Benefits Of Cold Pressed Coconut Oil For Baby

Baby care is a task that requires a good amount of care and attention. Well, care is not only about the fulfillment of basic needs rather it involves the development of the foundation of a human being.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that the first 1000 days after birth are quite crucial for developing the base for the rest of the life of the infant. During this period the bones and muscles of the body develop.

That’s the period when the baby has to be massaged with pressed coconut oil, almond oil, shea butter, etc to nourish him. As mothers are always cautious about what they are using for their babies they try to ensure 100% satisfaction before they administer that to the piece of their heart. It’s fair enough as well because babies are very sensitive and anything wrong with the product used can cause them unwanted trouble. From the title (and as you have landed on the page) you might have got the idea that we are going to discuss the benefits of cold pressed coconut oil for the babies.

Benefits Of Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

However, before going on to discuss that let’s get some basic things cleared. So, let’s first discuss what this cold-pressed oil is? 

Cold Pressed Oil

Coconut oil or for that matter any other oil is oil and the word cold-pressed is the technique by which it is extracted. The word cold-pressed defines a method of extraction of oil whereby the oil is extracted mechanically at room temperature from the source without subjecting it to harsh chemical and heat-based processes.

Cold-pressed is basically a natural technique to extract oils from coconut, almonds, seeds, etc. The other technique of extraction of oil via the heat and chemical process gets the oil labeled as the hot-pressed oils.

Since now we have got the clarity of the terms (so that when you buy them you know what exactly you need) let’s look at what benefits it carries for the babies.

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1. Moisturizer

The baby lotions and creams carry the moisturizer in them but again it’s something synthetic. Cold-pressed coconut oil comes as a natural moisturizer that locks in the natural oil of the body.


It nourishes the skin of the baby and helps the sensitive body avoid some chemical-laden lotions and creams. The proper and regular massaging of the oil also helps in the nourishment of the muscles as well.

2. Hair Growth

Coconut oil by its nature carries anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties apart from being a rich source of fatty acids. The lauric acid (one of the fatty acids) helps in hair growth by preventing the loss of protein from hair. Further, it nourishes the scalp and provides a replenishment to the skin.

3. Protection From Rashes

Rashes from diapers are something that troubles almost every baby. Mom’s whose night sleep is disturbed by a crying baby feeling uneasy due to rashes can relate to it well. The urination in the diaper causes the problem. The use of coconut oil helps in the prevention of rashes and their spread (thanks to anti-fungal properties). Further, it creates a barrier between the skin and the soiled diapers to reduce the chances of rashes.

4. Cleansing

Coconut oil is a great cleanser as well. You might find it a new thing but coconut oil is known to dissolve the oil-based impurities from the body.


These oil-based impurities are the result of the body’s natural oil Sebum. The cleansing action of the coconut oil is easily explained by the principle of like dissolves like. Not only that the oil hydrates the skin, unlike the harsh chemical-based cleaners.

5. Baby Acne

Many times we see that the baby’s face and body develop red bumps, pimples, acne which causes real itchiness and uneasiness. When you touch the baby during that time they feel itchy and painful and they start crying. Coconut oil can act as a savior at that time. Its natural anti-microbial properties can help treat the problem really quickly. Not only that, its regular use can prevent the occurrence of the problem as well.

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6. Dry Scalp

A dry scalp is a problem that affects the babies quite more in the winter months (and otherwise as well). The hormonal changes that occur in babies at the ending phases of pregnancies also cause the issue. Coconut oil is the best cure for the problem and offers a natural solution to the problem. For babies, the more natural remedies you opt for is best given their sensitivity towards synthetic products.

7. Dryness Of Lips

That’s a home remedy that we adults also try. Coconut oil is a moisturizer that nourishes the skin. The sensitive skin of the lips requires something that is not harsh or synthetic. For babies, this is all the more important. Thus, going for coconut oil is one of the best options.

8. Constipation Cure

Adding coconut oil to the dietary elements of the baby can do wonders for digestion. Problems like constipation are common in babies. By using virgin coconut oil in their diet you can resolve the problem. You can add a tablespoon of the oil to the baby’s diet, say breakfast to improve the bowel movement.

9. Insect Bites


Mosquitoes, small insects in the house can infect their bites on the babies causing redness and pain. Using coconut oil on the affected area can provide quick relief to the baby. Apply the oil gently ensuring that it doesn’t cause pain to the baby.

10. Chest Rub

When the baby catches a cold and feels difficulty in breathing then lukewarm coconut oil can help solve the problem. A rub on the chest with the lukewarm oil can help ease the cough and cold and allow the space for natural breathing for the baby.


As we call curtains on our discussions here we saw how effective the coconut is for babies. If you too are protective about your little one then this natural product is all that you need to save the piece of your heart from lots of problems.

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