenience in places like your bedside, home office, or that favorite spot of yours in the living room or toilet.

  • Frequently Deteriorating Bulbs

Bulbs can burn out long before their lifespan is over if there is an underlying electrical problem. Changing the bulb is not the solution. That’s like covering an injury with a cloth instead of getting it checked out and treated. Call an electrician as fast as possible to get it checked out.

  • A Massive Electric Bill

If you haven’t installed any power-draining appliance like refrigerators, but your electric bill is disbelievingly high, then there is a problem that needs to be checked out. You should have your circuits inspected if you don’t want to keep paying a fortune to the electric company.

  • Shocking Switches

If you touch any home appliance and feel a little shock go through you, then get an electrician on the phone fast and stay away from the appliance unless it’s repaired, because they are highly dangerous. Residual currents can be stored in the appliance, and that can get transferred to you when you touch it. This has claimed many lives because our bodies aren’t built to handle such.

Source: pratique.fr
  • Your Power Outlets Don’t Accept 3-Prong Plugs

Most old houses don’t have 3-prong plugs, because 3 prong plugs weren’t available back in the old days. If you have a house that has only 2-prong plugs, call an electrician to change them. 3 plugs are much better units that provide safety in case of electric shocks.

  • You Haven’t Inspected Electrical Systems in awhile

Electrical systems also require attention and maintenance. If you don’t check them out, you won’t know if there is a problem. Often, you just need to upgrade the electrical panel. Check them out now so that you don’t incur extra costs later on.

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What To Do in Emergencies

  • Make Sure You Have an Electrician’s Number

 No one prays for a power outage. But in case it happens, you don’t want to be looking for it with a flashlight or torch. Set an electrician’s phone number into your mobile device, and share it with your family as well. You can also call the number of a local electrician close to you.

  • Keep a Fire Extinguisher Handy

Electrical fires can occur whenever there is a fault with the system or tangled electric wires. Having a fire extinguisher can help minimize danger and save your life. It’s of utmost priority to always possess one, and update it from time to time. Show your family how to operate it as well. It’s important to know what varieties of extinguishers are great for putting out electrical fires. They include

  • Carbon dioxide extinguishers
  • Ammonium phosphate extinguishers
  • Sodium and potassium bicarbonate extinguishers

Make sure to read the manual first

  • Stay Away From Any Electrocuted Person

 Electric shocks are incredibly dangerous and life-threatening. In case of any electric shocks at home, do not touch the person. You could end up electrocuted as well. Just cut off the main power supply, and ensure the victim is standing still as movements can worsen the situation. Call an ambulance as well.

  • Fallen Power Lines are Out of Bounds

¬†Fallen power lines are usually a result of powerful raging thunderstorms, and when they fall, currents still pass through the lines. It is not advisable to touch any of them, and tell others around you the same thing. Call an ambulance for anyone fallen or is injured, but do not touch them either. It’s imperative also to call the local electric company and inform them of the fallen lines.

In conclusion, handling electrical issues is not an easy task. Electrics are complicated, intricate mechanisms that require careful precision. All certified electricians study for years to be able to understand the field and implement solutions to electrical issues.

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