Best Home Renovation Apps

If you have looked into renovating your home, has there ever been an app that can assist you? Certainly, there is! Let’s explore it further. The first thing you should know is that there’s a whole section of apps that can come in handy if you’re starting a house renovation.

There is a wide range of different apps in this section. More precisely, some apps just make measurements, and other apps allow you to see how painting spades and furniture items look in your apartment before you buy them.

List of the 7 Best Home Renovation Apps

See also: 7 Best Home Renovation Apps. In addition, a special app contains a database of home renovating specialists who are ready to work for you. Doesn’t that sound intriguing? Therefore, here is a list of the 7 Apps for Home Renovation available for Android and iOS users. Check them out!

1) Buildshop

Every homeowner who wants to make their home more beautiful should have Buildshop. This app will make your house remodeling life easier and save you a lot of trouble.

To begin with, let’s look at the main purpose of this app. In the beginning, it will be useful for both professionals and non-professionals.


 Because it manages house remodels and creates a calendar all at the same time – it’s a renovation manager and a calendar at the same time.

This app has several features, such as allowing you to write down every task that needs to be done and store it in the built-in planner. The planner will send you notifications when it is time for you to do something. Moreover, you can create your wishlists, inspirational boards with images, and even shopping lists. This app enables you to divide up a large renovation process into smaller projects that you can mark as complete as you go.

2) Magicplan – 2d/3d Floor Plans

As its name suggests, this app is all about floor plans. With magicplan – 2D/3D floor plans you can look through house plans as easily as magic.


Initially, there should be a note made about how intuitively this app works — it enables you to make home plans by taking pictures of your room. You need a floor plan to start any home renovation project, and this app will make the process easier. By using this app, you will be able to make these plans without any tape measures at all. Consequently, you can save yourself money and make your floor plans yourself.

Moreover, this app allows you to keep all the measures in one place and get them automatically organized. The only thing you need to do in this app is to take a photo of the room and it will be done for you.

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3) Planner 5D

First of all, if you’re planning to completely rebuild your house, you should create a model of it. The majority of people believe they will need to hire a designer for this purpose when, in fact, you can do it yourself with the use of this app. It was specifically developed to help you design your own home.

Planner 5D

And if you ever played The Sims, then you’ll find the interface of this app incredibly reminiscent of that game. You will instead feel like you are playing a game instead of trying to figure out how the app works. You will spend hours playing with Planner 5D.

In this app, you can choose furniture and other items right in the app. In special sections, you will find dozens of furniture 3D items, like sofas, carpets, baths, beds, and more. Make sure you save your project before you level the app to avoid losing all the changes.

4) Home Design 3D Outdoor Garden

Whether you are renovating your home or building a new one, 3D modeling is an essential part of the process. The truth is, even though it seems intimidating and you think you’ll have to hire a professional designer to do the job, this is not true (at least if you’re not a complete tech nerd) – the modern 3D modeling apps can be handled by anyone.

Home Design 3D Outdoor Garden

Using these apps doesn’t require extensive modeling knowledge since the interfaces are intuitive.

Several apps will help you to redesign your home’s exterior. This is one of them. It’s a garden modeling application — who said that gardens weren’t important? Household furnishings need to be dealt with with care since they are a crucial part of the house.

You can build impressive outdoor projects using this app, including gardens and terraces. You will find yourself captured by the process because making projects here is so much fun – it’s like playing a video game.

5) Homestyler Interior Design

The Homestyler Interior Design app will provide you with inspiration for remodeling your home. To begin, let’s take a look at what this app aims to accomplish.

Homestyler Interior Design
Source: Homestyler Interior Design

In the beginning, this app allows you to virtually try on wallpapers and furniture pieces in your rooms to find out what looks best in your home. You can also play around with various paint colors and lighting options. The app is a virtual showroom, where you can see and feel real pieces of clothing before you purchase them.

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The app also gives you access to millions of pictures of home decorating and design projects that you can use as inspiration. The home section of the app works much like Pinterest, but it’s only for stuff related to homes. In addition, you can read about the latest trends in home design by reading the latest news. Additionally, the app contains videos and studies that may prove useful for your home renovation. Additionally, this app allows you to save money by doing things yourself instead of hiring a professional designer.

6) Hutch

Hutch is an app that allows you to virtually try out various paint colours and decor items in your apartment. Let’s take a look at the app’s function. When you start using this app, all you need to do is take a picture of your location and you’re ready to go.

Hutch app

The app functions somewhat like a virtual wardrobe for your house. A special feature of the application is that every piece of furniture you try on looks as realistic as possible due to the use of 3D technologies.

All items in the application are real and are displayed as such. Thus, you can either buy it directly through the app or locate the nearest store where this item is available.

Additionally, the app offers special discounts for people who order items through their links, so you can save money while shopping. Furthermore, you can view all of the reviews of the items on the app by looking through its comment section.

7) Wayfair

Based on the above rationale, what is needed for the renovation of a home? Items that are new. 


Whatever your preferences, this app will help you make your home decor shopping experience more enjoyable and diverse, regardless of whether you fall into the first or second category.

Wayfair is an app for shopping for home decor goods, which is like your normal shopping experience, but online. You won’t have to walk around stores for hours, which can be pretty exhausting, and you can order all your goods in just a few clicks.


Home renovation apps have become more widely available over the past few years. Our review examined dozens of them and selected the best ones based on the number of services they offer, mobile device compatibility, user ratings (each must meet a minimum of a 4-star rating on at least one app platform), features, and cost.

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