Common Mistakes Parents Often Do With Marriage of Their Children

Marriage is no child’s day. It’s always a big deal and any complacency can cost dear in the long run. It’s therefore important to avoid those simple mistakes that many parents routinely do which causes them to repent later on.  

Being a parent, it’s your responsibility to marry your son or daughter in a decent family (in arranged marriage cases), or not let your offspring fall prey to a bad marriage (in love marriage cases).

The good thing, you don’t even have to do much in ensuring a good match for your children – just being a bit more informed can help a great deal. Whether it’s an arranged or love match, your priority should always be to have a background check for marriage done to minimize the inherent risks.

And with top sleuths of India just a call you, it would be a mistake to let the marriage happen without proper check. After all, the pre-matrimonial investigation can prove very handy in establishing whether a candidate is suitable for your child.

Most common mistakes that parents often do with marriages of their children:

Here are 5 most common mistakes that parents often do with the marriages of their children –

Not all parents get a background check done on the potential suitor   

Background checks for marriage should always be the first step when you have found a match for your offspring. This will give ease of mind as then you will be aware of everything related to the potential suitor, including their job, work profile, character, habits, past marriage ( if any), affairs, financial standing, family status,  medical health, and so on. While these checks are an absolute must for arranged marriage cases, you should also think of using them when your son or daughter plans a love marriage.

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Some parents blindly trust the information of matrimonial sites

Matrimonial sites are a classic case of “good intention ruined by bad purpose” as anyone can create a profile and give any details without their verification. Although such sites are very helpful, cases have emerged of cheating through false information of all sorts, mostly related to inflated salaries and wrong job profiles.  Despite all the check-and-balances on these sites, a lot of people create profiles only with the purpose to cheat, dupe, confuse others.  And being a parent, even if you have no option but to believe the profiles of these sites, it’s always advisable to take the help of a matrimonial detective agency for a background check.  

Most parents prefer keeping the “tough questions” under the rug 

Being a parent, it’s your responsibility not only to find the right match for your son or daughter but also to gather information on the potential suitor to check their suitability. While finding a match is not that tough, it’s definitely not easy to be sure whether the suitor is the right match. And naturally, not many parents like asking tough questions to the other party in the fear of being sounding impolite and also in the fear of angering the other party. But this can lead to a bad situation and without proper pre-marriage investigation there will always be some risks.       

Many parents trust some relatives to do a background check on a candidate

Hiring a professional for marriage investigation is something that still has not found a place in the minds of most parents. They continue to play with the old rules and still turn to some distant relatives or acquaintances to do the background check. Well, your child is your responsibility and some relative, anyone per se, may not feel the gravity and emotion involved in the matter of marriage like you do. That’s why despite these kinds of basic background checks, problems keep coming in marriages which should easily be avoided with matrimonial investigation services.       

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A lot of parents don’t bother background check on the family of the candidate

It’s a big irony that most parents want to marry their son and daughter in a decent family yet they don’t bother having a background check done on the family as well. Their only concern is with the would-be bride or groom and thus, no attention is given to whether the family has a criminal record, or has a bad social reputation, or is notorious for abuse, etc. To avoid facing such a family, you can trust a marriage detective agency and get a proper check on the family.  


It’s quite evident how a lot of parents make some sort of mistake with pre matrimonial investigation which they can easily avoid by hiring a professional detective agency.

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